Monday, December 21, 2015

Ballerup Week #15

Glæde Jule!!!! Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas alle sammen!!! It is just a great time of year! Oh, and if you wanted to know, this week has been a party with a little theme park, zone conference which included some pretty sweet movies, getting a Christmas tree after a crazy adventure, and doing service for days! (Oh and I am going to get fat with all of the eating appointments I have coming up, our ward loves us!!!)

Another Best P Day Ever!
So right after we emailed, we went to downtown København to go to Tivoli! So Tivoli is like a little theme park kind of like Silverwood but with less rides! So Ældste Buxton, a sweet senior missionary, that Ældste Gudmundson and I love, let us in with his tickets, and then we just had to pay for rides so that was so sweet! We went with the district (the best in the mission:) ) which is me, Guddy, Ældste Poff, Williams, the Zone Leaders Lester, Millward, and Søster Hadfield and Mann! It was a party! There was sweet Christmas lights everywhere and sweet shops and it was just hyggelig!! Oh, and we got to wear normal clothes so that was really weird too! And we had to take off our nametags for the rides so we didnt have our nametags on for like three hours and it felt really weird, not good haha!! There was way sweet rides, and on one, that like swings you around way high in the air, where you can see the whole downtown of København which is so beautiful, was so sweet! Funny story, so Guddy wasn't feeling good from all the rides and then after we went on this ride I asked him a question and he just shakes his head at me, and next thing I know, he is running to the bushes just throwing up! Haha he got quite a scene! Overall, Tivoli was way fun! Oh, and after Ældste Gudmundson and I almost got a 100 dollar ticket! But dont worry parents we didnt get it. So we were going back on the train and the first two stops the train does from København is not on our zone card, so if we get checked there then we get a 100 dollar fine if we dont check in our Travel Card. The train just got there and we had no money on the card so we were going to chance it because we were going to be late for an eating appointment. Then we saw these checkers get on the two sides of the train so we went to the middle and would just chance it. But at the last second we decided to go off, and thank goodness we did, because there was undercover checkers right by us, according to Ældste Williams and Poff. But all is good and we eventually made it to our eating appointment where we got fed Indian food :)

Splits with Æ Williams= Party
Haha so we didnt really party but we had two eating appointments that day so that was way fun! Oh and we played this game that when there is this rice pudding and a nut is placed in the bowl and whover gets it wins a present! It is a way common Danish tradition and it is way fun! Then after we went to the church in downtown København to help someone in our ward with family history work! It is crazy to help someone in Danish but we got it done! RIght after that we took a train and rode to another eating appointment :) which on the way i kind of sort of crashed on the curve and did a pretty sweet dive into grass, but dont worry, I am alive!! 

Zone Conference
So again, zzone conference was way fun! the first couple of hours we had talks by people and one that stuck out to me was a member from the stake presidency, that I will eat at his house on Christmas Eve which in Denmark is actually Christmas to them I dont get it but anyways, he talked about that wach day out here we need to attack it and that we will never get it back. And then he told us to be outgoing unlike the Danes haha! So that i can do! After that we ate a way good lunch, and we played that rice pudding game! Then we got back in and the Grinch was playing! We were all freaking out! Last year they played Frozen so we were expecting somehting good! Then like ten minutes into the movie, President comes in and starts yelling at us, jokingly, and it was way funny! He turned it off, and he just played the Grinch because it had to go with his little talk. Then after we attempted, yes, attempted to sing crazy Danish Christmas songs! Then Santa aka, the ap that just went home who lives on Børnholm, came and gave us our Christmas packages!! Then we watched a Disney movie called Inside and Out! It was way fun, oh and I almost forgot, the slideshow of every missionary as a kid was a hit! Everyone loved my curly fro as a kid, I asked pres if i could do that on the mission and he said no :( Oh well haha! 

Jul Træ
So it has been an adventure trying to get a Christmas tree! We heard stories of missioanries cutting down there own and lets just say that that was attempted but dont worry, we bought a sweet artificial tree for cheep and it is way sweet!! We wrapped our packages and it look way hyggeligt!! Oh, and on our search for a Christmas tree, we found this food store that one of our investigators recommended to us and it has American food!! #blessed

Service :)
So right after a great Saturday morning session of soccer, we changed and did service all day. So first we helped a family move bricks and wood in their backyard to a junkyard. I love this family! We are skyping from their house Christmas Day so it will be a great time! Then after, we did service for the guy in the stake Presidency who talked at zone conference and will have us over for the 24th. His house and property is sick! He has a huge old danish house with a huge pond and like a forest type ranch place! SO we helped him move broken trees and helped him fix a dirt road and then we were fed æbleskiver!! Theys are the doughy things we ate at the Barlows that one day! Way good stuff! We talked with their family for a little and I am way pumped to be with them on the 24th!!

So investigator wise, we are going to start meeting with the college student guy that we started teaching a month ago, but stopped because he didnt have time with college and work, but now he has a bunch of time, so we will try to watch meet the mormons with him this week. Then we eliminated all the worries of this one lady to come to church with us and she said that she would but she ended up burning us so that wasnt so fun! But we just got to be patient with her! So for the 24th, is when Danes open packages and dance around the jul træ so we will be at a members house the whole day. On the 25th we will eat with one of our investigators, the chinese guy, a Chinese hot pot! So that will be interesting and then we will go to another families house at 4 and i will be skyping at 6 PM Danish time so i thing that is 9 in the morning for you guys! The apartment is way good and i love it, it is way closer to our area so that is nice. ANd i fixed my bike, believe it or not! Haha anthony would say that, that is so funny! And it is way warm in Denmark! Weird huh? Vi Ses og jeg vil se alt dine smile ansigter på Jule!!!

Ældste Reed

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