Monday, May 29, 2017

Week #90 Taastrup

HERNING ROUND 2!!! That's right my new comp is ELDER HOWE! I am way stoked haha! And hopefully we will go longer than 2 weeks this time ;) And Elder Andersen and Elder Kearon were straight FIRE!! 

Taastrup Bros

Well I don't have too much time but real quick we taught Finn and Pernilla. We read Ether 12 and talked all about faith. Finn is a member and his wife isn't and he got way stoked on JKE. We taught them this morning, I forgot how well elder Howe and I teach together, and we asked them why we ask them to read because they forgot to read... Then we found out they do not have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. so we read Moroni 10 3 thorugh 5 and went way deep with it and connected it to the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that was way fire! We taught Raul and he was a little drunk about the Book of Mormon. It is just a little hard with him because his mom doesn't think religion is the way to help Raul... But Raul is going down with drinking at least. We taught Familien hansen. A family of three and they are WAY positive! They were taught by missionaries in the past and have had baptismal dates and have been to church a lot. Their only problem is the WOW. But they said Mormons Bog is true and Joseph Smith is a true prophet! And get this! They have a pic of the temple on their wall and a statue of Christ so they are way positive!! Andreas is doing way good! We taught him how to recognize the spirit and it was the best lesson I have taught in a while. We read in Corinthians how spiritual things are learned in spiritual ways. Then we asked him what he felt when he comes to church and reads in Mormons Bog. He said peace and rest. So we read in John how the Holy Ghost testifies of truth and in Galatians what the fruits of the spirit are. Which match his feelings so he knows that it is true!! We pushed back his date to the beginning of July because he will be done with school by then. And he came to church on Sunday!! 

Mission Conference

SO FIRE!! It was great to see everyone!! I love like everyone in this mission it is just one big family! We could feel Elder Andersen when he walked it! It was way cool. And Elder Kearon was awesome as well! Their wives also taught us and it was just so good! Some of the highlights were Sister kearon focusing on no effort is wasted. Her daughter is serving in Calvin's mission in New Zealand and she said if she could tell her one thing it would be that. Elder Kearon taught us that we need to ACT with what we learn and that we have a lot of influence in one's conversion. More than we think. I also liked that he said BECOME the message and be passionate about it. Then Elder Andersen taught us and it was so cool to be so close to a special witness of Jesus Christ. He started talking about how there is no mission harder than another mission. He talked a lot about unity and when one baptizes we all baptize in the mission. He promised us that people are here in Denmark that want to be baptized so we just have to find them! So I am acting on that by trying to open my mouth with everyone I see! He said we need to have more faith to find everyday and the certain groups we should look for are younger people, in transition, immigrants, and people associated with members. He said that is the main focus and on the other list not our main focus are families, already believing people and people that can contribute to the ward. He told us to memorize scriptures in the New Testament to teach about Christ. Sister Andersen taught about the Holy Ghost and it was way good! We need to keep ourselves as worthy as possible to have it. And we cannot do the work of the Lord without the Holy Ghost. she also said Elder Andersen taught us things she has not heard him teach other missions. And they held three other conferences before us. Elder Andersen said we need to keep the faith alive in this country and talked about what happens when the mission is over. And what he said is that we need to get our testimony of Christ and Mormons Bog in our bones! Then we can never go wrong. His testimony was so so so strong! When he talked about Christ it was unbelievable! He has no doubts whatsoever. So cool. And he is a funny outgoing guy which is cool to see an apostle's personality! 

So Elder Tank Erickson is going to Århus. Elder jensen is going home. Elder Bennet is going to Nykøbing. Elder hager is in my zone finally. I am doing good with exercises. And we live right by the train station so that is the reason i have been tired in the past. So our zone is doing great!! The unity is bumping! We had 5 baptisms last transfer and 13 more on date for this transfer! So things are looking pretty good! No update on Monique but I saw William at the fireside last Friday with Elder Andersen and he is doing good. The infinite atonement is so FIRE! It helped my testimony on the Plan of Salvation so much! HAHAHAHA i love the hand signals they are doing! trying to be like elder reed! Well that is a wrap! Remember to read the Book of Mormon everyday everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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