Monday, February 29, 2016

Week #25-Ballerup

First week of the fourth transfer here in Balleup- Done! And haha it is funny that you mention how Lars and Teresa will put up with me.... funny story with that but you can wait! :) This week was another great week with splits with my boy Elder Ericksen from the MTC, and we got two more new investigators this week and a new district so it was a party!!!!!

So the big new is that we got two new investigators this week! SO we have been teaching D and S, this couple who goes to the Apostolic Church, and oh little side note, D is like a boomerang master! How dope is that! He showed us all of his boomerangs and even gave us one that we could throw around inside! I am a master now and don't worry, nothing got broke in the apartment! ;) But they had they friend to the lesson for the second time, and we don't know his name yet... i know, bad Elder Reed! But it's all good! So we taught them on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they pretty much believe in the exact same thing excpet AUTHORITY!!!! I think they believe that they have the right authority for baptism and i dont know how they think they got it but anyways... We have a little situation, so S and the friend are digging what we have been teaching them but D is like the boss to them. We asked them all if they would continue to read the Book of Mormon and S said jokingly, ''Yeah, i think we can do that,'' looking at D, while he starts going on a spill how he hasn't found anything special about the book yet and if the Holy Ghost tells him to stop reading, he will stop. And another example is that we asked them if they found out if it was true, would they be baptized, and immediately, S and the friend look at D to answer. So me and Elder Jensen fasted for them the next day that D could have a soften heart and so we will put that in the Lord's hands. Then our second new investigator is named Hugo. He comes from Yugoslavia, no idea how to spell that, and it pretty sweet! We taught him twice next week and are going to try to put him on baptismal date next week so lets see how that goes! He kind of believes in everything but he read the first 7 chapters of the Book of Mormon before we taught him the first lesson, and that is not normal here, so that is a plus! And he has like 6 kids so we focused on eternal families the next lesson which went pretty well! Other than that, we tried to get into contact with everyone and oh, hahahahahha, so we stopped by this old investigator from Italy the other night! Ha ha so we knocked on his door and we see a guy's face that looks like Albert Einstein kind of look at us through the window, and the next thing we know he is yelling at us through his upstairs window to leave or else he will call the police! Oh man that made my night! Oh and then we ate with Galena again this week and we had the ''right'' kind of beef strogenaf like how a Russian is supposed to eat it with a drink with chili in it! Hands down the weirdest thing i have ever eaten! But then she goes off about all of our missionary rules and calls them uncivilized, medieval, and haha, almost like Donald Trump like rules! Haha it was way funny! But we are going to start reading the Book of Mormon with her next time so lets see how that goes! Oh and we got in contact with Carolina again and will try to meet with her this week and Weinan is back from celebrating Chinese new year, so we will try to play soccer with him this week!    

New District
tSO i am not the baby in the district anymore!! Lets go! Sister Mann is training two new sisters at one time which is not normal and probs a challenge, and then the Ballerup Elders are all the same and we got Elder McDougall as our new zone leader and he was comps with Elder Gudmundson back in the day! SO the district is pretty lit!!! 

Elder Ericksen
jSo I saw my boy Elder Eriksen on Friday!! So he had to go home for two transfers to get toe surgery, but now he is back and is finishing training. SO once a transfer the ZL's and the DL's meet and talk about goals and all that fun leadership stuff and so me and Elder Eriksen had some time to kill, so we went out to contact around the church. Now this is legendary because Elder Eriksen is my boy from the MTC! Haha so it was way fun, i got to hear all of his adventures of being home and we even might get invited to a Bible group because of it, light work! 

Fastlelavn and THE CALL
So the fun with Lars and Teresa continue! Haha so we have a ward Fastelavn party on Saturday at the church. But before it starts, i see Lars and start talking to him and he told me that an Elder Jensen called him and asked how long ago he investigated the church and when he met the missionaries because he was going through his phone and didn't know who Lars Neilsen was. And if you know Lars, you know he is a prankster, and he pretended that he met the missionaries like a while back! SO i was like, oh that is probs my old mtc companion, call him back and see if you could get baptized! So we call him back and Lars says he read the Book of Mormon, and had a dream that he was baptized and he wants to come to church and was just acting like the perfect investigator. After they set up an appointment and hung up, I called them back and in English, i was like ''Hi Elder Jensen! How is it going!'' And he was way confused and then i was like, i am so sorry it was a prank... and then  he was like, ELder Reed!!! Hahahahaha it turns out to be the other Elder Jensen from my MTC group and it was pretty funny and a little mean, but i told him i would buy him a kebab to make up for it so it will be all good! Haha but that was a historical legendary mission prank right there! Haha then Teresa calls them and tells them that she is so disappointed in us and that they need to repent haha it was just a way funny situation! Then we had the actual party and what Fastelavn is, is like a none scary Halloween and i guess back in the day like the Danes used to hang up a black cat and like hit is in a barrel or something crazy like that, so we did that with candy and it was way fun! I dressed up as a soccer player, of course! 

That would be crazy if i saw sister Fredericksen! And i haven't found any gloves yet, but i am still on the look out! Oh and i do have a video dancing with Bishop, i just don't know how to send it home. Aye baby Webely #3 is coming, watch out! Oh gosh, there is no way Weber State will win, sorry dad i don'

t have enough faith! Haha! Well, the sun is shinning, it is not as cold, and the work is progressing here in the great little town of Balleerup, I am in for a good week! I love you all and hope you have a balling week!!!!!!

Æ Reed

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