Monday, July 18, 2016

Week #45 Odense

Jamen Hvad så!! Så kunne jeg bare skriver mit breve i dag på dansk? Det kunne være sjovt og i kunne bare GOOGLE TRANSLATE det hele... ;) No bad idea because you can't trust google translate! But anyways, we had a pretty weird, crazy week so get ready for some nuggets of wisdom from Ældste Reed :)

Friend on Dåbs Dato :)

So our friend on baptismal date is so awesome and is still going strong. And she is 19 so she is old enough to get baptized by her own discretion so everything is all good. And her mom knows the church is true but isnt baptized because her ex husband, and our friend N's biological dad was a member but didn't give the church the best image so N's mom never got baptized but she loves the church. We taught N a lot this week with C and she took everything great. She already follows the word of wisdom and law of chasity! #prepared And she even helped the sisters knock and teach the other day! And she told us that she wants to go on a mission so that is sick! So she is doing great and so that is way fun! :) 

Other Friends

So i dont know if i told you guys this last time but F got baptized in the second ward after me and elder Baadsgaard handed him off and found out that he was actually in our ward the whole time! Haha but yesterday after sacrement i was chilling talking with the squad and this guy comes up to me and tells me that they are giving F the priesthood and asks if we would come up and join them. SO of course me and Elder Keller make our way upstairs and we get to the bishops office and we sit down and he just stares at us and then like two minutes later he is like who is giving you the priesthood F? And he is like Elder Reed! And my heart skipped a beat because i have never gave anyone the priesthood before, in english let alone Danish! Haha so i was like okay let me check our white handbook and dished out some Priesthood! But on all serious note, i was honored to get the opportunity and truley felt guided by the Lord in the blessing, and it was way cool because i was only thinking in Danish so that was way cool to see how the Lord blesses his missionaries. And F is my boy, we have great talks about soccer and Football! He is such a bro! Other than that we had a pretty hard week in Æbleparken with catching no one home but we still managed to teach 10 member presents so that was awesome! Oh and fun story, we got this referal from our ward mission leader about this girl who was an exchange student in Brazil and stayed with a member fam and they taught her the gospel and she went to church and prayed with them and even talked to the mission prez there in Brazil. SO we get way pumped to stop by this girl and so we make the 45 minute bike ride and knock on her door and her step dad answers and ends up chewing us out and says never come back so that was a let down and way weird. But shout out to Brazil anyways and sorry for my random story ;)

Finally Fodbold Again!!!!!

So on Saturday we finally had a break with volleyball and played some soccer! Jo Tak! It was way fun and we had a great turn out of like 16 people so it was way fun and rainy which is Elder Reed's favorite so it was a good time! And speaking of sports, all of us missionaries, me elder fairbanks and hager, decided we are too fat, so we are meeting every morning in the big park and sister Player is going to train us because she was a personal trainer before her misisn and has ran like a thousand iron mans. We worked out for the first time this morning and it was way rough! haha but for all those haters out there that think elder Reed is going to be fat when he gets home are soooo wrong! haha :)

And i am way pumped today! We are all going to hang out with C, N, and M, who is another recent convert, and see some H C Andersen stuff and eat lasagna so it will be way chill! And in the other district it is Elders Hger Fairbanks from my group and Bennet and Cooper and two sisters. And Elder Keller is doing way well and we are loving all of our time that we have been together! IT has just flown by and it is crazy to think that we are already half way done with the transfer already! And the YSA is way sick! Perps of serving in Odense! That sounds like a party for FHE with the other fams! And i am glad no one died by the Japanese sword!  And i am way pumped for COllin and Cameran! They will kill it! And that is awesome mom had to teach without her notes. Welcome to missionary life! And that is an insanly high high jump record! That is crazy! I love those points you wrote! Like that is all what the gospel is about. It is centered around Christ and his Atonement to make everything possible. And doing missionary work is so essantial both on this side and the other side of the veil! And service is so important to show charity, the true love of Christ and to put some actions on to your faith! And i think that is netop what a good leader needs to be also! Well fam, another sunny summer week has past here in Europe and time is just flying! Have a good week and share that gospel!!! 

Æ Reed :)

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