Monday, April 10, 2017

Week # 83 Slagelse

Jamen davs davs!!! I got my death letter last Monday! Six more months to go that is pretty cra cra!! And we get transfer calls on Saturday which will pretty much tell me how the rest of my mission will pan out... No pressure there haha! Oh and we got a WAY postive YOUNG investigator who will probs get baptized next transfer so get ready!!!

Work Flow and Splits

So we went on splits with the Tåstrup Elders on Wednesday and I got to go with Elder Birch who is a stud! He is in training and he loves sports and the same music I do so we had a great time! I got recapped on all the sports I missed so that was nice and he almost played college football at Bosie State but he ended up getting hurt. We had some good knocking sessions where this old lady who was baptized knew Mormons and tried to give us 50 kroner to buy coffee and tea lol!! Oh and we stopped by I in Korsør and finally got to talk to her after a week and a half because she has been in Falster for the past while for her son in laws retirement party. So we are going to have to push her date back! Then we went do more knocking but it was way awesome to be with a new missionary and give him good old wisdom from a old missionay ;) Training would be soooo fun!!! Then on Thursday we taught K in Kirke Stillinge and tried to teach him and not listen to his stories but it didnt happen haha so we probs won't be coming back to him. He is just caught up on the idea that all religions are trying to get up the mountain and at the end of the day everyone will come back to God..then I asked him why Jesus was baptized and tried to teach him that baptism was the gate way back to the top of the mountain but he wasn't digging it... Then we went up to Kalundborg with Will I Am and taught M. So M was a self referal and she is Canadian but she has lived in Denmark almost her whole life so she is fluent at Danish. So we get to this nice house on the top corner of Zealand and her dad lets us in and he is jsut a normal Canidian bro haha. We waited for M to come all three of us wondering how old she would be and when she came in I thought she was 14... but no worries she ended up being 23! So we asked her how she met the church and she said when she was in China last her for a study abroad she had no friends and knew no one who could speak English... SO she went on Tinder, yes Tinder ;) and swiped on a bro who turns out to be from Canada and he invites her to his church which would be in English. So she goes and it ends up being our church! She goes for the five months she was in Shanghai and loved it! It was her life line and she came to church once here in Slagelse since she has been back and she has read a lot in the Book of Mormon already and watched all of General Conference last weekend before she met us!!! So dope! She knows like all of the doctrine of the church and has Mormon friends all over the world. Talk about a supporting cast right there :) We taught her the Restoration which went well. William bore fire testimony which was awesome! She came to church on Sunday and brought her friend! #alreadydoingmissionarywork So she is really really really postive!! We will try to put her on date this week! The Lord gives me the young people to baptize and I LOVE it! I love working with people my age!!! Blessings!!! Friday we had splits with the office Elders Elder Jensen and Lex. We had a way chill splits and I went with Elder Jensen. We just gooned and talked about life after the mission at BYU and delt Book of Mormons out like candy ;) Then we played Volleyball with like 15 bros from Asia so we are scheeming on them to teach! Oh and I got a hair cut from a bro named Mohammed and he can't really speak Danish or English and he gave me a WAY apostate cut haha! I sent the pic he managed to say sorry at the end haha but everyone is gooning me about it! The worst was in Priesthood haha! On Saturday we ate with Tina a member who is way awesome and helped Frank with a little family history! So the work is going pretty good here! 

Zone Conference

So we went to Maglegårds Alle which was my first church building in Ballerup! I think it was exactly a year to the daay that I was last at this church! Crazy how time flies! President and Sister O'Bryant gave some fire trainings on the Plan of Salvation and the why behind everything and the APs trained on baptismal invites. Then we had our interviews with President and he told me I have been a successful missionary and that I might finish my mission training but he doesn't know yet... We will find out on Saturday!! 

So no I didn't have to teach for zone conference and William is doing great! Watched more conference with him this week! And we are still scheming on the brother!That sounds like an awesome time in Utah! Jealous! Oh speaking of shopping I saw a sign in the mall while eating Carls Jr of 75 percent off of the whole store so I bought three swaggin' button up shirts! They are way fly! And too bad that Gonzaga lost... next year I guess!! And the one year I finally get the right two teams in the finals I dont even make a bracket! haha! I got the Easter package thanks! The candy was way clutch! And we are planning on going to Frank's house! He is the American who was baptized last year. :) What are you guys doing?? And I will think about the two options.. Number two sounds better right now haha! And that is cool you taught about the law of consencration. I am way pumped to go harder than ever these last 6 months of the mission. I know miracles will happen if I use faith and concencrate myself before the Lord and serve with all my might mind and strength! And the Infinite Atonement book is amazing!! It has strengthened my testimony on jesus Christ sooo much and his Atonement and his infinite love he has for us! His arms are always stretched out for all of us, we just got to do our part and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ! He suffered for us one by one just like in 3 Nephi he had the Nephites touch his nail marks one by one because he loves us!!! I love you fam!!!! 

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