Monday, December 12, 2016

Week #66 Slagelse

Less then two weeks until Christmas!! Get in the Christmas spirit everyone!!! Oh and breaking news.... Chapter four of the mission begins in Slagelse with the homie Elder Erickson!!

Goodbye Herning

Well all the rumors were right... I got a call at 7 in the morning from President that I would journey back over to Sjælland and be a Zone Leader with Elder Erickson! When i heard i totally freaked out haha! Elder Erickson and I served in Odense at the same time and are WAY tight!! And Elder Brown will be Elder Hallings new comp. But I had to say bye to the squad so we taught S one last time and got some pretty sick pics :) Then I said by to the Burma family and COngo family which was pretty sad. Then on Thursday at District meeting I had to say bye to A and R and L which was way sad. I got way close with all of them. R told me that right after we left their house the first time he new we were different and opened up so much to us it was awesome! But I will truly miss Herning, the Forslunds, and the small branch! I will always have a piece of Herning in my heart. I feel like my faith and testimony on miracles has grown so much for the short time i was here! 

Kapitel 4 Slagesle

Well Friday I departed and took a couple trains to go back to Sjælland for the first time in like 8 months! So real quick on Slagesle, there is 6 missionaries here, four sisters and us and the sisters work in Slagesle and we work in towns around Slagesle because we have a car!!! FINALLY a car area haha! Oh and i drove for the first time in 15 months which was sick!! The ward is probably one of the best here in Denmark! They are all chill and LOVE missionary work! So that means bring on the eating appointments for Christmas haha! The work here is pretty slow... So that is one thing that we are going to go way hard and yesterday we got the members on board and we are going to have four members help us find people on Thursday! SO i am way pumped for that! And I am way stoked to work with Elder Erickson. We have been brainstorming how we can get this mission going because by the numbers we are one of the lowest baptizing missions in the world. So we have talked alot of out of the box things to get this mission going so just stay tuned because it will be good! :)

Haha those squirrels are way clutch!!! And the plan is to go to Winter 2018. And haha that is way funny mom said that about selling donuts in sacrement meeting! But our message is better than donuts right.... ;) Well not too much to say this week but it is ight ill catch you guys in less than two weeks!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!! '

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