Monday, February 27, 2017

Week #77 Slagelse

Familie!!! WILLIAM was baptized on Saturday and confirmed yesterday!! It was so sick to be apart of! And no worries with the health! The excersises are working magic so no worries there!! 

Williams Dåb

So William got baptized on Saturday and it was a great experience! Almost the whole ward was there and there was a lot of missionaries there and it was a way spiritual service! William asked Elder Erickson to baptize him because he is probs transfering next week and I gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday. After he got baptized he raised his hands in the air and shoutouted to joy to everyone there!! He is such a stud and I am so blessed to help him on the strait and narrow path back to our Heavenly Father!! We snatched a whole lot of pics so no worries there. ;) After that we had a lunch and then waited for the Nykøbing Elders baptism where JP from Peru and Kristine got baptized! That was the first baptism in that little branch in a while and TWO got baptized! So that was sick to see. Then after we celebrated by playing soccer with some missionaries and some members in the rain which was so fun!! Then it got too dark so we played some ping pong! Then on Sunday I got the privilege to give William the Holy Ghost! It was way cool I Never have done it before and I felt like i was in this spiritual bubble. We have a little squad going in Slagelse with a couple young adults and Will I Am!!!! We taught William the Restoration again on Friday before his baptism and it was a pretty dang spiritual lesson! This guy was so prepared. He is literary the definition of those who are looking for the truth but did not know where to find it! He was so prepared and is such a stud! He is definatly going to be a life long friend!! 

Other Friends

So I know the hype is all around William's baptism but we still taught some other bros this week as well! So on Tuesday we went on splits with the Tåstrup Elders and I went on splits with Elder Tank Erickson. We taught I in Korsør and it went way well! We talked about baptism and the Holy Ghost, a little about the apatasy, and child baptism. I asked if believed the Book of Mormon to be true and she said yes and I asked if Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and she said yes just like Abraham, Adam, and Moses! So I invited her to pray to see if Jesu Kristi Kirke af Sidste Dages Hellige is the same church Jesus Christ had when he was on the earth and a baptismal date will be coming this week! ;) And the other Elders taught and dropped M so I guess that is that for him... He did invite us for breakfast this Saturday to say bye to Elder Erickson because the scheme is he is peacing out but who knows! Then we took some pics in the ocean which was SO cold but Elder McBride who is going home in a week made us do it and act like it is summer so you are welcome for the pics mom! ;) We taught some other bros this week but I am too lazy to write about all of them haha BUT we ate at a member from Tahitti last Friday! Shout out to Jonathan! He made us some Tahittian street food and it was way clutch! I just asked him all about Tahitti and about missionary work there because he served there to get a little scoop in Jonathans mission. It sounds sweet haha and if you are wondering he met his Danish wife at BYU Hawaii! 


So we had FOUR baptisms in the zone this last weekend and that has never happened before! And we still have 10 friends on date in the zone which is so incredible! We had zone training last Wednesday in Roskilde which was pretty fire! It was on less active work and newly baptized work and we delegated a lot and it was way spiritual. Elder Erickson and I talked about the parables in Luke 15 of the lost sheep and the prodigal son and we had a couple missonaries share their testimonies of miracle reactivation stories! Then we gave the rest of our time to our dope mission leader to train us on the new key indicators and how to get someone on date! And it worked because two days later three people where put on date in the zone!! We are leading the mission by far and everyone around the mission is noticing. Elder Bennet told us that our schemes are working haha!! I hope Elder Erickson and I go another just because of the insane success we have seen together but who knows!!!! 

Yea that was the Gavnø castle in Næstved! And like i said my health is 100 percent! Didn't have to sleep extra once this week! And that is crazy another high school will be built! Do you know when it will be finished?? That is so SICK BYU beat Gonzaga!!! Haha now i can talk crap to Matthew!!! haha! ;) And it was a good run for sure for ML basketball and Zach attack! I bet they make it next year for sure! And that is peferfectly fine with the samler Infinite Atonement Book!! LOVE you guys so much!!!! 

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