Monday, December 5, 2016

Week #65 Herning

Fam!!! It is December! The time is flying, the weather is cold, and I am loving life! Also, transfers are on Friday and we find out on Wednesday and rumor is that I am out of Herning but we will see! 


Well another great week here in Herning as expected! We found five new friends, have almost ten progressing friends, had three people in church and have another friend on dåbs dato!!! So Monday we knocked on an investigator referal and found B. He let us right in and B is some organist for the free church. He loves the Bible and we gave him a short Joseph Smith lesson. The Elders taught him when I was in Fredericia for a leadership meeting and i guess he wont read the Book of Mormon at all... 2 Nefi 29 people!!! Then we had friends from Tuesday which I will talk about during splits with ELders Pihl and McDougall. Then Wednesday after FHE we stopped by our Hungarian friends and shared them the Christmas initiatve and agreed with V the boyfriend to start teaching him Enlgish and the lessons so we have an appointment on Wednesday which will be sick! ANd he came to church on Sunday! Then we taught A which was way FIRE as usually! We talked about the Word of Wisdom and she already knew she had to live it and she read 1 NEfi 8 and she understood everything! SHe came to church on Sunday and loved it!!!! All the members love her and she participated in class which was awesome!!! Then we taught P from Poland who is such a BRO! Haha he has like traveled the world and loves music! He read a couple pages from The Book of Mormon and is willing to learn more so that is sweet! 

Splits with Hammerum

So I went with Elder Pihl who has only been out like three transfers! He is a stud! We started the day watching the Joseph Smith movie with S! The spirit was so flipping strong no one could deny it. He knows it is all true he just doesnt want to repent and change... SO befalinger means commandments and anbefalinger means recommendations and he said that commandments are recommendations from God and i told him it isnt a reccomendation that we shouldnt kill other people... and then he like switched the topic to sports and i was like well what if there wasnt any rules in sports.. and he was like it would be caos! And i was like exactly! We need commandments bro! haha so that was good. Then we found E who is an old investigator.. to be honest, it was a way awkward lesson but she said the Book of Mormon is true! So there is a good start to work from. Then we knocked on Hs door and he let us in and we talked and got to know him. He has read the bible like 30 times, he has witnessed miracles, and just has a way solid faith in Christ. We talked about the Restoration and he said Jesus said that no other prophets are coming after him in the Bible and i am like show me..he couldnt... #bythefruitsweshallknowthem The other Elders found two new friends. M which is a young girl from the middle east and K who was an old investigator who the knocked into and then i taught him on Thursday. He has had a rough past but has found Christ and has an amazing faith in him. At first he said he wouldnt read the Book of Mormon again but after we taught him and bore testimony he opened up started crying and he said he will give it on last attempt! Lets go!! Then they taught family Burma and family COngo and via google translate they got the mom on baptismal date! December 17th is the date! I think we have to push it back a little though because Prez is in the works of getting us an interpreter. FIRE!! 

Being alone for 4 hours......

So we had leadership meeting in Fredericia so i had to travel there and back which took was like 4 hours there and back. It was a way good meeting and we learned that the future of the mission is going to need to rely on the leaders. So that was fun to see all the other missionaries also! And then i got to chill with Elder Olson who is a homie for like two hours because we were travling by ourselves to our areas after so that was chill too! 

Blitz Splits in Randers

So we had splits with the Zone Lords Elder Bennet and Dibble and they had a Blitz splits in Randers with their district so we went and helped! Randers is a city FULL of hills which would definately be a stuggle haha! I knocked for the first part with the main Elder Bennet! The only thing that came out of that was talking to a Greenlandic lady for like 25 minutes and she was just a question mark... haha! Then I went with the homie Elder Perkins and knocked houses for a little and gave out of Mormons Bog. So yea it was cool to be with a whole bunch of missionaries again! Then after the splits we went back to Århus and me and Elder Bennet finished splits! It is crazy to think about because we were on splits together on a Blitz in Seden on Fyn like 6 months ago and it felt like last transfer!! Time just flys! But anyways we had 90 minutes to knock and i was like we only got time for two doors and guess what... we only knocked two doors lol! The first was a younger lady who we taught the Restoration and gave a Mormons Bog. And then the next door was way cool, so i said God Aften and then coughed, then next thing you know i am speaking English adn this young girl speaks perfect English back and i guess she was from the Czech Republic! We taught her the Restoration and she became a new friends as well! WORK! haha! I love being a missionary! :)

Oh man there are so many transfer skeems i dont know what to rely on.. all i know is that office elders accidentally leaked that i was going to transfer so that was pretty interesting... We think 3 Zone Leaders are going down and a whole lot more guesses! So the light the world inititive is ight but I am mainly sticking with the Restoration so yea ;) And mom can just talk about all of my friends how i love life, and how we are going to baptize a lady from the Congo! Maybe that I am teaching people from the Middle East, Albaian, Poland, Romania, Burma, Congo, Hungary, Scotland, Australia, and Tamil ;) 

Shoot i will be skyping soon! That will be crazy! I am way pumped! And we were in pretty much all day yesterday with weekly planning and church and dinner at the Forslunds so I didnt get to see it.. And no we didn't get to watch the Christmas devo yet.. it was on at like 2 in the morning here and i am not apostate ;) Lets goo! Washington better take it! 

Well I might be starting chapter 4 of this mission on Friday... We will see but I have learned from Herning, wherever I get sent there will be people ready to hear the GOOD NEWS!! Love you guys!!!! 

                                                     Alex's trainer is going home!

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