Monday, January 30, 2017

Week #73 Slagelse

Start of another transfer here in the great land of Slagelse!! And the fire is still rolling!! 


So our area is cruising right now and we love it! We literarry have no time to find! So Monday we ate with K again at the same members house and we have been trying to make an appoitment with her but we keep on getting busy or she gets sick... On Tuesday we taught M with a less active member. The lesson was all over the place i dont even know what to say... we talked about prophets, receiving revalation, the holy ghost... It was way weird because the member said we were being too pushy by inviting him to read the Book of Mormon... Just a big question mark lesson. Then we taught T down in Næstved again and had a way fire lesson with him! We taught about justice and mercy and he really wants to hear the Plan of Salvation! Then later that night we taught W with a member who we are way tight with in the ward who served in South Africa! We taught him the word of Wisdom and it went so gooood!! We read D and C 89 and focused a lot on the promised blessings. He really likes sport and i told him that i have kept the word of wisdom my whole life and i have never broken any bones or anything and he really liked that. He said that he always tried to keep the Word of Wisdom in the past but when his friends asked him why he won't drink he never had an answer... but now he does!! Then after the lesson W and M showed us way funny vines when me and Elder Erickson were home and died laughing!! Probably the funniest moment of my mission! Then Wednesday after District Meeting we had splits with Nykøbing and I went with Elder Allred from my MTC group and we just talked how our group was so legendary and funny stories from it. We taught I again. She is 85 and we read 3 Nefi 11 and I asked her if Mormons Bog is true and she said yes.. so i asked if Joseph Smith was a prophet and she said yea... So then Elder Allred asked her if she would be baptized and she said noooo! She doesn't really understand authority adn just pushes it to the side when we bring it up! So we will see with her. Then we taught a less active couple T and R and it was chill I guess. We got to know them and then asked to share a spiritual thought and then i was going to share a Mormon message and right before i played it i asked if they can understand English... .and they say noo.. so I quickly busted out the scriputers to give them the same message and then i asked them to read and they had trouble reading... awkward but we brought the spirit so it was ight anyways!! Then on Friday we taught C and S who are coming back to church. We had a throw down W of W lesson with them because that is the only thing holding them back! C said he will stop smoking after his birthday in a couple weeks and we busted out don't procrastinate the day of your repentance! And they have a grandson whose name is B who loves coming to church and could be baptized soon!! Then we had sports on Saturday!! THANK GOODNESS!! Haha it has been too long! So we played indoor soccer and a little basketball it was way fun! Then after we taught W the law of chasty and he told us he knew the change was coming so no worries there! We taught M again that night and shared His Grace is Sufficienct by Brad Wilcox. Then Sunday came and we had four friends in church! All of the members thought W was a missionary because he was wearing a Hugo Boss suit haha! So much swag!! Then we weekly planned and if you guys can remember that story of the people who invited us to dinner on Christmas out of no where... well one of them invited us over to watch handball and made us an old school Danish dish! So we got to learn the game of handball and watch the world cup final! It was way cool! Then we asked her at the end if she would like to hear the lessons and she said yes! So that was sweet! 

MLC and Zone Lord Stuff!! 

So me and Elder Erickson have been scheeming what we wanted to focus on as a zone this transfer to build off of the church invited goal. So we prayed and after a lot of schemeing and of course inspiration, we came up with this. So as a mission there could possibly be a Book of Mormon goal of giving out 2000 so our zone would give out 450. That would lead to 60 people in church which would lead to 15 on date and 5 of them baptized this transfer. We would also make a prayer list so that every morning and evening the whole zone would pray for everyone on date and everyone close and pray for more baptisms. We introduced this to the two districts this week and they were way stoked for it! Then comes the even cooler part... we set this goal before we knew the Brothern were going to make the key indicator change!!! So that is a testimony to me that this goal was truly inspired of God!! Quick story so after we presented the goal to to KBH district we were stuck in København until MLC so we had to go on splits with the office Elders. So me and Elder Shuppy were together when teh APS call us to tell us to meet them at their investigators apartment for a last minute service project. So we get there and they are not there and they investigator is an older woman from Greece who was a little crazy haha! She found this fridge in this storage place and made us carry it up like four flights of stairs... found out it didn't work... and then carried it down again... haha me and Elder Shuppy were ragging but when i go on splits with the Aps in the future she said she will make me dinner! So MLC was way fun! There was so many of my good mission buddies there! It was way clutch to catch up with Elder Bennet and Elder Nielsen! So what we talked about at MLC was the key indicator change, the schedule change, working with less actives, and helping members use facebook to spread the gospel to their friends! It was way fun then after we met up with W because he studies in København and he took us around Støjet and Ny Havn and we saw the little Merimaid! Way fun day! 

So zone træning is on Wednesday in Roskilde and we are training for like 15 minutes about the new Book of Mormon goal and we have to answer all of the questions the zone has for the new schedule change, wish us luck haha! No way Rudy got baptized that is so sick!! And so that will be what our zone training will be on and the more flexible schedule will be pretty clutch. And we will watch that devotional for zone training this week as well :) And that is crazy Gonzaga is ranked third in the nation! Well fam i love you guys and remember to open that Book of Mormon every day!! ;)

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