Monday, January 9, 2017

week #70 Slagelse

Slagelse FIRE!!!!!

Well all I can say is that our area has caught on fire!!! So we taught 23 total lessons, found four new friends, and got 6 new progressing friends. So our area has nine total investigators that are progressing and we are just busy as can be so life is great here! So we have M, American homie, and we was the investigator who has never prayed about the Book of Mormon before. He is reading five chapters a day and last Saturday we taught him again. We read his favorite chapter which is 2 Nefi 28 which is all about today with apostasy with other churches. And when we finished reading the chapter we asked him why that chapter is his favorite chapter and he closes the Book of Mormon and says is this the Book of Mormon or a newspaper.... Then Elder Erickson said he knows it is true and he didn't deny it! We have another single mom who is WAY prepared! We taught her last week and after we taught her the Restoration we asked her what it would mean if the message was true and she gave an amazing answer. She said that life is gray right now but if this was true then life would be blue and there would be hope. Life wouldn't be to be born, grow up, work and then die it would actually have a purpose! So she is way prepared and we are expecting a baptismal date soon :) We are teaching this older lady and she has a handicapped son and she is so humble and says this year she is focusing more on herself and because of the church focus in the zone, we invited her to church after the first lesson and she said she would love to come and be with loving people that are at church! I could just go on for days this area is doing great!! We taught T again in Næstved and his fam was all there! We talked about false prophets because he was saying that there are priests who know the bible perfectly but have no charity when the homeless people come in the church. We really focused on what a prophet is and in Matthew 7 by their fruits can we know them and focused a little bit on the fruits of Joseph Smith and a prophet today! We found D who is a young bro who loves soccer. I started the door contact in English because he was a young bro and then switched quickly into Danish :) The bro was blasting music and in the middle of the door step lesson turned it off to listen to us! We taught K og O again and they are progressing just very slowly! K is stopping smoking on her own and we didn't even have to tell her to! Lets go! We taught them the intro of Mormons Bog and they are eating with two members and us tonight so it should be good! Then me and Elder Evans was on splits on Friday and we found another young women who is studying medicine. She is the cultural Dane in reference to beliefs.. Never prayed before never gone to church. But she listened to the Restoration and took a Mormons Bog! She is way down to talk more and she has family in Seattle and I said I come from around there so we talked about Seattle for a little bit! We had splits twice this week. I was with Elder Shuppy and Elder Evans. Crazy to see how much those homies have changed over the mission. Funny moments was when we were teaching that single mom she was holding her baby and we asked her what the baby's name is and she said Minde and Elder Shuppy's face lit up and said that is my girlfriends name haha! I died mid lesson! Oh and my mission funds are way low already because in Næstved there is a CARL's JR!!! So we eat there every time on splits haha! It is so American! And the ward made a goal to have 16 baptisms this year and during fast and testimony meeting like 75 percent of it was about missionary work!! Life is just perfect here in Slagesle!!!

So the Zone hit 12 friends in church which makes the total to 40 which is right on track to where we need to be!! It is crazy how the Lord is blessing us with this goal and how if we really pray and ponder something the Lord will do his part and bless us in return #dandc82 :) We are hitting numbers never been reached before in the zone and all i can say is we are getting so blessed! That is so COLD!! It has been like minus 8 Celsius and it hasn't rained or snowed to much so we are doing fine with the car! HAHA Dad it is on! That is sick he got a trainer but pure talent never dies ;) And i don't know a brother Hull.... Who is his family members serving here??? Dang Gonzaga is ranked fifth in the nation lets go! And we talk a lot of football with M and he texted us at five in the morning on Sunday to tell me the Seahawks won! So clutch!! And me and Elder Erickson bought the same shoes that go perfectly with our suits and they were fifty percent off! They were so sick!!! Just wait til you guys see me off the plane ;) Oh!!! And President texted me on Wednesday confirming my extension so I am staying here until October 3rd!!!! #threebdaysonamish :) I love you bros so much! Thanks for all the sacrifices you guys make so I can be out here! I know this is true without a doubt and can't wait to see miracles happen soon!!!!!

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