Monday, February 20, 2017

Week #76 Slagelse

Faktisk Rimelig Nemlig....  That would be the three words for the week because that is all we say with Bishop and his family haha. Bishop told me that I should teach this American Danish to the new missionaries in the MTC so we will see ;) 

Slagelse Mobbing

So our homie W is getting baptized on Saturday and we are way pumped!! He is way pumped and the ward is way pumped so it is way good stuff!! We taught William this week on temples, family history and the priesthood and he is just taking it all in it is so awesome to be apart of his journey!! We played basketball with him on Wednesday and soccer with him on Saturday so he is doing great! I will definately take a bunch of pics at the baptism so it will be good! Other good stuff is we taught M and it went good. He has been reading a lot of the Book of Mormon and is at the end of 2 Nephi and is finding a lot of great scriptures so he is doing great! T is doing good he is coming to W baptism! We taught A again and she said her heart is too locked to pray to ask God if he is there... and she said she will never come to church and she said if she starts coming to church every week her friends would make fun of her... #danishculture We taught K and O finally and they are doing fine. They wont quit smoking because it helps them lose weight... And we took our boy F to Carls Jr. because he wa having problems with the girlfriend so we came in clutch there! 

So the Book of Mormon challenge is going alright I think... our zone is just teaching people so we dont have all the time in the world to find new people which is a good thing.That is crazy Gonzaga is still killing it! And that is dope we made it to state again! Well that is all i got this week love you guys!! 

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