Monday, May 22, 2017

Week #89 Taastrup

Wow it is already week six of the transfer! Fastest transfer ever recorded! We had a great week full of splits, miracles, and success!! 

Splits 4 dayzz

So I went on three splits this week which was a whole bunch! The first started off with Elder Ty Erickson. Take us back to the glory days! Right after p day we set out to a family in Gladsaxe 2 ward and ate and then painted! We just schemed about everything possible while painting so that was way chill haha! Then Tuesday was pretty chill! We were supposed to teach a part member fam in the morning but only the inactive member was awake because they were doing something until 6 in the morning... lolz weird.. anyways! We got to know Finn and asked if he wanted to come back to church and he said yes so we tried getting him to read in Mormons Bog everyday and he said næh! He doesn't want to be an extremist! Then I asked him if he could read a chapter before next time and then we could talk about it and he was like I will just pray so he prays. Haha so we bounced real quick from there! Then we went to the HUTS and knocked! We covered like a kilometer of huts in like two hours and just went way hard! We found a lady from Vietnam whose sister just converted to Christianity in America and she said her sister is way happy! So she is pretty positive! Then we stopped by some bros and found out an old investigator was dead... wasn't expecting that... It was a way fun chill splits! On Wednesday I went on splits with Elder Rodriguez from the MTC! Crazy we get to go on splits with each other! We taught R who was drunk lolz! I called him out on it! Highlights were that he saw the hand of the person who killed Jesus, that Jylland is Pakistan, and that he wants to be sexy again. I pretty much promised him that he would be sexy if he stops smoking and drinking haha! But we tried to teach him about Repentance and the atonement and gave him the Alma the younger story. Then we stopped by a fam that got taught the gosple a year ago and they were WAY stoked to see us again and we made an appoitment with them for another day. Then we contacted a bro from Nigeria and we teach him and then at the end of the contact he and Elder Rodriguez just start speaking Spanish!! haha so crazy! Never met a guy from africa that can speak spanish and who do i happen to have with me! So cooL! Then we knocked some huts and a lady contacted US and asked us to meet so that was way cool! Then on Saturday we went on splits with Elders Jeppson and Zeigler and it was way chill. We stopped by some bros no one was home and so we knocked some huts! We found a bro that said we could come back from Turkey so that was chill. Then we stopped by D and S who were dropped a year ago and they got way stoked to see us! We taught them the POS with a little Restoration mix and it went way well. We are going to try to help them get a testimmony of the Book of Mormon so that will be good! 

Bros ;) 

The rest of the squad is doing pretty well who I didn't mention with splits! Andreas is doing well but I guess he has exams until June so he is still a little busy so we are pushing back his date. We went on a walk through Albertslund with him up a little mountain and around a lake. So that was chill. We asked how he has seen God help him and he said that he was taking a test and asked God for help and he said God helped him so that was cool. He didn't come to church on Sunday because of a marthon he promised ot help with a couple months ago. We taught our Bristish friend Jean. Kinda cool story. Elder Jared Amos is from Britain and is visiting denmark and we ran into him and told him we are teaching a British woman and so he asked to come teach with us! Way cool! She wanted to know what happens with us when we die and we tried explaing that Joseph Smith through the book of mormon revealed these truths for us. Way good lesson but she doesn't want to meet again until a couple months. And then P who we put on dåbs dato last Friday is awesome! So total miracle story! So Elder Erickson and I stop by and he isn't home so we are about to bike away when elder Erickson thinks he saw him. And Elder Erickson has only met him once for like 10 seconds. I look and it is him! So we say hi to him and he tells us sorry for burning our last appointment and tells us to sit down with him on the bench. Then we taught him the Restoration focusing on the gospel of Jesus Christ and he just wants to find the truth. It was way cool someone calls during the lesson and he tells them he cant talk right now he is talking to his friends about the word of God! and we invited him to be baptized on the first of July and he said yes! So we are way excited for Prince!!! Gods timing is so great!!!

So Joey is on his way to New Zealand haha! Haha and i will be sending letters your guys way! I just need time to write a cute little message ;) <3 And i am catching up on my sleep! But it has been a crazy transfer always busy! Excersises are going! So we switched the talent show to week two of next transfer because of the mission conference! We are all way excited! The zone is doing great! We just had two baptisms and have one more next week. We focused on finding this week and found a lot of new friends but we let our foucs slip on church so we need to refocus on that again! Can you also pray for P! I don't know how m is doing... I ant wait to see the flowers! And that is some great insight on the Plan of Salvation. In the beginning of my mission I didn't like teaching it so much because I didn't really understand it but know it is the most spiritual lesson to teach with just focusing on Jesus Christ and our potenial. And Danes are way skeptical of it thats why i like teaching the Restoration first so after they have a little testimony of the Restored Gospel then they will apreciate the Plan more. It is hard to teach athiests it but if they do believe the lessons are so powerful! I am almost done with the Infinite Atonement and I just read how we need to come to take the sacrament hungry and ready to feast! And we need to REFLECT on how our lives are in harmony with the Saviors. that difference will be made by the Savior after we do our part but we can do our part by doing our best to always remembering Him and what he has done for him! I love you guys so much!!!!!!

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