Monday, June 13, 2016

Week #40 Odense

Hej familie!! Hvad for nogle! Jeg vist ikke at i kunne dansk!!! Skulle jeg bare skrive mit breve på dansk?? How is it going fam! I can see you guys have either learned Danish or used google translate.... Haha! Well don't be scared because this week I got a concussion and had to go to a Danish hospital which was crazy! Other than that we got double digit member presents which is crazy for here in the mission and we have a baptism tomorrow!!!!

P Day Disasters.....

Well this P day was definately one to remember! Haha So we started by eating breakfast with the home boy J P who is the old guy who gives us life advice and this week he told us that we need to follow our dreams and if a girl gets in the way of your dreams then she is not the one! Haha i dont know how to feel about that one! Then we bought food and emailed. Then that leads to playing ping pong. We were playign around the world and someone hit the ball and it fell to the floor so i went to pick it up and the huge thick windows were open because it was way hot and there was no ac and so when i stood up i banked my head into the window. At first I just walked it off and then Elder B came and gave me the phone to talk with someone and the next thing i noticed was something wet was on my head and it turned out to be blood! Dont be scared mom! So i sit down and we call Sis O'Bryant and she tells me that i need to go to the ER and so we have to call them and make an appoitment because that is how things work in Denmark and short said, four hours after i hit my head I was finally in and being checked by a doctor. And they rubbed it really hard and glued it. And i knew i got a concussion because i have gotten a couple before. #sportsgrind Then we called the O'Bryants and Sister O said that i needed to stay inside for 24 hours! So that happened and I got like 14 hours of sleep that night and woke up and yea.... Haha it was not to fun but I am alive and doing good now. It was pretty hard to concentrate during lessons but I am doing better now so you guys dont need to worry! Okay mom! ;) 


Well C's dåb is tomorrow and like everyone is so pumped!!!! She is doing great and is more than ready! And guess what we found out yesterday! SHe has seen the Best Two Years and the District!! #investigatorgoals SO sick! And she said she wants to come out and knock or contact with us! So that will be sick and today for p day we are hanging out with her, and she is giving us haircuts and we are going shopping! Oh and we did a whole bunch of member work this week! So we had members with us at Æbleparken which was so clutch!  One of the highlights last week was finding J out in Æbleparken (investigator #11 out there :) ). So it is kind of a crazy story, we had an investigator named A who J lived with who we taught and then he splits up with J so he doesn't live there anymore. When Jessica told us this we asked if she wanted to hear our message and next thing you know, we have taught her twice in the past week! She is WAY positive and her only concerns was if we were Muslim, and if we celebrated Christmas! So I am excited to see where it goes with her. R is doing good. He pretty much asked us for a list of the commandments we follow so we are going to hook him up with that! T still hasnt read yet but we threw down last lesson and B, the member with us did a great job, and i am sure he will have read. Je is a mom who we are teaching and she is friends with the Norup's in our ward so we took D Norup out with us which made it an interresting lesson! Oh, and so remember Erick Jeppsen, well he came out on splits with us and we had such a good time! ANd he finally remembers me! He was like, oh! Are you the kid with the fro who was always shooting hoops outside your house or balling at the church! Thats me alright! :) And we both just freaked out haha it was way funny! And get this.... so he is going to Utah because his bro lives there and i so happened to have a 20 dollar bill in my wallet and so he is going to by me snacks from Costco and bring them back for me! #fam haha how sick is that!

Yea the camera is doing great! Did the mission prez come to our house to eat or what?? I dont know if i will be like a Dane when I get back... maybe my sense of humor will change.... But you guys can totally handle me! I hope.... ;) Well all i can say is that i am just so pumped that C is getting baptized tomorrow! It has been so cool to see how the gospel has changed her life and that she will get the most precious gift God can give us, the Gift of the Holy Ghost! It will be a good day! Well, you old GOATS, I love you two, you guys are awesome and dont party too hard this week!

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