Monday, January 16, 2017

Week # 71 Slagelse


Family!! We are way pumped here in Slagelse!!! The work is on fire and the zone is on fire!!!! Life is great!!!!


So me and Elder Erickson are going nuts over here! SO the zone goal was to get 60 friends in church and we were at 40..... Well yesterday the zone pulled in 20 FRIENDS!!! Truly amazing!!!! Everyone in the zone is way pumped and is going crazy and the zone is leading the mission by far!!!

And we reached our goal of 60 friends for the transfer with a week to go and we had Christmas and New Years on Sundays! Truly amazing! That is just a BIG testimony builder for me that miracles happen when you have the faith for them to happen! It is just amazing that Elder Erickson and I took to the Lord what the zone needed to focus on this transfer and he gave us an answer and the fruits of it have been enormous! And everyone in the zone is getting pumped and the fire is definatly spreading so it is awesome to be apart of it. :) We called around last night just congratulating everyone and everyone was stoked out of their minds!!!


Our area is going completly nuts as well! Real quick story! Haha so we have four sisters here but that will be two because only two can live in the appartment and so President is transfering them somewhere else! So the ward found out and they are raging haha! They are looking for an apartment for the sisters and they want us to move to Næstved because they said they need more missionaries here because Slagesle gets the most baptisms here in Denmark! haha #wardpride Anyways! ME and Elder Erickson found 10 more new friends and so that is about thirty for the transfer!! So many bros!!! We have a good amount of progressing bros and we had four in church yesterday! And we had 5 less active friends!! So we had K and O over at a members house on Monday to eat and then read 2 Nefi 2 with them and then the lesson might have been taken over ;) I will just say almost every point of every lesson was taught but don't worry we will go over it again! Then on Tuesday we taught M. The lesson was about 1 Nefi 19:23 applying scriptures to yourslef. Then i shared Peter walking in water in Matthew 14 and pretty much compared Christ beckoning Peter to come as the Book of Mormon saying come to Christ it is more of me. Then Peter walking on water is like M praying but the winds come and he feared and started to sink. Then I asked M what he feared... he said nothing and then goes off about how the sisters in past were pretty jank to him.. Well that morning before the lesson we read about discerning concerns and Elder Erickson came in way clutch and said he didn't forgive the sisters in the past and that is his great stumbling block. M said he did by inviting us to teach him.. We left on good notes.. Well we taught him again on Thursday we were talking about the Book of Mormon and he stops and says that he forgave the sisters and pretty much thanked us for helping him repent! M is changing! And we got him to come to guest class after he swore never to come to guest class again because missionaries were pretty jank in the past i guess and he came!!!! He is feeding us on Wednesday so we will see then!! On Tuesday we taught T with our ward mission leader about Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ. The bro just smokes a ton but he is still searching for truth! Wednesday we picked up two new friends from the area book but got wrecked the rest of the day because i was sick so we bought ice cream and just ate our sorrows that night haha! Friday was splits and I went with my man Elder Adams!  I will just share on awesome miracle story! So we stopped by a women in the morning and she wasn't home so we prayed for inspiration where to knock. We decided 18 was the right one and the first door we knocked on became an investigator! She is so awesome! She knows a little bit about our church because her great great great etc. grandpa was a member in Denmark and immigrated to Utah and apparently had 4 wives... Anyways she goes off about family history and how she loves it and that turned it into talking about America and the NFL and I was saying how the Seahawks are beast and she liked the Packers and we talked a little crap lol... but Seahawks lost and Packers won so it will be awkward the next time haha... and then we taught her the Restoration and she was all for it and wants to meet and read and pray! She says there is something different about our message! Church was nuts!! So all of the Slagelse missionaries had 7 total friends in church and guest class was completly full! There was like 5 people standing because there was no more space!!!!

Dang that is soooo cold!! Shout out to Denmark with a car!! Well fam life is pretty great right now and I am just putting the cruise control on and loving life! Oh and read the talk The Book of Mormon man made or God given by Tad R. Callister! It is so good! Anways love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

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