Monday, March 6, 2017

Week #78 Slagelse

TRANSFERS!!! So I guess Elder Erickson and I were just too fire together so they had to split us up to spread the fire ;) And my new comp is Elder Dibble!!! He is so awesome!! He is from Draper Utah and he is a pro dancer! Haha Elder Bennet told me that we will be the happiest companionship ever so it will be good I am way pumped to work with him!!! 


So we had two sets of splits this week in Copenhagen and we were actually only in our area for two days which was a struggle this week but no worries!! So on Monday we went up to Copenhagen on P day and cruised around up there on Støjet the big walking street with Elder Cody Jensen while Elder Shuppy played a card game. And then Elder Jensen came in way clutch and bought us sushi and this way fire place and Elder Erickson, Elder Jensen and I had such a bro time haha! It was great! And then Elder Jensen and I went to an eating appoitment where I spoke Americansk with a Danish member in Copenhagen which made me lose my mind haha! And I guess there is a HUGE rivalry between Slagelse and Frederiksberg in reference to missionary work and her husband was the was mission leader or ward missionary so he had a hay day when he heard I am serving in Slagelse haha! I have never been trolled so much in my life! It was fun and then we went and contacted for an hour. We stopped two people and gave out two book of Mormons like candy! Finding is too easy now ;) Then the next day was an adventure!! So JP who got baptized in Nykøbing last week, his mom came from Italy to pick him up and Elder Jensen and I had to meet her at the airport and put her on a train to Nykøbing and the struggle was that she can't speak English or Danish... Only Italian and Spanish... And we cant speak either of those languages... It was way interesting and all i learned was no comprendo! haha! Then we played indoor soccer with this young danish bros which is a great finding tool and i played against the best bro ever! he was insane good! I talked to one bro and went off how i am from America and stuff trying to ask me why I am here and all i got was invited to the biggest bar street in all of Denmark in Aalborg.... haha good stuff! The next splits was with the APs on Thursday! So after District meeting I drove with Elders Bennet, McBride, and tank Erickson to interview C who got dunked in Taastrup last Saturday! It was an awesome expierence to interview her and it was the first one I have ever done! It was sweet! Way spiritual and it is awesome to see people truely repent and see that light from their eyes!! Then we taught the Aps investigator with a member. It was pretty dope! She kept on swithching back to English from Danish. So i guess they usually teach her in English but we had a Danish member with so we tried speaking Danish but it ended up being Danglish and then straight English. Haha and then when she prayed she spoke half english and half danish. #onlyincopenhagen Then we stopped by Andrea Barlow's friend J and we rang her buzz box because it is copenhagen and she said we could come back another day so we will see where that goes! Then we got all the scheemes from the Aps and I guess the next focus in the mission is to do exactly what Elder Erickson and I did last transfer and MLC this Thursday will be all about how the mission can be like our zone haha so that is sick I guess!! 

Mobbing Around West Sjælland

So Elder Erickson and I got to give a district meeting to the two districts in the zones. The first one for our regualar district was at møns Klint and we did on the beach which was sick!! We trained on President Hinckly's book chapter three on optimism and lead that into faith and miracles! It was pretty fire! Then after on Wednesday we had a little picnic and then took pics and walked around Møns Klint which is the most mountain agtig thing in denmark! So that was way cool to see!! And we got some good pics! 


So we were only in our area for two days so not to much happened here with all the bros we are teaching. We did get to teach A the older women and she said the book of Mormon is true and we tried getting her on date but she said is it enough just to have faith?? So we got some work to do with her. We have a lot set up this week so it should be a pretty fire week and we got member splits in Næstved tomorrow so it should be good!! 

And William got the Priesthood last Sunday as well! And dont worry I got a haircut!! And Elder Erickson got transferred to Ordrup which is North Sjælland so the scheeme is that he will build up that zone because it is struggling! And health wise I am 100 percent!!! The excersises are the key so don't worry about me! We had one friend in church! And William has been in Norway the last couple days on a ski trip but he is doing good. No way Lauren is one years old!!! And I have never met here crazy how time works!! And I know a bro in the mission that got in to BYU as a transfer student with a way lower GPA than me so it shouldn't be a problem!! And I am scheeming about rooming with Elder Nielsen at BYU but we will see and I look forward to eating those ribs ;) Oh please send me a bracket so I can fill it out and see if I do better then when I follow all the games haha;) I love you guys so much!!!!

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