Monday, December 14, 2015

Ballerup Week #14

Aye alle sammen! Hvad så!!! This week just breezed by so fast! Having a blast in downtown København, doing some street dancing, haha, doing service for days, and getting a new investigator who is way positive! 

Best P-Day Ever
Until today because we are kind of sort of going to a theme park, dont be jealous. So last P Day we went to downtown København by Ny Havn  and we just looked in the shops for a while. There are some pretty sweet shops there, but it doesnt beat the mall in Wenatchee... haha just kidding!!! Then after we met up with like 10 missionaries, our district and some others, we went ice skating! It was so fun!! There wasnt walls in this ice rink so it was impossible to stop haha but it was a good time. Oh and there was these kids that were messing with us, they were about 12. They ended up talking to us and were way stoked that we were americans and could speak Danish! Oh and then we told them to check out this sweet Chritmas video and gave them a pass along card so I am what gets better then doing a little missionary work on P Day!! After that we ate McDonalds (not the same as in America) and then waited to carrol with the CUV (young single adult ward). So we were just waiting on the beginning of the gå gade in København when this guy starts dancing to just random songs on a huge stereo. haha he was just moving his body doing weird dancing for money and people were actually laughing and paying him money. Then we were talking about joining him and then all of a sudden one of our zone leaders gets in and dances with him and some Spaniards! it was way funny! Then we all decided to get in and dance with him! It was this guy, like 8 missionaries, and two danes dancing on the street and i got it recorded. I will try to figure out how to send it home because it is way awesome! It was so much fun! Then after our little dancing sesh, we carroled with the CUV and we got a huge crowd which was sweet! Then after we ate hot chocolate and cookies with them. Oh, and when we were all walking back to the big train station, we walked back with this sister who is going home like really soon, and she is from Spokane, and the crazy thing is, is that she has a brother who played for Big Bend!!!! Small world! And that was my crazy fun p day!

Member Splits
So on Tuesday we had member splits where we go out with an older guy in our ward and visit less actives and see how they are doing and give them a Christmas message. I was kind of scared because that meant i would have to speak Danish with a fortyish year old guy for like an hour and a half, and they speak really really fast.... But i ended up going with a guy that we just had dinner with and he is so awesome! He always has us over! And so we started speaking Danish, but then we both switched to English haha! And we had way good conversations! We stopped by three people and none of the answered and after the last door, the guy said, Vi er heldig! Which means we are lucky in dansk and i just started to crack up! It was a real good time!

New Investigator :)
Aye! We got a new investigator!!!!! And he is way sweet! He was a referal and we met him at the library! I guess he knew a little about our church and then taught him on the Book of Mormon, and it was so nice to teach again and feel the spirit! It was a way good lesson and the guy wants to meet again! #blessed! We walked back to the train station with him and got to know him! He is our age and is just studying here! And he loves Football!! Me and Guddy were like what!!!! And he talked forever about that! We just became great friends with him and i am excited to teach him more later!!!!

Craziness-Small world
Okay so this is way crazy! So we are eating with this family and they ask me were i come from, and i say washington, and they are like, do you know Wenatchee? And i was like, Of Course!!!! You know, they are just our rivals in sports no big deal... haha! But I guess they met with a guy who taught this man the gospel a while ago last year in wenatchee. Then they told me that he was a Bishop. I got to thinking, Mary told me that her Bishop served in Denmark, and then I was like wait..... That has got to be my sister's Bishop!!! And then they were like how many bishop's in Wenatchee served in Denmark!! So i am going to ask her about them! Small world!!! Oh and on the spiritual side of things, I taught them the Christmas story which went way good!!! 

Service for Dayyyyysssss
So this member told us like a month ago that on the 11th and 12th that they would need our help the whole day both days and we were thinking, no way, we will get it done fast! But when we got there.... nope! It took like two whole days to help them move all there stuff, from their parents house which they were staying in, to their house which was next door, and can i tell you, my arms are so so dead!!!! haha! still right now but it was a way good time! We got to know the man of thwe house way good and had funny missionary stories by him and he is a way big star wars fan! He has like a replica Darth Vader mask and a storm trooper suit haha oh man! He doesnt mess around!!! I didnt really know him too well, but now he is way sweet!!! And they fed us both days so its all good! Oh, and we did get a referal from it so thats always a good thing. There is going to be a pic of me and Gudedy by like these kids dressed up as knights and that is because on the way to his house on Saturday, we like walked through this park where like a role play of the Hunger Games was going on! Not going to lie it was pretty sweet! SO that is where that came from! Oh and i got way good grammer practice from helping them move stuff! Like derind, oh derover and all that good stuff when they told me where to put all of there things. 

Soccer- My True Love
So we finally played soccer again!!! About time. We did have basketball planned but that changed to soccer like last minute! It was way cold not going to lie but so much fun! My team was stacked with my boy the Icelandic guy, and this guy from the CUV that i talked with before, and know we are tight. It was way nice to lace up the boots again! Oh, and one of our investigators came! He drove us home, and we were going to give him a hand shake, but he went in for the hug!!! I was like sweet! We got to get him dunked! Soccer always brings good things haha :)

MOm dont worry, Jeg har været en god drenge så julemand vil give mig gave! I have been a good boy so Santa will give me gifts! Tell grandma and grandpa tusind tak, a thousand thanks, for the money and tell them i love them from me please! And for skype we get a little over a hour and it will be at night i believe for us on the 25th, but they will tell us this week so i will let you know next week! I love you guys so much, thanks for all the prayers!!! You guys are the best!! Med meget kærlighed,

Ældste Reed

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