Monday, January 18, 2016

Week #19 Ballerup

Hej famalie og alle sammen!!!!!!! So my new companion is Elder Jacob Jensen from Utah somewhere, everyone here comes from Utah haha, and he is so dope!!! I love him already and we get along great and teach together great and it is just a great time with Elder Jensen! THis week has been full of working with Chinese people and doing work and even doing some sister missionary work!!!!


So Joana has been telling us the past month that she has been going to this Chinese Bible group and that they have told her that our church is wrong and we are not Christians and we have a bunch of wives and just the usual attack on our religion.  Then last Tuesday we met with two of them because they wanted to see what our church believes in and "what did Joana get herself into".  So we taught them the Restoration and one of them would not really humble himself and even went against testimony.  He said my spiritual confirmation came from the devil or something and that he knows the Bible is true because of the artifacts on it....  Haha that made me so happy.  There was a lady there who seemed interested and i think she could feel the spirit and she had a bunch more questions.  We said bye to them and them see you tonight Joana for our twice a week home teaching with them.  Then when we went over to Roy and Joana's house that night though the window i saw our boy Weinan and then I saw the Bible group friends were there again!  We ended up teaching the plan of salvation to them and they still had a lot more questions .  There was a man whose heart was harder than cement and he thought everything that we said was trash or something, but the lady who is a Chinese Canadian felt the spirit for sure!  The next day we asked Roy and Joana what they said after, and they said that they told them that the Book of Mormon and the Bible contradict each other.  But they didn't ever read the Book or Mormon!!!!  Joana isn't sure on her testimony of the Book of Mormon because she said she can't really understand it because the translation in Chinese is way hard to understand, so we got to go hard with them on the Book of Mormon!  I love it when our religion gets attacked, haha, not really, but that puts you to the test to your testimony if you can defend your religion when your back is against the wall and have Christ like attributes of patience with these people.  Oh, and Roy is having a grad time at work because he is getting overworked and he was way stressed so i gave him a priesthood blessing.. It was my first blessing in Denmark and I could definitely feel the spirit so strong so that was a great experience for me too:)

Sister Missionary Work

So I am ashamed to say this, but I did some sister missionary work this week.... Don't judge but ummmm i kind of made cookies and took them to old ladies. It was Elder Jensen's idea and it was a brilliant idea! We have a bunch of old inactive ladies in the ward that we had to visit and so we made cookies!!! We didn't find any of them home so we are going to have to try again this week! But we did give the cookies to the older lady from Spain, Carolina, and Roy, Joana, and Weinan! Oh and cookie dough is such a temptation in the fridge!! 

Random Fun
So some just random fun this week is having our first district meeting as a new district! Oh and we got Elder Hendrickson in the district who is from Julan and he is my favorite!! I love that kid already and we just got a beast district!! Ummm lets see, oh, we were doing some family history contacting the other day, and some other guy told us that family history is a joke.... haha!!!! That made me laugh! 

So Saturday means basketball!!! Yea!! So in the morning we balled with our boys Weinan and Roy which is always a party! Then we got ready to stop by a whole bunch of people in one of the coldest days i have experienced in Denmark! That consisted of me wearing to pairs of socks, gloves, and scarfs to stay warm!!! The end of the stop by night was a success with an inactive guy letting us in, and getting to know him. He said that he doesn't like all the rules of our church now and doesn't really believe in God. So we challenged him to pray and prayed with him! Then we stopped by this sweet couple who has been taught in the past. The man is from Ireland and the women is Danish. They are some kind of Christian, nor really to sure, but I guess they have been to Washington before! So that was sick to talk with someone who actually knows what Washington State is (because everyone thinks i am from DC). And we talked with them for a while and have an appointment with them this Friday!

Sunday Festivities!! ☺
So Sundays are so awesome, right!!! So we started the day with the usually, going to choir, my personal fav ;), and then church. Then we went on the missionary grind til Lars og Tersesa Neilsen came and went with us to go to Roy and Joana's house because we were worried about them because they weren't at church. SO we stopped by them to see what is up! Then after that we went and ate with them! Which is always a party and just a great time!! Then i don't know if ya'll remember but I was talking about this Chinese fireside at President's house. Well, Weinan was going to a party and Roy and Joana couldn't make it, and so we had no Chinese investigators there, so Pres just turned it into a missionary fireside with his friend from back home. He was some kind of big time pastor for like 20 years and then started to investigate our church and could feel the priesthood power from our church. It was a crazy conversion story but we listened to him on Skype, and then we just had a great chill, fireside about the Book of Mormon. IT went til nine thirty ish, when we were supposed to be home, woops, and then we waited at Pres's house til like ten to get a ride home from him because there are not too many buses and trains that go on a Sunday night. But it was a party with about 10 missionaries and the O'Bryants!!!!!! Oh, and we did make it home at 10 25 if you were wondering, so you can still trust Pres O'Bryant haha!!! ;)

And no!!! I don't do that, i actually forgot about that, but thanks for the reminder! I will remember that for my next appointment!!! And i love the choir conductor, he is my boy!!!!!! ..... So we taught the 20 year old, Svend, the other day which went way good and he is going to pray to see if the book of Mormon is true!!! :) And we will meet up with him next week. The older lady from Spain..... we invited her to church and she said she doesn't want to change religions.... but the thing is, all she does is reads her Bible inside all day. I felt so sad when she said that, because i knew this is eternal life at stake! But she said to stop by sometime next week so it is a do or die lesson with her! And aye!! We studied the tree of life too!! What a great analogy! I love the part of Lehi partaking of the fruit and wanting his family to have it! Who could that be like.... Oh, me! I love this gospel and i want to share it with everybody! (Even though like any Dane believes in God or like church but that means game on!!) Jeg elsker jer familie og jeg håb i have en god uge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ældste Reed

                                                  At the President's house with his district

Loving the food!!!!!!

                                                        Getting ready for a cold day!
                                           Alex says "best chocolate pastry ever"!
                                                    It's really cold in Denmark!
                                                 Alex and his new comp!

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