Monday, February 15, 2016

Week #23 Ballerup

Hvad så alle sammen!!!! This might possibly, actaully most likely, be my last week here on Ballerup, so my mind is racing where I could go, but I will go hard in the paint this last week here, and who knows, I might stay one more transfer.... I have to wait aaaalllllllllll the way til Saturday to find out!!!!!

Family Reunion

So my grandpa came all the way from England to visit!! If any of you are confused, my grandpa is Elder or I guess, Brother Wilshure from England. He trained Elder Gudmundson, who is my dad, which makes Elder Wilshure my grandpa!!! If that makes sense.... haha! Anyways, it was Tuesday during studies and I got a call from a number we didn't know, and Elder Jensen answered it and he threw the phone at me, and he said it was my grandpa! Bro Wilshure went home two transfers ago and was just back visiting and he called me and pretty much told me he was bored and had nothing to do, so I told him to come to our district meeting! So he came and we had great discussions about his life after the mish and gave us some good words of advice! Then after we all ate with each other and then he biked with us to show us a jack pot place to knock! It is a place where a bunch of college aged kids live, and a lot of them dont even come from Denmark$$$ That was really fun, and all in all, it was a great family reunion with Grandpa!


 Soooo what a periodekort is is a card that you have that you can get anywhere in our area for the whole transfer, in reference to the transportation and so the buses and the train. So we realized that our card expired two weeks before the transfer and we were just like, oh we can buy a two weeks one.... WRONG! You have to buy one for a month and guess what that means.... we pretty much have to bike from city to city and my legs are done!! Haha! We get to ride the trains with our rejsekort but that is if we have to, it is pretty expensive! SO moral of this story, is that I get to love biking!!!!!


So Saturday nights are usually not to productive here to knock and contact on the streets.... so we have saturday sports nights now! And so we played basketball! So we all met at Dominoes, which was like a 45 min bike ride for me and Elder Jensen, and bought pizza! Then we all BIKED, i love biking :), to the church, where we realized that Elders Poff and HendrickSEN were giving a church tour to that Brazilian girl who I invited to baptism. So we snuck into the back door and ate pizza! Then guess who showed up?????? ROY! Shout out to sticky notes! We left a sticky note on his door to come to basketball and he came!!! Lets go!!! I was eating turned around, and saw Roy! Then he said, ''What is crack a lackin homeslice!!!!'' No one will probably get it but its what me and Guddy taught him! Then i gave him a HUGE hug and then we balled! Then I had a good talk with him after, and the ward is getting members to eat with them, and he said he will try to come to church so lets flipping goooooooooo!!!!


Aye! Lets see who Elder Reed is working with!! But first, lets break the bad news.... my boy, that huge basketball player from chicago, texted us last night and said he has to stop meeting with us because his wife doesn't feel comfortable with us there, she's athiest, and so we are done with him:( That was hard but oh well, the work continues!!!!! Lets see, we couldn't meet with Svend or the young kid this week, but we did meet with Derek, the man from Scotland! He told us for a half an hour all of his glory days when he was our age in Scotland and he was a missionary for hs church back in the day! Crazy!! And he liked shooed away pigeons so the prince could shoot them or something! Crazy! Then we taught him about the Book of Mormon and real intent and asked him if he found out if this was true, would he get baptized and he said yes!!! So all we need him to do is if he actually reads the Book of Mormon with the mind set of actually joining our church if he got an answer! We taught David and Sarah from the Apostolic church and they brought a friend with this time! We taught the Plan of Salvation and that was balling! Sarah was digging it, she kept on asking what do we need to do to get to the celestial kingdom! The only problemo is that we dont think David is digging it because he wont soften his heart and doesn't want to switch churches! We finally got the number from the American dude who me and Guddy knocked into so we can make an appointment with! Tomorrow we will teach the first counselor's friend for twenty years, no ppressure right! Haha oh man! Oh, and we ate again with Galina, the old lady from Russia, and guess what?? We talked about cooking for like ever!! And hour and a half while she made us some chinese duck and pancake food! It actually tasted really good! We never got to talk about the gospel with her, but at the end she told us we were the first missionaries who were actual people and didnt throw scriptures on her and she really liked that, so maybe that is the key to get her back to church!  Elder Jensen and I contacted this man called Jacob, from Afghanistan, late one night two weeks ago, walking home from the bus stop to our apartment. We taught him once and then brought Elder Poff and Hendericksen to the next lesson because we realized he lived in their area. We all taught him yesterday and taught one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever taught. He talked a lot about getting him and his family in the right direction and we told him that the gospel is the right direction, and Elder Poff asked him if he found out that all of this was true, would he get baptized, and he said yes! Jacob is really really positive and I am so happy that the other Elders can work with him! And he fed us food and gave us juice! He is so nice, and his wife is going to give us haircuts later this week!! And when we left, he gave us all hugs!!!! Awesome guy!! Oh and shout out to Katelynn!!!!!! So we found a Filipino lady last week and she told us to come back, so we did on Tuesday and she told us to come back next Saturday so we can teach her, her husband, and like 6 or 7 Filipino women!! Like how sweet is that!!! ANd we will definately use Teressa for the lesson for sure!!!!! And Katelynn, i gave out my first Tagolag Book of Mormon so be proud!!!

Thanks for the Valnentines package!! What did ya'll do for V Day??? It honestly isnt too big her in Denmark, my Valentines was Elder HendrickSEN and the Ward Mission Leader's 13 year son! Haha totally a joke so dont worry! ;) Oh and i found a nice jacket for spring, I bought it in København and it was a good sale too! haha zach was right, we just shared our spiritual experiences with each other during stake confrence!! No lie! That is a good message from Stake confrence! It is so simple honestly, that we do everything we do because of revelation, and the one way to find out is from Mormons Bog! And I hope the basketball team does good and represents in playoffs!!! And the weather is getting warmer and warmer so that is making me happy! I hope you guys have a balling week and maybe this is the last email from Sjælland for a while????????????

Æ Reed