Monday, January 23, 2017

Week #72 Slagelse

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I died when i read that first sentence! But me and Elder Erickson are going another one and we have a baptism in a couple weeks!!!!!!! Can life get any better???


So just a real quick update on the zone goal we had 14 friends in church as a zone yesterday which put the total to 74 which is about ten more then the last two transfers combined!!!! So sick!! And we have six friends on date in the zone so we are seeing the fruits from it!!! 

Slagelse Magic

So I said we have a friend getting baptized in a month but i will get back to that ;)

So Monday insisted eating at Anny and Leo's house again like normal and K and O were there again. It was hard to teach them this week because K was sick but we had a stellar time with them. Then we had FHE with some of the younger bros in the ward and played a minature foosball game and some other board games so that was dope!

Then Tuesday we took J who put in his mission papers down to Næstved and we taught T and we talked about Christ and he just can't get over the fact that Christ performed the Atonement. We shared in Alma 7 I think.... that the spirit manifested that Christ did all those things for the people then and they could do they same for him! So we commited him to pray to ask God if God loves him and promised him that God cannot deny his love for him. Then we taught K who is pretty dope as well! She has an allergic reaction to her clothes so she usually only wears a towel around in the house... but don't worry mom... she had clothes on just for us!! haha! We taught her the Restoration and the spirit was soooo strong it was incredible! Then we taught M who got baptized a couple months ago and read Alma 40 with here and talked about the POS because she had a scare and almost died but she is doing great now! It was way cool to take J out with us it reminded me of when i always mobbed out with the misisonaries! Good stuff!

Wednesday was a good day as well! We taugh I who is 85 but she looks amazing!! She has read all the way to Alma 41 and LOVES the Book of Mormon! She is just scared that if she changes her religion that she would be too stressed and die or something... But she knows it is true so we will see if we can put her on date! Then i was sick again... so we stayed inside until Ms! We ate with the sisters and had a great time! He foound the best moments from General COnference and showed us! It was awesome! Oh and i guess i am getting pretty bad at english because when we were cutting the pie I didn't have the pie cutter and I asked a sister to pass me the tools! Haha they made sure i never forget that one and M said out of all the missionaries that get sent all over the world I got sent to him hahaha it was so funny!

Then that takes us to Thursday where we had district meeting and a district activity where we ate a huge lunch and played Mofia so that was really fun! Then we had to fix the sisters bike and do zone reports. Then we picked up the APs for splits! They are way solid guys and we had a way chill time!

On Friday we taught Anitta who hates the seahawks and we taught her a pretty good first lesson with a little oppostition explanation twist! Then we went down with the Aps to Næstved and taught M again because Elder Murphy and Hartmann helped baptize her! Then me and Elder Hartmann taught F who is a young bro who said if he found out this was true that that would mean he is a part of something bigger. It was the Danish soccer team's slogan but it is way true and a dope answer. Then we taught A who is another old lady and she reads the Book of Mormon every night and is in 3 Nephi now! Amazing! She hasn't prayed about it yet so we challenged her to do that! Then we went to Fs who was baptized by Elder Murphy and Elder Hartmann knows him so we stopped by and we watched the inaguration with him haha! Wasn't apostate because we had the Aps with ;) Trumps speech was pretty fire and he threw in a bible scripture which was pretty sick!

Then Saturday consists of weekly planning and having a ward movie night where we watched Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration and M came! I love that movie almsot makes me cry!
Then here comes the baptism talk.... SO the sisters are leaving and we were talking to one of their investigators W, last Sunday during our lunch after church about sports and music and everything possible and somehow it came up that he wants us to teach him when the sisters leave and we were like that sounds dope!!! So we are teaching him now! So W is 24 and is half Cambodian half Danish is going to school in Copenhagen for sports medicine and is such a bro! The sisters contacted him which was a miracle story itself because they were going to an appointment and W is trying to find himself in life. Well he is on date after two weeks and LOVES reading the Book of Mormon and is such a bro! So after the movie night we went to get kebabs with him and he bought us kebabs!! Then we just broed and he asked if we had girls back at home and how we keep the law of chasity and he really wants to get married and start a family and we taught him about temples and he lost his mind when he saw the size of them! And we told him about Fest i Nord and he lost his mind again haha and he wants to marry a Mormon Sweedish girl now :) Haha

Then we had church on Sunday and after church we had an official hand off lesson with Sister Dietch and Jex and it was way powerful! We taught him the Plan of Salvation and I really focused the true meaning of happiness and me and Elder Erickson kept bringing up the bros we baptized in Odense and how they changed through living the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how the Atonement changed them and W said he has been changed and he said people are noticing!! I love this gospel so much it works miracles!! Then we went to Roskilde because there was a missionary homecoming and Elder Erickson ate lunch with this missionary in his home town before his mission so they invited us over for the party! 

No way school was cancelled 4 days because of the weather! There will be less summer break if that continues!! I love you family have a great week!!!! 

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