Monday, July 11, 2016

Week #44 Odense

Family!!! Well guess what!! We are getting another baptism here in Odense on the first Saturday of August so get ready for a flipping awesome miracle story! So buckle in your seat belts and get ready to get your mind blown!

Miracle Story

 So last Thursday we had our missionary cookie night and about an hour in this girl walks in. None of us were sure WHO she was and we thought she was a member or inactive. But she turns out to be a non member. Her biological dad, WHO she doesn't live with, is a member but has brought a bad rep to the church so she knows a Little bit about the church but not good vibes from it. But she was on Facebook and saw that we had cookie night and something told her that she needed to go to this. So we met her got her information and taught her the restoration after volleyball last Saturday with C. And the spirit was SO strong in that lesson. She said she felt so calm and we all prayed in a circle with her just like we did for C when she was investigating and we could all feel the spirit so strong. It was amazing. Then she came to church and after church we taught her with C and S an Icelandic member. We taught the plan of salvation and the spirit was incredibly strong Again. After I asked her how she felt and she said soooo calm and peaceful. Then she shared a story about on Saturday night she tried and prayed to God if she should be adopted by her step father or not. And she could feel her answer which caused her to ask God if the church was true and she got her answer and then she prayed like 20 more times that night. She called C and called her and they had a great Heart to Heart. Then i said well it looks like you got your answer and Elder Keller and I actually prayed about it and we told her August 6th was the day and guess what..... She said she had a dream the night before that August 6th was the day! That was like a the church is true moment right there! All of us at the lesson didn't know what to do. And we were all pretty much crying! We were overcome with the spirit and it was so crazy i cant even explain it! Definitely a highlight of my mission that i will never forget in my life!

Other Work

Well it was another almost 20 lesson week and almost 10 member presents so the Work is still rolling over here! R finally read a chapter and it was 3 nefi chapter 11 because he wants to build his faith on Christ and then he thought we made him read it because there is a verse that said if you dont get baptized then you get damned. And we thought we made him read the chapter because of that.... woops! haha then he gave us a big lecture on that we need to be better teachers, and chewed us out how we need specific appointments and all that good stuff and it was way fun! I tried telling him only the spirit is the best teacher so it was fun. Then we found a new guy named H. He is about 25 and we taught him with C. It was a way good lesson and he said he loved the energy we showed with our message. The first time he didn't take a BOM when we knocked on his door. But this time he took one so that was way good! And we have gone contacting with C twice which was way fun and a way good experience for her!

Fourth of July Goodness

Well i am a Little backwards today but last p day we had a fourth of July party at Ken Hall's a member in the second Ward WHO loves America! We had a crazy party and had a huge competition and split into two teams. It was way fun, we had baseball, egg and Water balloon tosses and like four legged soccer games! Then to top it off we had a HUGE BBQ which was sooo good! AAnd then we had these bread Things we roasted on a stick in the fire and gave poems about the gospel or inspiration and so i had to come up with a rap on the spot! haha it was way good!

Haha yes the sisters bought us pizza and they have regular pizza, the crust just isn't as thick. I am loving Elder Keller and the District! These days are just flying by! C doesnt have a calling yet but on Sunday she taught guest class on the spot on charity and i was way impressed! And my other friends are doing good! We haven't gone on member splits yet.And haha yea he really had a bunny! Dont change the house too much! I am a modern day missionary! Jo tak! And i did not see Sis F here in Odense! Well fam, I love you Guys, this church is soooo true and have an awesome summer week in the promised land of Moses Lake!

Hej Ældste Reed!

                                            Happy 4th- Danish Style


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