Monday, December 26, 2016

Week # 68 Slagelse

Hey family! I feel like I haven't talked to you guys in forever!! Haha! Second Christmas day here in Denmark and life is just so chill and good! 


So me and Elder Erickson had so much going on last Monday that we literally had no Pday and only emailed. So we started by talking with our friend J who was born in the church but can't make it to church. Then we made cookies and stopped by I a lady in the ward that is pretty old so we shared some good Christmas vibes with her! Then we stopped by M who got baptized like two months ago. Then we ate at a members and then taught a Greenlandic family! We read 3 Nefi 11 to them and they loved it it is just their culture is pretty laid back and they really aren't willing to do anything. Then we stopped by a fisherman, C, and he said he had like five minutes and invited us in. He looked at some anti material but we threw down on the Restoration and gave him Moroni's promise. He is down to talk again but he sails for the navy so he won't be back until the end of February. SO that was a pretty dang eventful P day! 

Christmas Zone Conference

So on Tuesday we headed off bright and early to København for zone conference which was way fun! We had a training in the morning by the APs about getting investigators progressing and the Stake President came and said that we should try having member firesides. Then President gave a way fire testimony of the life of Jesus Christ and the Atonement. Then we ate food which was sooo good! Then we watched a slide show and got packages! Then we finished the night with Zootopia which is way awesome! It wasn't Star Wars 7 like Pres put on just to troll us but it was totally worth it! 


So I talked about a couple friends already. So on Wednesday we got a call from this random lady and she wanted help with family history so we are like ok.... So we go by and it turns out she has met with missionaries before in the past and her boyfriend has also been with!! So we ordered them fan charts and agreed to start teaching them again so that should be pretty sweet! Then we had our lesson with M the American. He is the guy who has met with missionaries for two years and knows the scriptures way well! He is a way awesome and chill guy! He had some bad run ins with some missionaries so he said he would never come to church again but he came last Sunday and we agreed to teach him the lessons again but to focus on the spiritual side of things so that should be sweet! And today in a couple hours we have an eating appointment with some random lady who called us from a card for Christmas dinner! So I am looking forward to that for sure! 

Caroling Grind

So on Thursday we caroled with all the sisters and the Møholt squad! It was pretty fun and all the Danes were way surprised because that is not a normal tradition here in Denmark. We only got the door slammed on our face but she was probs J dub... haha just kidding. Then  we went to carol to Holbæk's investigators and while we were caroling to this older woman. her daughter and grandson came in the house. Then we talked to them a little and shared our card with them and left. Then five minutes before we were about to drive back to Slagesle we get a text from them if we could come over and eat with them in fifteen minutes!!! That never happens! So we ate with them, gave them a book of Mormon and caroled to them for like half an hour more. Spread the Christmas spirit!

Christmas Festivities 

So real quick on Friday we spent the day with K who got baptized earlier this year. We went to a lighthouse and put a candle at his dad's grave. Then we made a classic Danish Christmas dinner which was sick! Then Christmas ever we played Munchkin for like 4 hours with J. Then we went to Familien Lykkegårds and chilled with them all night and got gifts from the ward too! Then Sunday we had church, chilled at our ward mission leaders house and then skyped!!! And i finally won the ris alamond game the last time i would ever do it!!!! CLUTCH!! 

The duck I had for Christmas dinner was so goood! And we had one Romanian friend in church yesterday. Well I love you guys soooo much! Remember to give out that Book of Mormon!!!!!!! 

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