Monday, January 2, 2017

Week #69 Slagelse

Godt Nytår alle sammen!!! 2K17 last year of the mission! It is crazy that I will be going home this year and that I was a missionary for the whole year of 2k16. Time just flies! But we had a pretty nuts week and found the most investigators I have ever found in my life in one week plus we got to see a war! Stay tuned!!!! 

Anden Juledag!!

So after p day last Monday we went to this mysterious woman who called us out of no where. It ends up we are at a dinner party and so it is her, her husband, and two friends. We chilled and ate a whole bunch of food and just talked about everything possible. The whole dinner me and Elder Erickson were waiting to dive in and start talking about the church but the moment never came... We just got to be their friends and all of them were reliogus somehow. Finally at the end of the appointment we asked them if we could watch the light the world video and they said yes and after the viedo a bro asked us if we experienced any miracles in our lives and then we just went off and we taught them and bore our conversion stories and then we invited them all to church, #zonegoal, and they said they would love to come!! And one of the women wants to make us food and teach us how to play handball so it went great!! 


So like i said we found 8 new friends this week!! So on Wednesday we had Elder Allred up on splits because Elder Beck was a little busy dunking a guy in Sive so we were in a tri. So Elder Erickson and F, a recently baptized member, taught M, our American friend, me and Elder Allred knocked this pretty wack opgang complex. It gets knocked like every month by the J Dubs and it was pretty nuts. Like we would be peep holed by all three doors on a row and it sucked pretty bad but the lat door we knocked a 25 year old women answered and she used to be believing but lost her faith and became athiest but is willing to get an answer from God if he is really there and she said we are always welcome so that was sweet! Then we finally set up an appoitment with an older woman and her down syndrome son because we delievered them cookies! They are the most humble people i have ever met and are sooooo sweet!! Then we taught K and O again and the scheem was to go in there and reteach the Restoration but K started asking about the three kingdoms of glory which turned into the WofW which turned into the Book of Mormon. Then on Wednesday we had an eating appointment with Holbæk's most positive friend and his parents who have been taught in the past. So we ate there with the Roskilde sisters and Holbæk and we just talked about conversion stories and forgivness and a little of the Plan of Salvation. They are in Alchohols Anomynous and I guess that is their church. Then the cookie stop by run on  THurday was successful with an old investigator, T. He is a bro who plays guitar and sings and LOVES history. He wants us to talk about false prophets and Jospeh Smith and his wife tagged along. :) Other than that we got dropped a couple times by some bros we found in Skælskør from our member Blitz Splits... But its ight for example so bro who was found by the sisters and took a Mormons Bog and said he really wanted to talk again said when we came by that he is J Dub and slammed the door. He was pretty creepy and a liar... haha! But this area is running again and good things are happening! 

New Years #2K17

So the celebrations started when we ate hot chocolate and brownies with this young couple in the ward with the sisters and listened to their missions and had some pretty fun stories to share. Then we went to our bishops where we feasted!! Me and Elder Erickson were chilling with our home boy Mark who got back from his mission almost a year ago and some of the CUV squad for the Frederiksberg ward were also there! Our Bishop is hands down sooooo coool!!!!! Haha he went way hard with fireworks it was awesome! We had to be home at 930 but bishop gave us permission to stay to one in the morning.... Dont worry! We went home at 9 30 haha! Then we called some of the squad around the mission waiting for new years and then everywhere went crazy with fireworks!! And we experienced a war haha! So there was this party under a store called Fakta in our parking lot and these bros were shooting fireworks at the party. So this party comes from behind the store and they just fire at each other and shoot bottle rockets at each other hahaha! It was so funny! Then we had only one hour of church yesterday and I got to give a talk! It was a little struggle because I lost my voice but it went beast. Then we took a nap and because we have been so busy we havn't been able to buy food for the last two weeks and were completly out of food and christmas leftovers from the members, so we had the sisters make us food in the church and we played games!! It was way fun!! But it is crazy that it is 2k17 and time to make so new goals for a new year! It should be good! 

So almost every Dane was hungover so it was way hard to get investigators in church but we had some as a zone and we are only 2 behind where we should be for our pace! So things are going great there! Sounds like a party back home for New Years!! And noo Washington lost... oh well! And i bought a way nice suit! Way European and you guys get to see it in 9 months! ;) Love you guys and remember to give out that Book of Mormon!!!! 

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