Monday, August 7, 2017

Week #100 Svendborg

Yo fam!! Svendborg is the dopest area ever!! And I totally felt like it was my homecoming yesterday at church! Everyone like lost their minds when they saw me so that was awesome! Oh and we have a baptism on Saturday!! So cool! And i sung the Star spangled banner with a bunch of Veitnamese bros haha stay tuned ;)

So Monday we had an eating appointment with Lan Le or Mor as she calls herself. She is a Vietnamese convert and was baptized like 8 years ago. She made stacks on stacks of Asian food for us and we had our friend Jonathan with who is getting baptized soon! So we ate and then taught Jonathan the law of chastity and the law of tithing and then went through the baptism interview questions. His only concern was about Joseph Smith so we made an appointment for the next day at mors to watch the Joseph Smith film.

So Tuesday we went to a bro named Claus in the ward to do service! The bro lives in the middle of a forest and is like the only house in the forest! Way dope! haha! so we did service and then ate. Then we went to mors where we celebrated her dogs birthday with her whole Vietnamese fam! hahahahahaha! I love their Danish it is like Danish with a way thick Asian accent and they cant pronounce some syllables... haha so it always keeps you on your toes! but they had some karaoke going on and they asked us to sing so we put on the star spangled banner and just got on and put on our American pride and just screamed the national anthem with pride! then we watched the Joseph smith film talked about it, bore testimony, and prayed to find a day for Jonathan to be baptized! We got the 12th of August as the day! so that was cool!

Wednesday we had a pretty interesting day haha! So we get a call from a member who picked up a bro named Lasse....... and i guess Lasse.... might have met missionaries in Herning.... and elder reed might have taught him...... so i was freaking out.... but lasse told the member he wants the missionaries to come teach him again.... so ummm yea... we ask for his address and the bro is in a psych hospital in Svendborg.... so i am freaking out but I told elder Merrill we got to go for it just for the story haha! so we go to this psych ward and we find Lasses room and he isn't there... so we look outside and see the bro! When he sees me he gets way stoked! haha! And the bro looked so much better! It looked like he wasn't smoking all the time and that he was doing better. He wants to meet again and so i set some pretty hard conditions... that he has to hold commitments and read in the Book of Mormon. then the bro gives me 100 krones and pretty much says he screwed  the members in Herning with money and wants to start paying them back!1 That is repentance right there! So we will see where Lasse goes.... haha.  Then we found a bro named Brian who is Christian and understands Christ's role but also loves bear. Then we taught Jonathan and read 3 Nephi 11. After we asked what does he feel and he said that the 12th of August feels right for his baptism!

Thursday I had my trunky meeting which was pretty dope! We got to go to the temple which was sick! I love that place. Then we got some life advice from the O'Bryants. Then i mobbed back to Odense.

Thursday I had coordination meeting with Ken Hall. If you guys remember him. Way fire. Then we ate with an investigator named Solveig which was chill. Then we taught one of the dopest bros ever! His name is Jan and he goes to to Pentacostal church. He was repping a John 3:16 hat and loves Jesus. Then we hear his conversion story and then we get talking about the Book of Mormon and he brings up the typical revelations verse and then i was like there are so many Bibles that are change and he is like well that doesn't matter... contradicting what he was saying.... lolz.... then he pulls out a J Dub bible and says that it is the word of God too. and he said how no one knows what Jehovah name is... and i was like... what is it? Then he says Jehova and we ask to borrow his J Dub Bible and turn to Revelations and wreck the bro and the bro even said we wreck him haha... so that was dope! Then we met with Jonathan and read Alma 32 with him. Just helping the brother grow his faith.

Then Saturday was sport and we played volleyball and i saw Sean, Stephanie, Nico, and Nadia and they all got way stoked to see me! So that was dope! >And then we had District meeting and bounced back to Svendborg and taught Jonathan with a bro who is going on a mission soon about Jesus Christ.

And Sunday was pretty much like my homecoming! The Odense 1 bros got so stoked to see me and when i bore my testimony everyone laughed when they realized I am back! so cool! And i saw home boy Erick Jeppson who served in Moses Lake. The bro is getting married to a French girl!! savage!! So that was my first week in Svendborg and it went soooo fast!!! 

So Elder Merrill hails from Utah and is a way chill bro! We are having a solid time together! And my apartment is a chill one too! But there are a bunch of hills in my area so biking is pretty jank but i will survive! They cant get in contact with Mike and they still need a translator for the Greenland fam. F berg.... so Andreas says he needs a break again... Mary Anne is on date for a couple weeks and David and Susanna came to church the other week! And Monique wants me to baptize her in the ocean! And crazy all those bros are home!!!! Crazy stuff!!! And i got my package!!! I love it!! And i am down to go to Utah when i get back! And the essays are coming!  Love you guys!!!

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