Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year! Week #17

Heyoooo! Happy New Years!!! 2016!!! The whole year I will get to serve the Lord!! Lets Bring It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and by the way, Denmark knows how to celebrate New Years better than America....

New Years Sales!!!!!
So the last couple of p days we have gone hard looking for the best sales we could find (because the new years sales are crazy good here), and I found soccer jerseys, sweet ones, for 50 percent off!!!! #blessed So i got a sweet Denmark one to represent this awesome country!! There has been like sweet shoes for 50 percent off, and i have heard from missionaries that you can find nice Danish suits for really cheap! Im not really looking for anything because I will probably be way fat next year or something, kidding, but we are just looking for sweet suits for Guddy! So that is what my P days have consisted of over the last month haha!

So in the middle of all this fun I am doing here in Denmark, we have some pretty awesome investigators! So our Chinese boy who we took on a church tour is doing great, we couldnt meet with him this week because of new years and stuff but i am pretty positive we will get him to church next week! Oh, and some pretty sweet news with that, is that President is having a Chinese fireside, and told us to invite everyone that speaks Mandarin Chinese, and our Chinese investigator brought his Chinese friend to play with us! Also, he has another Chinese friend that will move into the area so that means we could bring 5 Mandarian Chinese speakers to this fireside!! That would be sweet! Also, we taught the older women from Spain this week on the Restoration, and half of the plan of salvation! It went way good and she has a testimony on pretty much the whole plan of salvation so it is looking positive there! Oh, and, we taught this twenty year old kid right before Christmas which went way good and then he went on vacation. We texted him a couple times but he never responded. We thought he just burned us, but a couple days ago, he texted yus back and said sorry, i was in Thailand!!! So we will meet with him this week so that will be way fun!

So of course you cant go a week in this mission without doing a little service :) So this week we did service for two older people in the ward. The first was helping an older lady take down Christmas decorations and but them in here storage.The result= food :) Then, we did service for an older couple in the ward, oh, and shout out to my summer job! (that i did for like four days! So i like pulled some kind of plant out and just put it in a pile, while i was getting 
watched like a hawk by an old man to see if i would mess up, and after he told me i was an expert!!! The result of that= more food:) My ward is pretty much the best in Denmark!!!!

New Years Eve
So like i said, Denmark knows how to celebrate New Years!!! So after doing studies an weekly planning, all four Ballerup Elders went to Lars and Teresa's house for the New Years Party! They had there family there and it was just a huge party! Oh, and the food was way good if you were wondering! We had Filipino and Danish food!!!! It was bomb and know i am fat :( haha! We played a bunch of games, like guessing the word on your head game, and it was just a great time! Then we watched the Queen of Denmark's speech that she gives every year, and i guess she like dropped her cards she was reading and everyone was kindof freaking out! haha it was crazy! Then we watched them light off fireworks, oh and it was Guddy's year mark!!! So the tradition is to burn a shirt so we did that and like surrounded it by fireworks, and alll i can say is that it was legendary! Then we had to be home by 11 so we got a ride home and just watched the fireworks in the apartment at midnight and OH MAN!!! It was crazy! It was like BOOM BOOM BOOM! Like firework after firework, and everyone was doing it, and it sounded like a war zone! Crazy stuff, and it went on for like an hour! 

So after our fun night we had a rule to stay in til 6 at night because everyone is wasted and sleeping. So we got to deep clean out apartment! so i guess that was fun! Not really and it took forever! But we got more sleep that day because there was nothing else we could do! So that is always a party! Then we went out on there was like no one out so we visited our candy man friend! 

Basketball on Saturday was way fun!! But our recently baptized Chinese member, i just love Chinese people :), got his fake tooth knocked out! Oh no! It was not good, but shout out to the bishop because he is a dentist and will get it fixed so no one at home worry! So we had like four Chinese people there and a bunch of missionaries! It was way fun! Who would have thought that basketball would bring so many Chinese people to be potential investigators!!

So not too much happened this week, just except you know, starting a new year! Oh, and i translated for our Chinese recently converted member in guest class, so that was awesome! That is awesome that you could face time lars and Teresa! They are literary the best! I had to use the bathroom yesterday because we stopped by an old investigator by their house and they let us in and gave us dinner! They are awesome!o with family history, this next transfer we are going to be stopping by members in the ward to get that going. We got our own fan charts to show to people when contacting. We just ask people if they want to start a family tree, and it can get more visits with investigators if you show them yours and they want to do one after seeing that you know your Great, great, great, great and so on, grandpa. And that is awesome the home mission is starting that too! And nooooo! What is Katelynn doing making downstairs smell like girl, i already had to go through that here with our new apartment, to change it to smell like Elder! Haha it sounds like you had a party with her! Oh and transfers are next week so we will see how everything goes with that! I love you guys so much!!!

Ældste Reed

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