Monday, February 1, 2016

Week #21 Ballerup

Hvad så!!!!!! This week went by so fast and like I invited two people to baptism and they both said yes!!! Lets go!!! That  doesn't happen all the time here in this unbelieving country!! This week was full of work, finding new investigators :), and even teaching primary!!!


So I am pretty much convinced that miracles happen on splits! So story time, the Elders on Amager contacted this 25 year old Brazilian girl and gave her a Restoration pamphlet, shout out to Joseph Smith! Then she ends up living in Elder Poff's area and they set up a lesson with her on Saturday, when we were on splits. We get there and she is talking crazy fast danish, like spanish speakers speak fast, but add that in Danish, and like wow! We needed her boyfirend-friend?? to translate what she was saying sometimes. But we go in and she says she believes in everything that the pamphlet says! Good start right. We go in with a lesson plan, but she is asking too many questions and so like that didn't happen. So we tauht her a lot of things, teaching people not lessons :), and then we got to the point where she said she wanted to bve a missionary!! Well, let me tell you (Elder Reed says) you got to be a member of our church to be a missionary, so will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized? YES!!! Second baptismal invition, second yes in Denmark, ill get to the other one later.:)Then Elder Poff set a date and that was just a great team efforrt by us, the Amager Elders, and of course, the Holly Ghost! The rest of the day consisted of soccer in the morning with the Gladsaxe wards, which was way fun and Elder Reed's fav ;), service with Bishop's bro plus Mexican food for dinner, his wife is American so it was good, and then Sports night at night! We invited Roy and Joana, but they didnt come, get to that later too :(, but the sisters Indian investigator came, and oh boy!!! Let me tell you, he was crazy! He never balled in his life before and he like did flips over people trying to get the ball, and i think the main cause of that was because he is vegetarian, so eat your meat people! So that ended a pretty perfect day of splits for me!!


So like i was saying, I asked someone else to be baptized, actually my first ever invitation to someone! His name is Nikolas and he has a fro! He is really smart and never believed ibn God but said he had a good feeling, but hard to explain when he read the Book of Mormon introduction, aka the spirit ;). I asked him if he found out if the Book of Mormon was true then would he be baptized and he said yes!! Lets goooooo!!! Oh and he brought his best friend who is a girl and we are teaching her now too!! Then we have Derek, the man from Scotland. SO he was almost baptized a while ago, and he used to read the Book of Mormon and take walks around a soccer field and pray about it. His answer was to stay in is unification church. Wej taught him, and he shared his beliefs, and they are not too far away from the restored gospel and we invited him to read the BOM again and pray about it and give it another shot and he said he would! The counsleor in the stake Presidencies friend will be taught by us! We got the news this week so we will teach her in the future. We couldn't meet with Svend this week but we will meet with him this week! We havn't been able to teach Weinan yet,but we are working on it, like meeting with him. And we are way worried about Roy and Joana. They havnt came to church in three weeks and no one has contact with them. We let the bishop know, and last night we left a note at their door saying we miss them, we are worried, and that we love them and to text or call us so we will see how that goes. Oh and we started teaching this 70 year old ish lady named Galina who is from Russia and she is inavtive. She invited us over to eat, so we ate her food, way good, talked about cooking, shout out to the tv show Master Chef, for like a half an hour, and heard why she left the church. But we are working with her so that will be fun! 


I always get sick when it is cold and i dont get enough sleep. But i got sick this week with a pretty not fun cold, and slept a lot and did family history and now i am back from the dead so dont worry :) And the good news is that is is starting to get warmer so thats always good!

Finding Africans Starts Up!!

And it starts up!!!! Agian, we took a little break, but ladys and gentlemen, finding Africans is back. So it all began when we sat on the back of the bus and there was a guy from Africa behind us. Me and Elder Jensen look at each othere and we get the message.Elder Jensen starts talking to him and he ends up knowing a guy from Bikerrød, who is getting baptized from Ghana! Small world. Then after we talked to him and taughtn him on the Book of Mormon.  That night we contacted and saw like way more Africans then I have in a while!! They are all humble and love Jesus so lets go!!!!

Sunday= Primary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My hardest investigators yet......Primary!! So it was the fifth sunday so like everyone was together so all four elders had to teach primary and it was so fun! We asked them all how their week went and then preached the good words to like 15 Danish kids! They have so muchg energy and it was so fun! I sat by our mission leaders son who is my boy and whispered answers in his ear and made him stop messing with his friend right by him! Elder Reed taking charge! haha after the kids like took all my name tags and planner so we ended the day at church with me and Elder Hendrickson just chasing these kids around the church getting my things back haha! Oh and a little Sunday miracle wass that we were taking an S tog to Herlev and i had this weird thought to leave a Book of Mormon on the train seat, but then i was like, noooo, thats just weird. Then Elder Jensen asked me if i ever left a BOM on a train before and i was like, holy cow, i was thinking the same thing! So we left a Book of Mormon and just have to hope that someone takes a look at it, but that was a really cool inspiration that we both got!

Oh, I love Seattle, and MAginano's killed me! Their chocolate cake is a heart attack! And haha dad played during the teaching meetin!! And i LOVE the pic of the garden gnome! I havent seen any at all here so maybe that there are no danish garden gnomes :(! And ilove the danish food, and of course i got my cake!!!! Two things, i think i am going to look to buy a light jacket for spring and summer time because after this month it will be time to retire my coat! And my bike. I might have to buy a new one, Guddy left his old one so i could buy that from him, but my bike is not working right now so i think i am going to go to an investigator's bike shop and see what he can do with it. But I am doing great, just balling out here in Denmark, trying to make the unbelievers to believers!!! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Æ Reed

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