Monday, May 23, 2016

Week #37 Odense

First week of transfer number 6= Færdig! This week was pretty crazy with me getting the sick plague again and even making a return visit to my birth place of Sjælland to take a crazy hard language test, that was actually a joke, it was way easy, and getting two more new friends! 


So quick summary on all the friends this week! So C is doing great! We set the official date for June 11th and I am giving a talk at the baptism so that will be sick! We taught T again this week. We asked him if he read and he said he didnt so we read 2Nephi 2 with him and he liked it and opened up to us even more after that! Mormons Bog works miracles. We stopped by R and caught him at a bad time but he said he has read a chapter from Mormons Bog and he said it was like the Bible and wasnt weird, and we were like, WE KNOW! Haha Then we found two new investigators this week. The first was the man from Mexico who is a legend! I cant even describe how awesome this man is! We knocked on his door and he looked way tired but he let us in and we had the funniest talks ever. Then some how Elder Baadsgaard used his musical skills and played some crazy piece on the piano and tuned his guitar and we were just doing small talk with this man and i wasn't sure how we were going to get into teaching him. So I just took a chance and started saying we have a unique message that all comes down to this book and we start teaching him about the Book of Mormon. He said he has never heard of this or our message before and said he would be baptized if he found out that this was true! Good stuff! Then the other new friend we found this week was M. We were knocking late Saturday night and this young guy told us no way he was interrested in religion but try the guy living in 106. He said he would LOVE it. To be honest, i thought he was messing with us but we knock on his door and long story short, he believes in God, and we teach him about the Book of Mormon. He was contemplating about buying it or not and when Elder B and I realized that, we both shouted at him, Det er helt gratis!!! It is completely free! haha and then he said we could come back so that was balling! We should have a monster week because we have so many appointments set up so it should be rocking!

Sprog Prøve

So i guess you got to pass a language test to stay in Denmark so i got to go to Copenhagen last week! So we woke up early and took the train and bus over to my birth island ;) We had a way good conversation with a mom and her daughter on the train and they were amazed we could speak Dansk after under a year of speaking it. #giftoftongues???? Haha Then we got there and i got to take it with a whole bunch of missionaries! I got to see daddy, Elder Guddy, Elder Jensen, not either of my comps, but the other one from the MTC, and Elder Kennedy and Elder Ziegler and a whole bunch of sisters. The test was honestly a joke.... it was like Marie har to børn. Hvor mange børn har Marie? Try figuring that one out! Then after we all went to the office to sign papers and take a bunch of pics in front of the temple! It was way good seeing Guddy and Elder Jensen and just a fun time! 


Saturday was a pretty bumping day! We stated with a baptism for J who is the sisters investigator who played pro soccer in Thailand, and could have played ón the Nigerian national team when he was 15! Just wait :) That was way good and i just love seeing people making this coventant and starting a new life! Oh and C had to give the closing prayyer, which she was way nervous for because she has never prayed in front of a lot of people before, and totally killed it! Then we ate and then played soccer! It was way fun to play with J and N came who is my less active soccer buddy and it was so fun! While playing, i saw some youth from Gladsaxe because they was a stake, or country, activity. We like freaked out when we saw each other and they said they missed me! Squad! Then After that we hit up Æbleparken, where like all of our friends are!

So that was my week! Oh, and the people who was taught by Mary's bishop was at church yesterday from Gladsaxe, and it was way good to see them! They told all the members i was their missionary! And so i live in the city and send letters to the mission office. That would be easier i think, but i would only get it at zone conference. And i know! About the sun glasses! We are getting some! And the sun is usually up like at 5 in the morning and goes down around 9 30 at night so it awesome! Not awkard at all to contact people when you have an hour to kill before nine! ANd that would be so cool to see sister Fredericksen here! Keep me updated! And yea C has her surgery this week but she is way pumped for her baptism! and yea she is in the pics with us! Zone Conference is in Århus this week and president has to keep an eye on me! I am trouble, he told me he was going to send me to Greenland so i could be far away, but i guess that never happened.... oh well! And hahaha a dog came into a tempel recommend interview.... what is happening to Moses Lake! Well, that is all i got this week! I love you guys keep rocking it and being awesome and keep watering that seed of yours! :) 

Æ Reed

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