Monday, June 20, 2016

Week #41 Odense


First and Foremost, I am sorry to break it to you mom and dad, but google translate grammer is not too good.... Haha it is okay i will forgive you guys ;) And hahahaha my head is totally fine now though! So dont worry be happy! But anyways... this week was one for the books! Hands down the best week of my mission with seeing to baptisms, going on splits twice, and teaching with members for daysssss!!!!!

P Day!!
So p day was definately a crazy one! So it started doing the usually like emailing and buying food! Then we planned on getting a hair cut but Caroline offered to give us hair cuts!!! Haha best investigator ever! So that took like the whole time haha but she did a great job so all was well so we could look fly for the baptism the next day! Then we bought some shades and then met up with N from the ward so he could help us with some lessons. Our first lesson fell through with a women Danish priest ;) so we went to the church to teach E. E is the way smart Danish kid who, shout out to mom, has a sailor mouth haha! We taught him the Restoration and then he tried to hit us with a whole bunch of anti mormon junk which we threw down with him and then told him it actually all comes down to reading and praying with a SINCERE heart and willing to change on the answer that you receive. All the other stuff is junk and that is what makes this gospel so awesome! We then ended the night talking to N about it and he was way fired up and pumped and it was way good for him because he hasnt been too active as late but is on a come back! 

Carolines Dåb
Oh man... what can i say! I helped bring a soul to Christ! This was definately the best day of my life hands down! So we got to the church a couple hours before to fill the font and get everything ready. Then and hour befoe C came and we had a quick pump up lesson where we heard her conversion story which is just sooooo amazing! Then came the baptism with H, the guy who baptized her, coming in like 20 minutes late because he lives in Aaborg and had to take the train all the way here! But after that we had the service with Elder Jeppson giving a talk on baptism and then the baptism happened! Then all the missionaries sand called to serve and I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and it was so hard not to cry during the beginning of my talk! Then C bore her testimony and you could just see that light in her eyes! It was incredible to see how this gospel has changed her life forever and brought her so much happiness! After we had YSA and ate food and then we all walked back to the other Elders apartment and on the way, R, Odense 2's investigator who got baptized on Saturday contacted someone, with no luck. Then next thing you know, Elder Ericksen and C go contact a guy and give them a BOM! How crazy is that! hahaha it was so sweet to see that where she was to now baptized and having that desire to share the gospel! 

Member Splits
So as you guys know the work in Æbleparken is so much! So on Wednesday we went on member splits! I went with A, who is in the bishopric, and is only 24! He served his mission in Hungary, and is getting married in August! And fun fact, we have an investigator and a potential from Hungary so he was way pumped to talk with them but sadly they were not home:( But M was finally home! We havnt been able to teach him since the door step and he was like i gotta go in 20 minutes so i said, we will take 10! SO we gave him the Joseph Smith story and talked about there being so many different churches! And it was so great to have A with because he is a great teacher, and he is a native Dane who can speak perfect Danish! hahaha and it went way well and he said that he would read and prayer to see if it is true! Then we did a whole bunch of stop bys and the highlights from that would be getting yelled at by a guy whose wife said we could come back an we stopped by like 6 times to try to get in contact with her and they never answered and this dude was like no means no! Why are you guys keep coming! And i was like you never told us no.... and then he went off and i was like sir have a good day and he was like no kid, listen, you need to learn to respect others and that we are almost as bad as the J dubs and yea.... it was a good time, but i was like, sorry it was my fault it wont happen again and after listening to a couple more nice words he finally stopped talking to us. Hahahaha it was way funny and A took it way well! Then we got in with R! We were going to teach him about the commandments but he actually read and had questions so we answered them. A invited him to come to church and R still thought that that was a lot and we weren't loving him enough and i told him because we love you, we want to pray and find out if this is true! SO it was way good and then we met back up with Elder B and N and said by to them and then B came out with us! We stopped by a couple people and no one was home and our appointments fell through... then B said alright then should we go knock.... a member asking us if we should knock!!! So crazy good! So we knocked and B was a boss and would even start the contact at some doors! 

Zone Lord Splits 
On Thursday we went on splits with the Zone Leaders and i went with Elder Lee who is in Elder Jensen's group. We had a great time and had some pretty crazy conversations with people! We talked to a Danish Folk kirke organist who told us that we are saved if we desire it and it doesn't do with our actions, faith without works is dead.... cough cough.... haha then we talked to a lady from Holland and right after we finished talking to her i knew i made the biggest mistake of my mission.... I could have said hi to her in Dutch like the best two years!!!!! hahaha fun stuff! Then we talked to an old lady who pretty much said she loves us, Jesus, and our church and that we are always welcome. haha those were pretty much the highlights of splits over there! 

Park City now in Denmark????
On Friday we went out to Kertiminde which is just like the Park city of Denmark but with a beach! It is a bunch of rich retired Danes who have so much money and the biggest nicest houses i have ever seen! And all these people are sooo happy it is crazy! We were walking on the gå gade looking for an ice cream shop, and we would say hi to people and they would stop us and ask who we are and would talk to us! Me and Elder Teynor were waiting for the other elders and an old man came down to us on the bench and started talking to us! That doesnt happen in Denmark! the highlights of Kertiminde was getting a Kertiminde ice cream cone which was a cone with three different flavors and that is coated in chocolate and then soft ice on top! SOoooo much ice cream and so good! And we were talking with this guy and he said there is no way that there can be a God and i asked him what happens when you die, and with a smile on his face he told me that he was excited for his ashes to be spread across the beach and for his kids to get his money! And he was totally happy! it is so crazy how people could think like that but he did give us a huge chocolate candy bar!! So nice people! 

So we had Volleyball on Saturday which was way fun! Then after that we had Rs baptism! R is so sick, he is like 21 and used to be a crazy partier but he found the gospel and has gotten so many crazy signs from God and it is incredible to see the change he has made in his life and it was way cool to be there the whole way for that! Then that night we helped Elder and Sister Yates, the new senior couple get around and try to get their phone to work! That brings us to Sunday where we saw R and C become members of Jesu Kristi Kirke af Sidste Dages Hellige and receive the Holy Ghost! So awesome and after church C said something so good that i wrote it down. She said, ''I feel like I am at home, and not at church.''Isnt that just awesome! That the church has became her home! This church is sooooo true and the gospel changes lives! And the gospel brings true happiness, over from the fake stuff that the world thinks. I have gotten a huge testimony of that this week! 

Oh man I missed the father day festivities! But good to hear that Zach gots me! And i missed Reid dog and Jace! Nooo! And when i eat with members i try to ask them a whole bunch of questions so it isnt awkard and quiet when we eat ;) Well, fam that is all i got! Keep it real, live the summer dream in Moses Lake and have a great week!!! 

Æ Reed :)

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