Monday, May 15, 2017

Week #88 Taastrup

Halløjsa!! Good snak yesterday ;) That was way fun and crazy next time we talk face to face will be in person! #yeet! Well because I pretty much told you my life from this week I will just sum up everything that went down this week! 

Taastrup Bros

Well the squad in Taastrup is doing pretty swell! Highlights would be on splits teaching a Jehova's witness and making her interrested in the Plan of Salvation! yeet! And I was with Elder Evans which was way fun! We talked to people on our way to everything and the weirdest conversation we had was talking to a lady who said she is convinced that she is athiest because she has lived 59 years... Wait what lolz! And we met a bro from Africa named Mohammad Ali who was posted feeding ducks and the weirdest smell of drugs, alcohol and tabacco was in his breath and he told us to talk to his good friend and pointed at another African strolling down in the park... lolz one big happy family! Then we met P who I told you guys about who we got prompted to turn around and talk to him. And he wouldn't let us write the adress to the church in the Book of Mormon because he said it is the Word of God! He burned us though but we got his address so that will be good! Then we ended splits getting lost in the huts and eating domino pizza! A is doing good! HE is such slammed with school and finals but he is finished on Thursday so that will be clutch! And M is doing good! We read Mosiah 3 with her and talked all about Jesus Christ! Way good stuff! The work is fire over here!!! 

Life is a Highway or Train way

So our whole Friday was consisted of training or on a bus or a train! It was way fun and a good booster kept me going through it! We trained on comp unity which was way fun and me made some funny comments of old companions of stupid arguments that have happend. We started by me pouring a bowl of ceral and slurping the milk and tank would just freak out! haha it was gold! And the 30 day trainign on Wednesday was so much fun! We talked about having the faith to find, faith leading to miracles and how no area is a dead area. Then we talked about OYM and the blessings that came from it and had a role play to every specific area of them opening your mouth! Then we talked about IMPROVED finding and gave them our wisdom for that! 

So we didn't play soccer last saturday but we will play this saturday! And we have a bunch of investigators here, just the three you guys are praying for are on baptismal date :) We have found a lot so yea! M is doing good! Elder Dibble met with her for the first time last week and they had a BBQ with some young bros in the ward. I think it is so cool you guys are working in the temple! So FIRE! Well fam i love you guys! You guys are awesome and I am so thankful because of you this mission is possible!!!!! 

                                                                            Old comps
                                                                           Old comps

                                                                       Old comps

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