Monday, December 19, 2016

Week #67 Slagelse

KÆRE FAMILIE!!!! We get to skype on Sunday and I am sooo pumped! Slagelse is dope Elder Erickson is dope, we hit up Odense,  and our zone has caught FIRE!!! Stay Tuned!!  


So on Tuesday we drove up to København to introduce the zone goal me and Elder Erickson have schemed up to their district!! So after long thought and prayer, we came up with this church invite goal as a zone that if we get 60 church attendances then we will have 4 baptisms. We looked at the numbers through the past transfers and the numbers said that if we have more friends in church we will have more baåptisms. So we also made a new key indicator to record every church invite and to invite someone to church every lesson and even when you give a Book of Mormon out at a door step invite them to church. And we have seen miracles throughout the zone happen because of it!! With us, we took a friend to the choir concert in Odense , and this guy swore that he would never step a foot in our church again and we invited him that day and he came on Sunday!! The whole zone has been inviting people to church and people have been coming! So for the past three transfers we have been averaging about 6 people in church throughout the zone and last week we had 16!!! With our goal of 60 in church that would average to 10 a week and we already exceeded that by 6. It is awesome to see miracles happening in the zone! And everyone in the zone loves the goal and we are just cashing in the fruits of it. I love this work and miracles and how the Lord blesses us! And our zone is the best zone in the mission right now and the energy for the work is definitely running through everyone and it is AWESOME!!!!

Slagesle Grind

So we kind of got wrecked this week because we have been sick, up in København and Taastrup to get our car fixed but on Thursday we went on member splits! We went so hard and had four members and the sisters came with us and we taught like 11 member presents and got four new friends in like 1 hour! The ward is sooooo missionary minded! During high priests there was like four guys who shared experiences of sharing the Book of Mormon or the gospel with a friend! And our ward mission leader is soooo awesome! He served in England about 6 years ago and is a pro boxer!! (He actually trained us this morning for workouts and it was soooo FUN haha) He is so dope and he gave up boxing in the Olympics to go on a mission! He just has a burning desire for the work and has amazing faith and is a bro at the same time! So things are going way well here! The work is rolling and after the New Year Christmas season this area will be nuts!!! We also have M who has been an Investigator who swore he would never come to church again because an Elder offended him and he came on Sunday! Lets goo!!!! 

Odense Round 2 :)

Yep. You read that right. So let me explain... So we couldn't make it to Copenhagen for the missionary choir concert on Tuesday because we had an appointment with F, our American homie who just got baptized who has the most faith I have ever seen :), and M the American investigator lives at Korsør which is right by the bridge to Fyn. So we got permission from President and on Thursday we went to Odense again with him!!!! It was so cool just to walk through the city again and just think of old memories. Then we get to the church and sit down and we surprised everyone being there! Just seeing the faces of your best friends light up when they see you again was priceless! Oh and real quick I need to give a shout out to Caroline og Nadia because they told me to! It was so sweet to see everyone and catch up with them. It was way sad to leave and me and Elder Erickson talked about it, we touched a lot of lives in Odense in those 6 months we were there! 

Random stories... Me and Elder Erickson were looking for a place to get a hair cut from a cheap place and we saw the name Mohamad clips and we were like that is the one! So we mobbed over there and got sweet hair cuts by our bro Muhommad! Another way random story, so we had one last thing to do Sunday night at 7 30 and so we are walking to the car and the next thing we see are these Muslim kids running and then we see this huge fire work go off in the parking lot! Then the next one is aimed for us and i am like i am not backing you elder Erickson get in the car!! So we run to the car and drive away and as we are driving away they shoot a bottle rocket right for us and it explodes about five feet over us!!!! hahahaha it was nuts!!!!! But we survived and the cops shut them down so everyone is ok ;) 

So i will skype at 6 here in Denmark so I think that is 9 your time i am not sure.... But yea!! And we don't really have any sports activities going on here.... but we will survive! Driving is going ok... haha i am way rusty and i suck pretty bad but it is coming back slowly! We have everywhere west of Holbæk except Slagelse. We just work in cities around it like Næstved and Kalundborg and Korsør and a whole bunch more! So in the zone i have every Copenhagen ward except Gladsaxe 1 and 2 and Allerød and Bornholm. haha that is way funny squirrels are just posting in the lawn haha! Classic and it isn't too cold here at all and we wont have a white Christmas either so yea... Sounders won!! LETS GO!!!! And we have a guy in the ward who loves sports and NFL so i am way tight with him already and he always gives me updates at church haha! And i might want to buy a suit with the Christmas money on a January sale or something :). But i love you guys so much and vi ses på Søndag!!!!!! 

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