Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week #4 MTC

Hej alle!! So jeg har vaere her for en maned!!!! I have been here a month!! Where did the time go!!! This probably was the most bipolar week of my life with me getting the Bubonic plague, mine folesday (b-day), and getting front row seats to see Vocal Point!!!!

So it is kind of a blessing and a curse to get sick here at the MTC. The bad thing is you feel like crap. And there are many good things. So at the end of last p day i couldn't talk like at all. I lost my voice and it sucked!!! Then I woke up Thursday and felt soooo horrible. So I left class early and went to the doctor. Bad thing about that was that I missed TRC. But that turned to an adventure. So i went to the good ol doc and she said that something was swelling in my throat or something but I didn't have strep so she gave me a list of medicine to pick up at the pharmacy. So me and my comp hit up the "shuttle". It has like ten seats and it reminded me of the huge vans we has for our basketball trips to Cali and Alaska. Anyways we went to the pharmacy got some good stuff aka medicine and walked back to the MTC. I felt like an actual missionary like walking on streets and stuff so that was sick but i was feeling literary sick so that isn't sick! Anyways... I took a two hour nap and chilled in my rez and hit up the Danish hard. It was hard to focus but i did memorize the missionary purpose in danish so it was kind of productive! But I slowly and surly got better, but one thing i had to do was gurgle salt water which is the grossest thing of life so i do not recommend it to anyone no matter how appealing it sounds.

Min Fosledag!!!!
So what could be better than learning Danish and the good word on your birthday!!!! Haha!! So I woke up from my deathbed and I opened my box from you guys and it was clutch!!! Then i went to breakfast and went to class early because the like head of the Boy Scouts board was coming to talk to just our class! Crazy stuff- good thing i got my eagle right!!! So they weren't members so that was cool and they talked to us and saw how we learn Danish!! And then when they were leaving a woman shook my hand and was like we are related and i know you.... and i was like what.... and then she told me she was Sister Francais and that her son is serving right now in Denmark and I was like, Oh!!! I Know You!!! Haha! It was funny and really sweet! After lunch my district all rocked the party hats to my next class. We looked too fly wearing party hats around the MTC! And like everyone we passed asked whose birthday it was, and i was like mine! And like everyone said happy birthday so that was dope!!! Then they sang happy fosledag to me which was sick!! Haha! Oh then I got a bunch of cupcakes from Katelynn so shout out to her!!!!! Clutch!!!! Then when we got back to the rez we all munched out and so it was good stuff!

General Conference
So this was the first time i actually listened to every talk of General Conference but it was sick!! I only fell asleep during one talk... Ha-ha!! Anyways it was sooo good!! I got soo much out of it!! I really liked how a lot of them said the end goal is eternal life!! Good stuff! My favorite talk was definitely Durants talk on Ponderizing!!! I like his idea of putting up a scripture a week and i like that our testimony will grow if we do that, and everyone needs to be feeding that seed! My scripture this week is 2 Nephi 2:25- because we all have our agency so we can choose good and have joy! I wrote the scripture in Danish and English so that will be fun! I challenge you guys to do it too and we could share our scripture every week!!! And I also liked the talk about the sharks were on the boundary, and that is why we have commandments. I applied that to me by following all the mission rules!!! Even though something might look fun, keeping the rules will keep me safe and give me blessings which is always a good thing!!

ML Squad
So Isaac and Lexi came this week so of course I found them and took pics with them ha-ha!!! Oh and Isaac is on the same floor as me at the rez so that will be sick to talk him!! So during general conference, Kenny sat like right behind me so I talked to him for a while which was sweet! Then before Saturday afternoon session, me and Kenny told our comps that we had to go to the bathroom so they were like whatever. So me and Kenny like walked around the whole MTC and then I showed him my room! Haha I don't think we can do that but it is ight i guess!! 

Vocal Point
So like I have said many times, Sunday is one of my favorite days. So after hearing the good word for like four hours we did whatever till the devo. So me and my boy Adcox had the brilliant idea to go watch the Sunday devo in the overflow which was like a room not in the devo building that has a bunch of chairs so we could like put our legs up and stuff. But our comps were like no, we are going in so we followed them and were not happy. The moral of this story is that my comp Jensen knows whats up!!! We got to were the devos are like five minutes before it started and like all the seats were filled except for the front row. So we sat there and then flipping Vocal Point came on!! It was sooo sick!! They all bared their testimonies which was awesome and sang which is exactly what I needed because I never get to hear music here and it drives me sooo crazy!!! haha! Anyways, after me and Adcox like asked like a bunch of them for pics after so that was dope!!!!

So i still have a lot to learn but slowly but surely, Danish is coming!!! So there is this girl going to Ukraine and she is from Denmark and she like went to our class yesterday and was like I want to talk to you guys, I am going crazy not talking in Danish! Then during dinner, me, Weese, Fairbanks, and Ericksen (we all didn't do choir, woops) saw her and talked to her. She was speaking fast, but I like understood everything she said so that was sick!! It makes me so much more pumped to go to Denmark!!!! Other than that, I am just learning new words and having a great time teaching lessons!!!!

So since I have been sick i didn't go to gym for like four days and I felt so fat!!! ha ha!! I thought i gained so much weight but I way the exact same so it has got to be a lie you put on weight on the MTC. But usually I would play basketball during gym. Today I played sand volleyball which was soo fun and a little soccer. There is a new elder going to Holland who is going to play goalie at UVU and then we passed the ball with each other and juggled! It was sick!! Oh man, we will become good friends!

So Elder Fairbanks like got a bunch of balls in packages so whenever we are in the residence we always play with them! It is so much fun! He got a little soccer ball so we play meg games, and shoot "pks" on each other! But I guess the Branch president specifically said not to play soccer in the rez so that was pretty sad! But we throw this little football around so that's fun! Except.... one morning i strait up threw it and hit a light right when this grumpy janitor guy was in the hall and he got pretty mad at me so that was scary and he took the ball. But shout-out to Weese for getting it back!! Ha-ha

So I am doing good! I love being a missionary! I just am a little sick of the MTC and the repetitive schedule we do everyday but I am soo pumped to go to Denmark and preach the good word!!!! I am so excited!!!! I cant believe how fast the time has gone!! It is sinsue(crazy)!!! Jeg elsker jer mor og far!!! Huske til laeser din skrifterne hver dage!! Haha Den god ord vil velsigne din liv!! Jeg ved det!!! The church is too true!! Ha-ha!!! Oh and my flight plans get here Friday so I am soo excited!!!! I love you mom and dad and thanks for everything you have done for me!
Vi ses!!!
Aldste Reed

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