Monday, January 25, 2016

Week #20 Ballerup

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!!!!! I hope you had the party of a lifetime!!! So guess who got a new investigator this week...... Me!!!! This week consists of family history for days, and a special return to the infamous, BALLERUP HOUSE!!!

Family History

So our ward mission leader wants us to go hard with family history in the ward to get some referals and all the good stuff. Sooooooo on Tuesday we texted President Olsen, who we had Christmas at, and was like can we help you and all that good stuff. But sadly, we were hours too late, because the sisters in the other ward like were going over to his house or something like that and teaching one of their friends. So i was like noooo! So while Elder Jensen and I were chilling and taking our dinner, and after President Olsen's son tried to fix our toilet which hasnt been working for like three weeks, haha forgot to mention that ;), we got a call from Olsen and he said that Sister Mann was sick and get to Veskø station as fast as posible. SO we did and got to their house and right after we ate dinner in our appartment, we got to eat dinner again there with his family and their like 20 year friend!!! Food!!!! And so we pretty muched talked and laughed with everyone all night and even did family history! Their friend wanted to hear the missionary lessons but was a little scared to meet the missionaries, but like, Elder Reed and ELder Jensen are not that scary right..... Of course not!!! Oh, and shout out to mom and Croatia because I busted out the family tree and told them that my family comes from Croatia and then President Olsen was like, that is why you have such a big nose! Haha I told him I loved him so all was good!!! That was a way fun family history experience!!!! 


Miracles always happen on splits! So I went on splits this week with Elder Bateman, the new zone leader who is going to die in like 2 months. And we did work! We were contacting around Ballerup when we contacted this 17 ish year old kid with a fro! We gave him a little overview of the Book of Mormon and set up an appointment for later that week! #blessed! Then after that we took lunch and continued the sister missionary work!!! We made a whole bunch of cookies and stopped by a bunch of inactive ladies! That ended up with us getting an eating appointment with an old lady on Thursday!!! Jo Tak!!!!!!! SO i am pumped for that! And some old ladies rejected our smiling faces and our cookies! Like what! How could you deny Elder Reed and cookies! haha jsut kidding! And our way fun splits ended with a great famous kebab! 

The Broadcast

The Broadcast. That sounds pretty intense right. Well it was a huge missionary broadcast that every missionary in the world saw at some point. The whole Sjælland zone was there and it was a party to see everyone!!! The main subject of the broadcast was to teach repentance and baptize converts. The whole thing was just a bunch of spiritual goodness but the things that i loved the most was teach inactives the 1st vision again. That was a great idea because there is in inactive family that left the church and was a bishop, relief society pres, and with a son who served a mission. And i am convinced that they will feel the spirit if we teach them that! Also, we are going to focus more on working with members because that brings miracles!! SO we are going to ask members at every eating appointment, who do you know.... Oh and this week we have an eating appointment everyday!! I love my ward!!!!! :) So with also getting fat, I will hopefully get some referals! After the broadcast, the DL's and ZL's all had to meet, so me, Elder Tompkins, and Elder Francais, went to a pizza shop and got like five pizzas for everyone to eat which was a party!!! The day of THE BROADCAST ended with us eating at our ward mission leaders house, which their family is soooooo dope and i love them all to pieces!!! The night ended with a huge miracle! So we were walking- and joking around with elder poff and hendrickson, when we saw the bus we had to take at the bus stop down the street, so me and elder jensen take off in a dead sprint, full of danish hot dogs, trying to make it to the next bus stop. We realized 100 yards away from the bus stoop at we were not going to make it, so we started to just walk. We would have gotten home around 10, but the bus stopped right at us and the bus driver let us in, and let me tell ya'll, that that does not happen here in Denmark!!! So i just love seeing the hand of the Lord everyday in my mission!


So if anyone was wondering, the work is starting to pick up pretty great here in Ballerup! So first our big problem is with Roy and Joana... They cancelled all appointments and didnt come to church for the past two weeks.... Not good. So we let the ward leaders know so there is nothing we can do about the situatiion but wait and pray. Then Weinan didnt come to basketball last week and was busy the whole week so we will teach him next SSaturday, family history, and then go hard on the Plan of Salvation and eternal marriages and temples!!! Then we changed our appoinatment with the Irish old guy to tomorrow. Carolina, the women from spain, told us that we were pressing too hard and she doesnt want to change religions. We challenged her to read the BOM and then agreed that we could stop by in a month to see how that is going, but honestly i dont know how much she can understand english. But we found out yesterday that there is a guy from south america in the other ward that we will use for sure! Then we have the 20 year old kid named Svend, who we will meet with on Thursday and we might commit him to baptism! So that will be exciting. Then the new investigator, Nikolas, we is about 17 and he is sweet! He never believed in a God but we asked him if he wanted a world with a God or without, what we he choose, and he said a God of course! So we committed him to pray with a sincere heart and to read the Book of Mormon! And we are meeting with him this week so i am excited about that!! And we are still trying to get in contact with Ricardo, the Indian guy! So the work is definately piking up here in Ballerup!


So of course we have our basketball saturday, which i just cherish so much haha! SO we waited for Roy and Joana, but you know that  story, and they didnt show so it was just our district, so we just started playing with each other. It was way fun just messing around. Then it was time for one last game and so we did the first ward against the second ward. Loser makes cake on Tuesday for district meeting. Now cake is Elder Reed's real motivation and so lets jsut say i went hard haha! ANd lets just say, our ward gets the cake!!!! YES!!!


The return.... So on Saturday night we were leaving our eating appointment when Elder Poff said he thought things were still in the Ballerup house, my true love :)! So we called the AP's and they said go for it and check it out. And we had a stop by who lived right by the house so we got to the house and we were looking for the spare key and couldnt find it! We called the assistnats but we could not find the spare key.... so i got the idea, i remebered that Guddy gave me a key, and so i checked my bag and it wasnt there and then Elder Jensen tried Elder Gudmundson's spare bike key and BAM! It opened and i was back home! There was sadly nothing left and someone was going hard with the renovations!!! But it was so nice to be back at THE HOUSE!

So no it wasnt snowy and it is actually getting warmy thank goodness!!! I need some sunshine in my soul today! SHout out to the hymn, but it is supoosed to warm up so i am pumped for that! Tell the Baker's I say HEJ in Danish back, it is the same:) And I love Elder Hendrickson!!! He is my boy, we have so many laughs together!! And there isnt too many young single Danes around, and it is way hard to be a member and that age here in this country! And they usually go to school here in Denmark. And dad is not old!!!! And what did you guys do for his birthday!! I want pictures!!! I love you guys so much and I am loving my companionship with Elder Jensen, he is such a great guy and we have a great spirit in our companionship!!!! 

Ældste Reed

                                                           District Meeting at the President's                                             

                                                                        Zone Training


                                                                 Alex still got it!

Last man standing (sitting up)!

                                                               Study time -Danish!
                                                                     More study time....

                                                       Alex and his comp

                                                                    Super cute!

                                                                          It's cold!

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  1. "That is why you have such a big nose." This boy always makes me laugh out loud. Love that he's enjoying the work so much. Elder Reed is awesome. (And there's nothing wrong with his nose.)