Monday, February 6, 2017

Week #74 Slagelse

Hahahha!! I will get into the reason why i have a pastry smashed into my face in a little bit... But this week was yet again another fire week here in Slagelse!!


So we were so busy this week that we didn't even have time to stop by all of our friends that we have!! But I will dive in with W. So W is so fire!! He is such a stud!! We have never taught anyone more golden then him! So we taught him Monday night about prophets and started to help him gain a testimony of Thomas S. Monson. It was probably the best prophet lesson Elder Erickson and I have ever had! We were inspired to share Dare to Stand Alone talk by Thomas S Monson and it was exactly what W needed at the time! He really was alone because he couldn't party with his friends anymore or drink coffee with them so he was way pumped for that. Then we taught him on Friday about tithing and fasting. It was such a good lesson again and he said he was expecting to pay and that he already looked at his economy and can totally pay it without a doubt! Such a stud! And he even fasted with us on Sunday! And we played soccer with him on Saturday and then made my bbq pizza special and it gets better! On Sunday he bore his conversion story and told the ward he is getting baptized and some more members came up and bore their stories. It was an incredible sacrement meeting fore sure! All the members came up to him after and fellowshipped him real good ;) Then we taught M, or M taught us this week. We had him teach us about grace and it was pretty good. He used some Bible scriptures and even used 2 Nephi 25 23 so that was sweet! Then we taught T about the POS and he is actually progressing! He is actually listening to us and asking us great questions! That is a testimony to me to see the potential in others! We taught P from the Ivory Coast and she thinks we just worship the Book of Mormon so we gave her a chapter out of the Bible to read to switch things up a bit! We taught A out in Korsør a little from the POS and K who is a Christain Buddhist mix if that is possible.... haha it was a pretty chill week!!  

Zone Træning 

So we had zone traning this week in Roskilde which is right between Slagelse and Copenhagen. So the first part was the training from Elders Oaks, Bednar, Andersen and the others and the key indicator change and the schedule change. Then Elder Erickson and I got to give a Book of Mormon training because we are going to try to give out 2000 copies of teh Book of Mormon out as a mission. So we had a little role play where Elder Erickson stopped me and said hi do you want this pastry and then slammed it in my face hahahaha! Everyone loved it! Then he did it again and used energy and was outgoing and we related it to that when you give out the Book of Mormon you can't just slam it in ones face.. you have to bring energy and present it well! And the Zone is doing great! We have 8 friends on date which is incredible and it is just going awesome!! 

So that was my good friend Elder Nielsen with the bunny ears in the pic at MLC and know we didn't have our clothes like that on purpose for MLC... haha but for zone training we did because it just seemed like a brilliant idea haha! And that looks like so much snow!!! It actually is snowing right now for the first time in like three months lol! And like everyone texted us about the Superbowl... that is so crazy with that come back!! Good thing I will never miss a Superbowl again!! And that is crazy Gonzaga is ranked number 1!! Lets go! And the sisters were on a temple trip in Copenhagen and got my package!! Thanks so much! And thanks for your conversion story mom! That was amazing!!!!!! Love You!!

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