Monday, March 13, 2017

Week #79 Slagelse

AYE FAM!!! Happy Monday!! Well first week down in Slagelse with Elder Dibble and it has been the most happy and busy week ever!! Stay tuned!! 


Elder Dibble and I are so busy we could only manage to squeeze in one hour of knocking this week but in that one our we found 2 WAY positive families that I will dive into in a little bit! K ate with us again last Monday. It was pretty chill. She is progressing way slow and not really wanting to give up smoking so yea.. Then Tuesday was a crazy day! We taught A in Korsør who hasn't been too positive but we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and she actually wanted to change so we commited her to pray to God for help and to see if he loves her! Then we taught I and tried inviting her to baptism and she kept brushing it off so we recommited to have her pray if she should be baptized. Then that same day we went down to Næstved with J who just got his mission call to the Alpine German speaking mission and taught three lessons. One was to a lady from the Ivory Coast and we were going to teach her about the Plan of Salvation but she ended up teaching us about opposition in all things and happiness and it was way good and we are getting her to read Mormons Bog. Then we taught K and in the middle of us talking about how our baptism is different then any other baptism her three teenage daughters came smoking and sat around us and it was way jank haha! But no worries I gooned them way hard and taught them the word clutch in english. Then Wednesday we found the most postive family ever!! They moved to Denmark from Iraq like 20 plus years ago and they drive to church every Sunday to Copenhagen from Næstved so Slagelse is way easier and closer ;) Then on Thursday we were about to put our old bro named P on dåbs dato but as we knocked on his door some doctor told us he has gone further... SO P died and then I texted Elder Erickson that he died and at that moment he was in District meeting up North and the question was what are some disappointing times or depressing times on a mission and he said when your investigator dies.... what timing!! Anyways we finally got to see W again!! He is doing was solid! We went to get kebabs with him on Saturday and we are going to the tempel with him in two Fridays so we are way stoked for that!!! We also found a bro who is half brasilien and half Danish and he has a big family! We have an appoitment with him next Saturday so we are way stoked for that! And S a less active member is hooking it up with the referrals and I am making pizza for like 6 of her friends on Thursday! #prayforelderreed haha It will be dope! Good things are happening here in Slagelse! 


Well it is that time of the transfer for MLC and leadership training! So we went to Copenhagen on Thursday! Oh and on the train some bro starts talking to us and he was the craziest bro I have ever seen! haha he comes up to us and tells us how ties make us look snobby and how Elder Dibble and I looked like strippers lol!! Haha and then he told me I look like a sales man! Then he was like ok we got a train ride convince me to join your church and then he continues to tell us his life story. When he gets off we give him a book of Mormon and then he yells in English I love you guys!! hahaha! It was so funny! And then on the plantform he looks through the window sees Elder Dibble and I and points at the book of Mormon and gives us a thumbs up... haha! He said when he needs God he will stab the book with a knife and read where the knife got to! Probs in the middle of 2 Nephi #isaihchapters... haha he was nuts!! Anyways we had a meeting with all the leadership in the mission and then we ate pizza and went to MLC at President's home! It was way fun! We have a way solid group of leadership! And MLC was all about Focusing on the Four. So the four key indicators and we will be training on that on Wednesday so it will be good! And we are going to focus on our conversion story! It will be way good! 

And no I wasn't sick at MLC!! We had to role play so Elder Dibble and I hit the beds! And I havn't been sick at all this last week!! Elder Dibble is great! We are always soooo happy and we both have the same laaugh so just imagine what our investigators think ;) haha! This transfer will definatly fly by! Jace is already five!!! What!!!! Reid dog is straight gooning!!! haha! He is getting so big! And no way sister Howell is going home!!! What!! We were in the MTC together! Crazy! I did complete my sister mission last week which is cra cra!!! And I don't think I look like Nick.... And how is the soccer team looking this year?? And I got my package!! Thank you so much!! I love The Infinite Atonement book! Oh and btws i gave a talk on the atonement yesterday and it was way fire I hope! ;) I based it off the talk that they always remember him 2015 October conference! Take a peek at it, you won't regret it;) Jeg elsker jer så højt!!! 

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