Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Week #82

Happy April Everyone!!!!! And I will be on a plane exactly six months from
today so today is when 6 months to sexy officially begins!!! ;)

*It was a good run.... *

Well I made it over a month without being sick so I mean that was a good
run but don't worry mom, it wasn't Vertigo!! We got a bad cold which caused
tiredness and headaches so we were out Tuesday, Wednesday and half of
Thursday. But the highlights of that would be on Tuesday William telling us
we should get some fresh air and shoot some hoops with him so we came and
his 15 year old brother was there and I guess he is a way good street
baller. Well even though I was sick I balled the bro one on one and did
work haha! So now William's bro respects us and doesn't think William
joined some church with weird bros but that we are normal so that was good!
And on Wednesday Elder Dibble and I looked through our apartment and
collected about 120 krones worth of coins haha and went to buy a pizza, ice
cream, and soda because we were going crazy so that was way clutch! Then
Thursday came around and with our 30 minutes all day in the area of finding
we got a new friend up in Kalundborg which is North Zealand and she is a
way old women who thought we were j dubs and tried to wreck us but she took
a Book of Mormon and is down to read from it and learn more about Jesus
Christ. Then we had a pretty legendary eating appoitment where we talked
about Harry Potter in Danish which was nuts haha and heard how this couple
got engaged and I guess the bro set the marriage date even before they met,
kissed and dated lolz! Pretty legendary! And our young bro M came to
general conference so that was dope!

*København or some European Airport......*

Well Elder Dibble and I had District meeting this week and splits with the
APs so we got to go to Copenhagen on Friday. So District meeting was all
about church and how we could get more bros into church. The Sister
Training Leaders focused on the how and we did the why. We should the vid
That They Do Always Remember Him and we trained on when we invite our
friends to church to explain why we personally come to church and make it
personal. Because the culture here is pretty against coming to church and
have a different idea of church then we do so I think we are going to see
the fruits from this training in the future! On Friday like I said we went
to Copenhagen and the APs told us to take the train all the way to the
Central Station because they had a surprise for us ;) That ended up being
the new mission car which was a HUGE ford silver tank haha! Then I went
with Elder Bennet because it will be the last splits for elder dibble and
Hartmann together and they were comps for three months. So Elder Bennet and
I had a three hour contacting sesh in front of us... The rumors were that
contacting with the APs was the worst thing ever and no one will talk to
you.. Well we taught 90 percent of the time and contacted like 10!! It was
so sweet!! And the reason I said or some European Airport is because we
pretty much only spoke English to the bros we talked to because they were
from Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Iceland, USA, Germany, and Netherlands!!! So
crazy! We gave out like four books in the time. The bro from Canada was way
dope and is Baptist and down to learn more and the bro from the Netherlands
was so dope!! We were talking for like 20 minutes and then we sat down and
taught him and talked with him for like an hour! He was the happiest young
bro I have ever talked to and was way interested in our lives. WE got his
email and we are going to stay in touch with him so that is awesome! Then
Saturday we gave the other District meeting on Amager which is right by
Copenhagen and then found in the sisters area there because they needed
some help. So Elder Bennet and I knocked some college place which was ight.
We had a way long chat with a basketball bro who goes up in Neuro Science
and tried to complex religion way too much. After the hour chat he wouldn't
take a book... I was a little puzzled I mean what does anyone have to lose
to read the book of Mormon and pray about it?? Only so much to gain! So
that was spilts! I was way exhausted after 5 hours of finding but it was
worth it!!

Conference was so FIRE!! Every talk was so clutch! And we watch Sunday
morning at a members and they grilled tenderloin for us! So that was fun! I
loved how the prophet with the few minutes he had talked about charity and
reading the Book of Mormon everyday! So important! And I loved Elders
Bragg, President Neilsens, Elders Bendar, Holland, Gabbin, Ballards.
Andersens talks!! haha! And my favorite was President Uchtdorf's about
leadership!!! Everything was soo good!'

And that sounded so fun going to Utah for Conference! And you guys could
meet Nicks girl ;) And I loved all the pics! And good to hear from Nick!
And I am not pranking I am getting pranked haha! ELder Erickson and Smith
pranked me sooooo hard on April fools day! It was one for the books! Nåh I
totally forgot about Cody! And tight Euro pants for the win! And for flying
home I am cool with whichever! What would you guys prefer??? And I need to
repent and cheer for Gonzaga tonight!!  Have a good week and lets overcome
the world as Elder Andersen taught us and not hide our light under a
bushel!! Love you fam!!!

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