Monday, October 26, 2015

Week #7 Ballerup

Hej alle! I made it to Denmark!!! It is soo sick!!! And i live in a house, I will get to that in a bit! Also, my trainer is sooooo sick also!!! Life is great here in Denmark!!!

MTC Goodbyes 
If we could go all back like a week, I would be in the MTC and i cant even remember it. It feels like forever. We had in field training which says pretty much just to work hard with the members and everything. It was like the whole day and I almost died. Nothing too exciting else happened on my last days at the MTC oh but during my last gym time I was balling and this kid asked me if I played against Jeaunu Alaska and i was like, yea. And he was like I played against you! Small world!!! That was sick! Then we just packed and tried to get all of our suitcases under 50 pounds which was tough, but with some crazy brains, it all worked out at 49 and 48.5 pounds!!

There is probably a reason why I haven´t traveled soo long before because it is not fun at all! So we left the MTC Monday morning after saying by to the Sweedes, Nords, and Dutchies,which was sad, took a bus to the train and went to the airport. I felt like a superstar in the Salt lake airport! It was sweet! Everyone was saying like thanks for your service and people actaully bought me lunch! And it was so clutch to call the fam!! Then we went to Chicago, got delayed, then hit up the long journey to London!! It was horrible!! Then we missed our flight because of the dealy so we chilled in the London airport for like five hours!! That consisted of getting destroyed at chess by the master mind ædlste shuppy, and exploring, and trying to sleep! Then finally we got to our flight and we heard people speak danish and they were talking so fast! It was like, thats not the language they taught me at the MTC!!! Shout out to Elder Calhoun and the best two years haha!!! Then after a long two hour flight with a sweet conversation with an old english man and a sweedish man....WE ARRIVED!

First Day
So we got to Denmark about 7 hours behind the scheduled time because of flights. We took the squad pics because of course we have to, met the aps who are dope and then drove to the Præsidents hjem. Then we ate dinner and dessert which was sooo good, and then had a ping pong tournament and went to bed. Our missions president is sweet! Then we woke up, ate breakfast and went to copenhagen. We did some driving record stuff, had interviews with the mission president and then went street contacting. I went with Ældste Jepson who is sweet and i got no one to talk to me but it was fun and ight. Then after we ate pizza and met our trainers!!! So Ill start with my area, my first area in Denmark is...........

Im serving in Ballerup!!! So no one will probably know where that is so it is like thirty minutes away from down town Copenhagen. It is a sweet place! So i live with four elders in a house!!! A house just for ourselves!! It is the coolest thing every for sure!!! I live with Elder Poff and Elder Williams, who are soo awesome, and my trainer! So we bike a lot and use the train all the time. It is definately a different style a living but Denmark is beautiful! All the old houses and the trees are just sick!! So there is like some old houses but it still kind of looks like America in a way. You might get mislead by my pictures ill send but it is soo awesome. The church is like 45 minutes away so thats pretty far, but it has a basketball court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, a basketball court!!! Today we have a zone Halloween party but me and my comp are going to play basketball during it haha!! I am in heaven!! Last Friday we played volleyball with some of the men in the ward and that was so fun!  Oh and there are two sisters in our ward and one of them is named Søster Reed! And there is another søster reed also. It is crazy!!!! Reed is the best name haha!!

So my trainer is..... Ældste Gudmundson!! He is soo sick! We have soooo much in common! So during my interview with the mission prez he told me i would love my trainer and that is sooo true! When Presient O bryant was saying who was with who, he said ældste gudmundson wants someone who is athletic and plays sports and right when he said that i grabbed my bag and just waited for him to say my name! haha it was awesome! So he is from utah, of cousre everyone is, and played football. He is walking on at Utah State after his mission which is dope. So we talk sports all the time and we also work hard so i am going to be great for these first three months! I am so excited to do the work with him!

Oh man.... haha!! They talk sooo fast here!!! Its ight tho. I just look at people when they talk to me, and then just look at my trainer, like what did they say, it was funny! Oh, so my first door aproach was really funny too. I said my little spil and everything, and the guy was like, i didnt catch that in english and it was hard not to laugh. Woops! So we dont have that many investigators, and I havnt taught in Danish yet because the people we taught dont speak danish. Oh, and I love contacting!! It is so fun! I go up to people and say in danish, my friend and i are from usa and are trying to learn danish can you help us say, røde grøde med fløde. And that is really hard for americans to say. Then they usually will help me and then we are like, by the way.. we are missionaries and... haha its fun stuff! So church was crazy!!!! I didnt understand like anything! They talked so fast but its ight. it was fun trying to talk with the members. All of the people i have talked with say i pronounce my words good and everything so that is something positive! 

So the work is slow but we are trying like crazy to find people to teach. We have given out a couple Book of Mormons which isnt usual here in this mission and we got a couple numbers that we are going to try so that will be fun! Oh on Fridays we have a zone challenge and this weeks was place a book of mormon and twenty pass a long cards and me and ældste gudmundson did them all and won for the week! Good stuff!

I am so so so so so grateful i brought my soccer cleats because every saturday we have zone soccer and it is great!! We even pladed on a turf field. It was so much fun! I did work of course haha. Crazy to realize that i am in flipping denmark playing soccer on a turf field. It definately made my week!

The food is fantastik! It is soo good. I have had an eating appointment everyday so far and it has been so great!!! I even gave the spirtual thought at one which was fun too!!! I feel fat though haha! But ill bike it off! Oh speaking of bikes, i got a free one in great condition from someone i served and helped them move. I think ill look for a good bike by the end of the second transfer here and get it. But the food is sooooo good. And all the members are soo nice. Yesterday we ate with the bishop and hsi family, and then had more food at our mission leaders house and i love them. Our bishop is funny and sooo awesome! And i love our mission leaders family! His sons all play soccer so nwe are already great friends.

So i am loving it here so far. Life is good, but maybe a little cold, but i am in a good area, with a good companion, and just loving everything about it. I love you all. Vi ses indtil næste uge!! Jeg elsker jer alle!!! Kirken er sandt!
Ældste Reed

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