Monday, February 22, 2016

Ballerup Week #24

So am I staying or leaving.... I guess you will just have to find out at the bottom of my email... :) But this week was definately a fun one, with splits with Æ Hendriksen, seeing the top of Copenhagen and even dancing with the bishop!!!

Top of Denmark

So story time, Elder Jensen's families best friends live in Denmark, and they have stayed over with them in Utah a couple times. They live right by the Nørreport Station which is really close to downtown København, so on p day, we got to visit them! It was really weird for Elder Jensen because the last time he talked to them was in English, and now he had a normal conversation with them in Danish! Languages are a little weird, huh? Anyways, we ate the classic smørebrod, which is an open faced sandwich and it gets worse, they ate this sandwhich with a fork and knife... haha i love Denmark! After we ate they took us to Rundetårn which is like an observatory where you walk around this circuling path, for like ever, until you get to the top, where you can see the top of Copenhagen and even see Sweden in the distance! So sweet!!!! That was a pretty sweet p day not going to lie, and not everyone can say that they saw the top of Copenhagen!

Dance Battle

So eating appointments at Bishop's is always an adventure, with his ugly American sweater that he wears to joke with us, to playing with the kids! I was pretty sad too because it was my last time to eat there... But anyways, after we ate we somehow got into the conversation that I was, sometime in my past life, a dancer... Then the word got out that I clogged, which made bishop and his wife go crazy! They took a clogging class, maybe at BYU not sure, but i clogged a little and then bishop and his wife did this crazy clogging dance which was way way impressive! haha and thats not it, Bishop and Elder Jensen did the worm together, and Bishop was doing like round off flips in his dining area! All in all, it was a crazy last time at Bishops... :)


So splits with Elder Hendriksen, can i tell you, was the funnest splits I have ever been on! We had so much fun, of course while following all the rules! We hit up this candy shop together and then we went contacting people but there was no one out, then we saw these two girls our age and pretened we were two lost Americans from our church, and we asked them in English how to get to Copenhagen. It was really funny to see Elder Hendriksen pretend to be English, and it was a pretty chill contact, they didnt think we were weird :) Then we taught an Icelandic lady and talked with a member's athiest husband who was like the nicest guy i have ever met! It was a party on splits!!! After that we talked til like 12 that night and had crazy converstations!


So Investigators!!! My favorite part of the week! Two big highlights this week have been meeting with a lady named Birgit, who is Michael Olsen's (In the Stake Presidency) friend. We ate and did family history with her a month ago to show her that missionaries are not that scary because she was worried to take the lessons. It turns out, me and Elder Jensen are not that scary :), and we taught her last week. We taught her the Restoration at the Olsen's home, and it was a fantastic lesson! The spirit was so strong and Michael shared his strong testimony and she said she will read the Book of Mormon, and she told us that she had questions like, what is the purpose of life, and where are we going after this life? We told her we could answer those questions next time, Plan of Salvation :), and Elder Jensen and I are way excited to start working with her! Another great thing this week was that we finally got in contact with the Philipino family. We taught them the Restoration and they said it was new to them. They are Christian and believe in the Bible, but Elder Jensen asked them if they found out the Book of Mormon was true, would they be baptized, and they said yes! And it gets better, the lady said that she has a couple friends who would like to hear our message so I am excited for that! And we have a couple great families in the ward to friendship them so they are looking pretty positive! I want to introduce them to Lars and Teresa Neilsen! Svend was sick this past week so we will try meeting with him this week. Derek was taught by Elder Poff and Jensen on splits, and I guess that it did not turn out too good because Derek explained for like ever to Elder Poff what he believes in. We are going to stop by the women from Spain and her friend Ricardo, who said that we should take a month break. My home boy Weinan will be back from celebrating Chinese New Year this week so we will get back to working with him! The man who fixed our bikes has time for this next while so we will meet with him! The young kid's friend texted us and said we can meet on Friday! We are meeting with Sarah and David today after we thought they didnt want to meet anymore! And we are meeting with this black dude today and this guys friend from Ghana who lives in Denmark, just got baptized! So that will be exciting! One thing I have learned on my mission is that in life, we have hard times so we can enjoy the good times even more. Without hard times we would never know the difference of happiness and there would be no purpose in life. I compared that to teaching people in this mission. I know that we dont teach as often as other missions, but after coming out of maybe the only appointment of the day, it just feels so great! Just that you have helped one person come a little bit closer to Christ after being rejected all day long by people. Just a little thought from Elder Reed
Way to get my email! You guys are so smart haha! With the gloves, that would be nice to replace them, they are pretty worn out not going to lie, I will look for something on sale today. That is sad to hear that the basketball team didnt make state this year, and I am way excited to see how soccer goes with Bishop! Who is the number one seeds this year for college b ball?  Is BYU doing good? Overall, I am doing great and I am loving serving the Lord everyday! And it is getting warmer! Finally! Well I hope you have a great week and remember that I love you all!!!!
Æ Reed

Oh wait, i forgot to tell you were i am going..... haha Well... IM AM STAYING!!!! President told the Zone Leaders that me and Elder Jensen are doing too good of a job together getting this area going to split up so I am in Ballerup for 6 more weeks! Lets go! I will be in this area for a fourth of my mission and I am so excited! Well, love you guys again! 

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