Monday, December 7, 2015

Ballerup week #13

Christmas Season! Best time of the year! Danes really know how to celebrate their Christmas for sure! I am so excited for the upcoming weeks! And had to say Vi Ses to the great Ballerup hopuse :(

Last P Day
So last p day we did some shopping, finally got my watch and now my heart is in Denmark according to my Bishop haha, and took a much needed nap. But dont worry, these next p days we are going to København and ice skating and going to a theme park called Tivoli which will be so sweet! Then that night we went to our father in the ward, far Lars, and ate Filipino food with them, shout out to Katelynn!!! It was chicken, rice (of course), and these weird clams but it was way good! Then we had FHE with their family and it was so fun! We are going there for Christmas eve, which is like the real Christmas day for Danes, i have no idea but yea haha, and we will be with their family. We have been invited by so many people in our ward for Christmas its great!! Then after we had an hour left til 9 so we were going to do some train contacting and so I tried to talk to this one guy from Africa, but then he said he didn't like my questions because i asked where he is from and how long he has been here in Denmark, and he was like, man! I dont like your questions! Haha it was real scary!!

Service is just way fun! So this week we went with a member from our ward all the way to Amager, which is a little island thingy just off of København, and helped his dad move in. There house already smelled so bad like smoke so that was not so fun at all! But one cool thing i saw, was that this man is a member and i could definitely see this light in his eyes that his family didn't have, and I know for sure that this gospel can bring light into people and happiness and peace! 

New District
So with all the transfers and such, we got a new district! So Guddy, the best trainer in the world, is still district leader, and then there is me of course, the old ballerup house elders, Poff and Williams, two sisters and then our Zone Leaders, who are ballers!!! We pretty much have the best district in the whole mission haha! For our weekly district meetings we played this way fun get to know you games, and then focused on the life of Jesus Christ because that is what our mission is focusing on this month. SO i, yes me, gave the Jesus birth story which wasn't too hard, shout out to the Bible! Then we talked about Christ more and Guddy shared this talk on that when Jeffery R. Holland was a missionary in England he knocked all day, in the morning, afternoon, and night, during Christmas and no one let him in. It turned out to be his favorite Christmas because he really got to think on what the true meaning of Christmas was and he was serving his Lord! And that makes me so excited for this Christmas that I get to serve our Savior and tell others the true meaning of Christmas! After that spiritual goodness, we had lunch were we played basketball, ball is still life, and ping pong! It was way fun and our district is just the best! 

Vi Ses Ballerup House
Goodbyes are always the hardest.... this thing has meant so much to me and it was so hard to leave it.... :( haha so we officially have left the great and famous Ballerup house! But two days before we heard we were moving, the assistants called us and said that the sisters, there is a musical choir of  8 missionaries that is going around Denmark for three weeks, will be staying there and to make sure it is clean..... OH NO! I have never cleaned more in my life! Haha but i can bear witness at that house is clean! Mom you did a good job with me haha! You would be so proud! I am pretty sure that that house is the cleanest it has ever been after 20 years of Elders living in it! haha! Then of course Ældster Williams, Poff, Gudmundson, and my last night there had to be a party!! We might have stayed up mlater than 10 30, shhhhhh, but we were technically cleaning so it was okay, and he ate food and just partied! We discovered a fryer in the house so we fried this cheese ball thing and oh man!! If we all die of a heart attack and clogged arteries, you know why!Then we ttalked in the dark with candles lit and it was way epic! THen i finally went to bed at 11 30 like a smart person, and right when i fell asleep i got attacked by ELders William and Guddy with shaving cream and a spray bottle! haha Overall it was a great last night at the Ballerup house!

Herlev Appartment!!!
So we cant live in the house so we have to live somewhere, and its in Herlev! SO actually me and Guddy get the sisters old apartment which i heard was super nice so i was pumped! When we get there, the first thing that Guddy and I said was, It smells like sisters!!!! But dont worry, it took three days and we got it smelling like Axe so we are okay! And we are working on making the apartment more chill and Eldery (if thats even a word) so its in the process, but hey! It has forever hot water, which the others elders new apartment does not have so that is always a plus!

Missionary Work
So like i have said the work is really starting to pick up and we had a whole bunch of appointments set up for this week and i was way excited! But every single investigator burned us.... not fun but i had to learn something from that and that is patience!!! I just have to be patient with them! We were going to watch meet the Mormons with this sweet investigator but then we got burned so that lead to my favorite thing in the world which is knocking haha!! Yay! So we had this eating appointment in this rich neighborhood in Målov so we had an hour and a half to knock. It felt like i was knocking in Dune lakes, and the people had no interest but thats ight! This week we have some pretty sweet appointments lined up so i am way excited for that!

Jul Fest
Our ward is literary the best ever! So on Saturday we had a Christmas party which was so so soo much fun! SO the missionary choir that is going around performed for our ward and it was way good! Ældste Gudmundson's cousin is in this mission and he can play the bagpipes and he played for our ward and it was so sick!!!! After that great music we went into the gym and while the food was getting ready I played tag and catch with the kids in my ward which was way fun! Then we ate with the ward and then Santa Claus came!! Actually in dansk he is called the jul mand, chrsistmas man, and he came!! Santa Claus aka bishop, haha was way funny! SO a Danish tradition is that everyone holds hands around the Christmas tree and sings! It was way fun but i didnt know the Danish songs but it was alright!! It was just a way good time with the ward!

I am doing great! I really am! The only probs i have ever had with my comp is our stupid arguments over food ánd dishes and we get over them in like ten minutes so its way sweet! Danish is definitely coming for sure! I am beginning to understand people when they talk to me and yesterday in church i had a conversation alone with an old danish man and i understood everything! It was way sweet! Oh and since me and Guddy are started to feel fat, we take our dinners ate 8 if we dont have appointments with members and go for runs! So that is way fun too! And it is great to hear how everything is going at home! That is sick zach is balling it up, and nick is still dating that girl ;) haha! and we have 100 missionaries on Denmark i believe and 4 zones in Denmark, we were just combined for zone training! It is way sweet here and it is so pretty with all the Christmas lights and everything and i cant wait to Skype you guys in a couple weeks!! Din yndlingst missionær,

Ældste Reed

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