Monday, May 8, 2017

Week #87 Taastrup

Hey fam fam!!! So mom will be so proud of my shopping skills! haha! Ill get to that in a sec! And we got another friend on date this week so stay tuned but I do not have too much time.... 

Taastrup work flow

Elder Erickson and I had a great week! We found four new friends and got another friend on date so things are going really well here in Taastrup. Some of the highlights of last week were contacting a referral from Elder Perkins best friend's mom in Utah. She just lost her husband and we taught her about faith and the Plan of Salvation and she was like you guys need to come back. So that was pretty sweet! Another new friend we got this week was from Henry's baptism. A member brought a 19 year old friend with and Elder Erickson and I hit it off great with him. After the baptism we asked what he thought about it and he loved it! Then we taught him the Restoration on the spot and he loved it! He asked us if we could meet up again so that was way awesome! Another miracle we experienced this week is that we were getting off the S train around 9 30 one night and out of no where Elder Erickson spots Mary Ann who we have been trying to get in contact with for two months. We make an appointment and the next day we teach her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she accepted to be baptized in the beginning of June!! Our other friends on date are doing pretty well. Raul needs to just get a desire to change. We ate with him and his mom and we talked a lot about the Philippines shout out to Katelynn! The mom doesn't want to hear the message haha she said next time we come and eat Pilipino food lets not talk about religion haha! Yeet! And Andreas should be getting baptized in the next couple weeks. He has come to church four times now. He feels the spirit and he has great young friends from CUV. Elder Erickson and I taught him yesterday right after church and we read 3 Nephi 11 and then we all got down on our knees and prayed and asked if it was true and the spirit was SO strong!! It was a great moment on my mission and Andreas said he could feel so much peace after that. So we are excited for his baptism! We had two friends in church! One was Andreas and the other was Chi who is married to a member and he is from China! We had a lot of eating appointments with members. One we got to go out for Indian food and ice cream and they had two bros from BYU with them and one served in Tahiti so I got all the inside scoop from his mission! And Brother Casper our MTC teacher showed up out of no where to a baptism which was NUTS! We spoke Danish with him and it is crazy how far we have come with our Danish! We also played soccer again which was way fun!

The buy of the year

So one late night Elder Erickson and I were walking on the shopping street in a city called Abertslund which is my favorite city ever to do missionary work in! And so it was like eight at night when all the shops were supposed to be closed but there was one bumping music and so we looked and there was a lot of yellow for sale signs! So we peek in and we see these suits so of course we are going to look! And we saw these Lingbear suits which is a really nice Sweden brand and they usually cost 2500 kroner. BUT they were on sale for 800 kroner!! So they were 70 percent off!!!! And then some bros came and welcomed us to the store opening and gave us Pepsi and then I bought the suit and it is the nicest thing ever! It is navy blue and has stiching all around the suit! So nice I am getting married in that thing! ;) haha and it is crazy because that is the night that we ran into Mary Ann so if we didn't do that we would never have ran into her! Crazy how the Lord works! 

So I have no idea what time we are skyping or where..... we will find out and I will write you so you guys know!! I am so stoked to skype you guys!!! Health is great! Just a little tired from all the business and the soccer skills are slowly coming back!haha give me a transfer. A lot of travel is required to hit everyone in the zone! So tuesday to thursday there is a 30 day in the land meeting and every district has at least one person in it and we have to give district meetings this week so we can only do them on Friday so we are going all over Sjælland in one day... haha it will be good! And we get to train the new trainees on finding this thursday because the aps will be in there going home meeting! So we are stoked for that! And the zone is doing great! We had two baptisms last week and a lot more to come! And yea we laugh like a walrus! And the Frederiksberg ward is so big so it is really hard to get to know people so I am just focusing on the young people and investigators! And Andreas is on for the 20th! And could you pray for MAry Ann as well! And Monique is done with her break! There is no date yet but I guess it was her dad who is against the church for some reason... Will I Am is doing good! I was supposed to see him on Thursday but we couldn't get an investigator to CUV so we didn't show up. I totally forgot about that Italian resturant in Seattle! Well I gotta teach a brotha from Nigeria right now so I gotta bounce but I love you guys and see ya on Sunday!!!! 


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