Monday, January 11, 2016

Week #18 Ballerup

Transfers!! Well I am staying in Ballerup!!! Ja Tak! But sadly, Elder Gudmundson is leavin. He is going to Sønnerborg which is right by Germany. And I get..... Elder Jensen from Sønnerborg! Me and Elder Weese switched trainers!! I have only been with Elder Jensen, not my MTC comp haha, for a couple hours but he is way sick!! We are definately going to do work together! This email will be short, i dont have too much time today!

P Day

So Elder Gudmundson's and my first p day in denmark we took a nap, and thats what we did for the last one! haha Then we ate at our Bishops for FHE and it ended up going way late so Elder Williams and Poff went to stay the night at our apartment! Which meant we stayed up til like 12 talking! I definately felt dead the next day haha!


So i went on splits twice last week, once with Elder Lester and once with Elder Poff! It was way fun! The highlight of splits with Elder Lester was teaching a man that used to be taught by the missionaries. What was a stop by ended up being a 45 minute lesson! He like studies religions and is way smart and works at a bike shop. He said if there is one true church that he would join it so we will be meeting with him again. Then with Elder Poff, our highlight was teaching the older woman. She said she always feels this good, peaceful feeling when we are over, #thespirit!!!!!!!!!! So that went way good!


So Mary's Bishop in Wenatchee turns out to be the guy who taught one of my members that we eat at!! So that is our little nickname for him is Wenatchee! But he had us over for dinner last week and we watched 17 Miracles with him which was awesome but what was even cooler was that Jesus, the actor from the Testaments, is a guy in the movie and he even speaks Danish in it!! Crazy!!! 


So like i said, i got Elder Jensen. He has been out for 11 months and is from Utah. And we are going to do work together. On Saturday we were supposed to find out in the morning but we went to the temple at ten, and missed our call from the assistents. So we had to wait impatiently in the temple for the call, and then right at the temple steps we called and found out! Oh, and we did Baptisms for the Dead in Danish which was a great experience! It is sad to leave Guddy, but I am way excited to work with Elder Jensen!!

That is great to hear about all of the updates in Moses Lake!! And the basketball team lost to Sunnyside.....Wow... that is all i got to say! And that is exciting that Haley and Allison are joining the squad of missionaries! So missionary work wise, this area is going to explode! The Chinese investiagator loves family history and so we are working with him on that now! The older women from Spain is doing really good too! We might be inviting her to baptism soon, we had a member present for our last lesson with her and he told his converstion story and it was so powerful! She was going to come to church but her son got sick. We are meeting with the 20 year old on Thursday so that will be great! Oh and i loved your little analogy! Denmark is a great place to be and loving it even more every day. I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ældste Reed                                     

MTC Buddies

                                                                Denmark's Fast Food

                                                                    Young Friends

                                           Going on splits, notice Alex and his comp look like twins?

                                                       Thinking he is really enjoying Danish food!

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