Monday, May 16, 2016

Week #36 Odense

Hej alle sammen! So Elder Baadsgaard and I are going one more! And Elder Howe is going to open a new area and Elder Teyner is getting a son! (That means he is training :) ) And the other Odense district is staying the same! SO I am way pumped and that means I will probably hit my year mark here in the promise land of Odense which will be sweet! 

FHE hos Ældste og Søster Turpin!

So every last p day of a transfer, all the missionaries on Fyn meet up at the Turpins and have family home evening! And President O'Bryant and Sister O'Bryant were there and their daughter and her family because President interviewed C then too! So it was a party! We ate way good food, and then while C got her interview from President, we played this way fun old Viking game by like trying to knock down sticks with sticks if that makes any sense haha! Then after we pretty much had an hour selfie sesh in the yellow flowers which honestly felt like graduation all over again haha! Then we ended the night with another game and oh, C passed her interview and President said that she is so ready! So i am so excited! 


So me and Elder B taught 19 total lessons! We are defiantly doing work! SO like I said C passed her interview and can be baptized whenever she wants. She just wants her brother to be there and she is getting surgery in a week. SO we had a lesson with her last week and prayed if she should be baptized before or after the surgery and she chose after so right now the date is June 11th. We are also working with H and her daughter Cr. H was baptized when she was 8 and has been to church a couple times after that but then went inactive and her daughter isnt a member and is about 20. We taught the Word of Wisdom to them, because they both have smoking probs, and Cr was way receptive to it and actually wants to come down on smoking! And Cr said she is going to pray about baptism so that is way exciting! ( Oh and that was my first time i ever taught the Word of Wisdom #finally) We have E, who is a 23 year old Dane who is way smart! So we had like half an hour one Sunday night and he was our last contact of the night, and we taught him on the street and he said to call in a month. So we did, not getting our hopes up because oh, call in a month, usually isnt the most positive thing ever, but he said he remembers us and wants to meet so we taught him on Thursday! He kind of went in with the intention to prove us wrong and brought up the usually of evolution and women not having the priesthood but me and Elder B told him it was up to him to pray and ask God, we are not smart enough to convince you that we are right but God can! And he has read some of the BOM so that was awesome! We have R, who almost died from drugs then found God and we taught him the Restoration, and he said he would read the BOM and we talked sports with him for a while too so he is a good friend of Elder Reeds :) We also taught T again and he hasn't read the BOM yet, he is sticking to the Koran, he is a Dane convert to Islam, and taught him the first half of the POS. Then we taught A, who is so sick! He is a young average family man Dane, and is so happy and positive. He invited us in and then his wife said she wasnt interested so we taught him outside. It was weird because he wasnt religous and never prayed to God before but let us teach him and he said he will read and pray, and said we could come back and teach him the POS! Oh, and we found a brotha from Mexico! Rafeal Hernandez! Haha he is my boy, he is an old Mexican man and he came to Denmark because of a girl, that is what usually happens! And we are going to start teaching him next week! Oh and the last person we work with is S, who is living with a less active member and his parents are members and we ate with them yesterday. We always talk about sports and food when we are with them so it is always a good time! And we are going to teach S to actually teach her, she has been to church, YSA, and ate with us, but we havnt taught her yet so we will see what she thinks about baptism! So that is a pretty busy slate we got to work with for me and Elder Baadsgaard and it is awesome! 

Ball is Life!!!! 

We got back to the gym and balled out with the boys again last tuesday. I finally shook off the rust and balled out and i am way chill and good friends with all the guys now! We had great talks about USA and a lot of laughs and they still dont know we can speak dansk ;) After we gave them bro hugs and gave are main guy a BOM in Bulgarian and he was way interrested in it and all of the other guys were like what, they gave you a bible, i want one! haha! SO good things are happening from that! And then on  Saturday we played sand volleyball and it was way fun! C was there and the sisters from the second ward had an investigator there!

Sunday and First talk på dansk.....

So i gave my first talk ever in Danish.... Not going to lie, i was not to excited about it... but i survived and i am here today! Haha it was on the Holy Ghost because yesterday was the day of Pentecost, Pinsedagen, and so i talked about the Holy Ghost in Acts 2 and then some missionary stories when the Holy Ghost influenced me and my investigators. Then i challenged everyone to share this awesome gift with someone they know! And i made everyone laugh with my opener when i said i ate the best pastry ever that you can only find on Fyn, a brunsviger, and I compared that i wanted to share that to all the missionaries who havnt served on Fyn and the Holy Ghost how it is the best gift we have ever gotten and need to share it! A lot of people said i did good after and so i think thats a good thing?? hahaa Then we ate with the family i talked about to end the night! 

And i am feeling better thanks for asking! And i would not prefer say what Jens said about the wife advice haha! Just kidding, just find someone with passions, and all that good stuff :) And you could get Zach to help you pull the weeds or something :) And that is awesome that Elder Christoffersen went to Wenatchee, jealous! And the moses lake news is exciting, and that is sweet Hudson is going to wrestle in college, is that the same college Justin is wrestling in???? And that is awesome you had the missionaries over! Tracting is the way to do it! And the Mexican leagues would be fun to play in, they play on Tuesdays and Thursdays also. That would be fun to do in the summer. And Seattle fans are the best in the world, no doubt about that one! Oh and you guys will be happy with the pics i took this week :) Well, i love you mom and dad! You guys are awesome and i couldn't do this without you guys! You guys are the GOATs!!! ( Greatest of all time)! haha Jeg elsker jer og have en god uge! 

Æ Reed :)

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