Monday, March 27, 2017

Week #81 Slagelse

BEVARE NØGLERNE That would be the theme of this week for sure haha! I will get into that in a little bit! 

Work Flow

The work here is pretty fire I would say. We have been teaching a lot of people but not too many of them are down to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ and only think faith is enough... Well on that note that takes us to Tuesday where we went to Næstved with J who got his mission call to Switzerland! We taught A who is way old and taught her the Restoration focusing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went way well! The spirit was way strong and she told us that she knows the Book of Mormon is as true as the Bible and that our church is the Restored church of Christ, BUT she has been baptized already and she said faith is enough even though we told her that one needs to follow the rest of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So the scheme with her is to teach her about not procrastinating the day of her repentance and the best way to repent is by baptism whichi is the first fruits of baptism! Then we taught P but she was sick and she hasn't kept a commitment yet.. so that is pretty jank but it is the norm with our African friends who love Jesus. Oh and in the morning Elder Dibble and I were knocking doors in the morning last Tuesday and only old Danish ladies who were like a thousand years old kept on answering the door and wouldn't give us the time of day.. I was definitely losing my patience haha after an hour of the same old thing and then we FINALLY see a young bro! Perfect timing too because he walks out of his house at the exact same time we get a quick no from a 80 year old Danish lady, and the bro is like whats up and we explain how we are Americans out to spread the good news and he is like I am 100 percent atheist and is about to dip to work out so he had no time. We ask to walk with the bro and he said hes down. SO we are talking with this guy find out his purpose in life is to raise his son as best as he can and we teach him the Restoration! It was way awesome and he took a book and was like so if I read this book and pray SINCERELY I will get an answer! NETOP i said or exactly! I never had a Dane actually get it down on the first time telling him about Moroni's promise so good things are brewing there! Lets get an atheist to believe in God! Operation M was a fail haha I don't want to get into too much detail but I guess he is not adopted by these members he is just living with them and so yea.. it might take a while before he gets baptized but we will see. Elder Beck called on Thursday and said that his train was delayed in Nykøbing so we would have to push district meeting back a little bit so we went by I who is on dåbs dato. We went in and she started talking about every single possible topic a 85 year old could talk about! haha From Donald Trump to how Danish will disappear in 50 years haha but we were trying to save the lesson and tell her that we have a modern day prophet who can guide and counsel us during these questionable times and it still went no where... Then we asked if she has read anything lately and she said she read Moroni 8 about infant baptism and she knows that it is true. That is in an abomination to the Lord and that is the biggest problem here in Denmark. We then explained the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that the first fruits of repentance is baptism and an infant can not repent because they are not responsible for their sins. She knows she has to be baptized again and we have to push the date back a little because she has not been to church yet but no worries there!! We taught A on Friday and again, she believes that our church is the same church Christ had but is not willing to repent. She said thanks for helping her become Christian but she is not willing to repent and read the Book of Mormon and pray. SHe even bought cross earings to show her faith in Jesus Christ so yea... We played sport on Saturday with Will I Am and M and a bro from the Phillipians played too! We got way tight with him and are going to start playing volleyball with him and try to teach him so that should be good! I love working with young bros! And Sunday was an adventure for sure! We met with I at her house and walked to the Holy Ghost church in the morning. THe city was absolutly dead haha probs everyone was hung over... anyways we got to this church and it was so different hahaaha! The priest was a woman who is over the priests and holds keys over them and she was voted to be where she is. She preached about blessings how miracles do not happen anymore or how we can not become like God.. That was a little jank and then everyone got up to take the sacrement and Elder Dibble and I jsut chilled and like 25 people got up and just stared at us for not getting up. ALso all the prayers were recited and there was no testimony born.. Shout out to being apart of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ wow!! And haha we met the priest after and she was way scared to talk to her. Dibs and I thought that she was scared because she knew we could wreck her doctrinally. Bevare nøglerne means preserve the keys meaning the priesthood if you know what I mean ;) Then we sat while everyone ate brunch and explained to everyone that we were fasting and all these old people loved us!! An old lady even gave us a hug after it was all over haha! I love Danish culture so chill all the time! Then we went to our church with I and I L which was way great! They could definitley feel the spirit during the testimony meetings and the ward came in clutch with everyone bearing testimony of the Restoration! It was so clutch!! Oh and we took Will I Am out with us on Saturday to do missionary work which was way fun! 

Take me to København

Temple trip on Friday! SO after a crazy chain of events of praying for a delayed train, having the train be delayed, we made it to the temple. It was great to see Elder Erickson and the rest of the squad there! The session was awesome and it was so school to see three recent converts there! Frank, Margit, and William! And it has been over a year since I have been in the temple and I was on a spiritual high after leaving it was so great! I am definitly going to make it a goal to go to the temple as often as possible when I get home! And after we had a birthday dinner for the homie Elder Erickson because it was his birthday! SO the bro bought us all pizza and we had a great time reliving the dope times we had with William! ! 

Health has been 100 percent. Oh and Elder Dibble and I are running twice a day so we will be thin when we come home! ;) We just went on a 5k with WIlliam in the woods!! The love handles are chizzling away! And that would be so sick to see Jared come to Denmark!! YEa Elder Dibble is going to dance after the mission! And I will keep an eye on you guys during conference ;) No way you get to meet Nick's girl!! Send me pics!! And no way you guys will embarrass him! You guys are too cool! :D Haha and I am down to be a comidian with all of you goons! We all have way crazy personalities so why not! Haha that was so legendary!! I totally forgot about that video! I look sooo little!! Shout out for missions! And Gonzaga might actually do it.... Washington pride i guess!! Well fam I love you so much and life is good! Spring has finally come and the sun is shinning!!! 

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