Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 86 Taastrup

HEY FAM!!! Wow it is already May! Time is flying by soooo fast!!! And I love Taastrup, Elder Erickson is so dope, the Zone is doing great, and the short sleeve white shirts are coming out!!! 

Taastrup BROs

Taastrup is such a great area! I love it so much! Elder Erickson are so busy but we still managed to find four new friends from not knocking or contacting so that was pretty awesome. This is a pretty cool miracle story. So we were going out to do service and a 18 year old bro asked us for some directions. Then he thought we came from Sweden and then got way pumped when we said we came from America. We ended up teaching him the Joseph Smith story on a bus, got his number, and we are giving him a church tour tomorrow! This young bro is way prepared and it was way cool that he talked to us. Another cool miracle story. Elder Erickson and I were going out one morning to stop by an old investigator from the area book and as we were crossing the street, I realized that I forgot his address so we turned around to go do something else. Right when we turned around, we saw that investigator walking down the street. We flagged him down and we got to know him and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he agreed to be baptized on the 3rd of June!! Total miracle! He is addicted to smoking and drinking and he really wants to change his life. We stopped by him on Saturday to remind Raul about church and he let us in, and he looked great! He is already smoking less and drinking less! We taught him about living prophets and he loved it! And he came to church on Sunday so he is doing pretty well, we just got to strengthen his faith in Jesus Christ. I learned with him the worth of souls are so great in the sight of God and that God will never give up on his children from Raul. Andreas who is also pn dåbs dato is doing fantastic! He is such a great investigator. When I heard he was a young bro I was like we gotta be chill with him because that is how I taught Carolina, NAdia, and William who all got baptized. So we got a kebab with hiim and just talked to him! And then he brought up the gospel!! We taught him the Restoration last week and it went so well. He is so prepared. We were talking about recognizing the spirit and getting an answer to prayer and he said two weeks ago he said his first ever prayer and after he said, Kære Himmelske Fader, he could feel the spirit so strong!! Romans 8 16!! And he came to institute last week and Jens Andersen taught about Jesus Christ and after they were talking and Jens asked Andreas if he felt that it was true and he said yes! He is getting so many friends from YSA and at church!! So we are way excited to prepare him to baptism. :) We also got to teach Chi who is a member snon member husband the Restoration after service and dinner and it was WAY spiritual! SO we got some really good things going down up here in Taastrup!

Zone Goodness! :) 

So Elder Erickson and I got to give the last zone training because of a decision from the First Presidency which is chill. The STLs were supposed to give the whole Plan of Salvation training and we were supposed to talk about the zone goal but... they gave us an extra 25 minutes. Big curve ball.. but no worries we improvised with a role play and talked about the Plan of Salvation. Then we talked about the zone goal. Elder Erickson and I asked how the unity is going in the zone and everyone said it was going great and they love hearing miracle stories and how it is awesome to hear how other missionaries are doing in their work. :) And it really isn't hype, it is that everyone is seeing the Lord's hand in the work and they are seeign the fruits of it. Henry B. Erying promises us if our hearts are united we will be joyful and receive more power and that is exactly what is happening in the zone. We are all united and the Lord is blessing us so much and everyone is feeling the good vibes going around the zone. We made a baptism goal with the zone of 10 this transfer and we wrote names of people who probably will get baptized this transfer and it was over 10 so, so we are way excited to see a lot of baptisms this transfer. And everyone is doing great getting their friends to church. In Frederiksberg on Sunday, there was 10 investigators in church and 6 had a baptismal date! So the work is really moving forward!!

Frederiksberg Welcome

I got to play soccer in Gladsaxe like i did in my first area!!! It was so fun! A lot of the bros remembered me and I got an eating appoitment from it! We played 11 on 11 in freezing spring rain and hail and it was so fun!!! Then I got a call from the bishopric that I get to give a talk the next day... lovley haha! But no worries it was just my testimony on Thomas S. Monson. I got up there and said one thing you guys need to know about me is that I laugh like Elder Hartmann, who just went home and he served in the ward for half a year and we have the same walrus life, and I started laughing and everyone started loosing their minds haha! At FHE last night, a girl told me my talk was the topic of some facebook discussion about my laugh haha! So i am pretty tight with the ward! I shared the Dare to Stand Alone story and said how that helped William in Slagelse and then how the Book of Mormon changes lives and that is what THomas S. Monson promised us if we read the Book of Momon! So I came in with a pretty good bang haha! Oh and a Danish girl who I met at the MTC gave a talk with me so that was way cool and weird that me met at the MTC and then gave talks during the same sacrament meeting in Denmark... crazy! And she gave me a shout out in her talk so that was clutch!! The ward is so awesome I love it so much!!! I think because of my talk we got 6 eating appointments this week so pray that i don't get even fatter haha! ;)

Health has been great! The zone got more than half of all the key indicators in the mission so it is doing very well. I think 25 in church and 14 on date! J is way flakly he burned us even after we confirmed it with him on Tuesday... But if you could pray for Andreas and Raul that would be great! So Monique said she needs a little pause so she can be sure that this is the path she wants to go on... So if you could pray for her too that would be awesome! Andreas said he needed a pause like two weeks ago but now he is back stronger then ever so I am not too worried. I think she will miss the spirit and realize that the gospel is true happiness :) William is doing great. I am going to see him on Thursday at Institute so that will be sweet! HAHAHAHAHA i bet dad looked way hot in his white suit hahahaha that just made my day!! Be careful dad not to distract people from the message of the temple because they will all be focused on you ;) That is awesome the bishopric came when you guys were there and I forgot about DQ! It is sooo good!! Haha yeet! Dad always spits fire on the pulpit ;)  That is awesome Mark Poth is the athletic director at Big Bend and wants to add soccer! Too bad I can't play there that could have been way fun! And lets hope ML goes way clutch in the play offs! I can't believe I am skyping for the last time in two Sundays! Crazy!! Well parents I love you! And a big thing I have been focusing on is not to be prideful! Because of all the success the zone is having we are trying to avoid getting prideful. I like how it says in Lehi's dream that the great and spacious building was built high in the air which means it didn't have a foundation and always in the scriptures it says lifted up in pride. There is no foundation in pride and the prideful one will crumble. So lets remember Ammon's words to his brothers to glory and rejoice in God because of Him, everything is possible! Love You GUYS!!!!!

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