Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week # 5 MTC

Va sa famalie og alle meneskenne i jorden eller hvem som helst leaser denne blog!! Rejserplanen!!!!! Travel Plans!!!! Aye!!! Where in the world did the time go! This is getting so real and I am so pumped to begin my journey in Danmark!! 

Travel Plans!
So im pretty a thousand percent sure mom and dad are dying to hear this.... So we are leaving on Monday!!! So I'll take a pic of the travel plans so you can see them but we leave for the airport at 8ish but i think we'll get there around ten so thats when you should be expecting a call! Get ready to hear Danish also!!! Haha! We fly out of Salt Lake at 1:25 get to Chicago at 5:34, have a lay over, maybe another call from me ;) and then we fly to London and then Denmark!!! The district and me were so pumped to get our travel plans!! This week has flown by but that just made me want to work harder on studying Danish!

So if you remember what TRC is, it is like home teaching in Danish, and don't worry dad, I actually give the lesson and don't let my comp do all the talking like our old times at home teaching!! Haha anyways so I thought we were just teaching someone face to face that new Danish, but we got to skype!! That was soo sick!! I talked to a lady who lived in Kobenhavn!! It was sweet but it was hard to hear her because the connection was bad but it was fun! We gave a lesson on Ponderizing, and invited her to do it every week and she accepted haha!! Yes!! Already helping the Danish people! 

So me and the district had to say goodbye to one of our teachers last week. He got back from his mission last winter. So he left for a vacation to go to Spain and Denmark. I think because his "friend" who he met in singles ward in Utah is from Denmark and her family is from Spain or whatever. Anyways, he told us this story how they met and everything and so he is pretty much dating a Dane so i mean, goals! After the mission of course. But we said by which was sad then we were like half way down the steps and then we were like, we need to see a picture of her, so we like went back and asked him for one and he got all red and everything, but lets just say his Danish girl is one choiced daughter of God haha! It was really funny but sad at the same time.

So I went back to the rez after a meal one day and there was a chair from our room on my bed like there is like everyday so I had enough and put all four chairs on Elder Weese's bed which is on the top bunk! It was really funny! But when I got back after dinner that night I found my bed.... it is really hard to explain it but I will for sure send a picture of it for sure! He like put a bunch of random stuff in my bed, and tied it down with my jump rope and tied it with yo yos and locked it with padlocks! It was good work for sure but not fun to undo!! haha!! It must have took him hours to do!

So there is so much i still have to learn but I think I can struggle through every lesson! So funny story, a couple days ago I was trying to say my r's and i couldn't do it. You have to say it with the back of your throat and everything and it took me like a solid hour to get it down! I felt like Elder Calhoun from the best two years! Shout out to dad!! Oh, so the last two lessons I deffinately killed it!!! I can give a pretty swell restoration lesson without notes and I learned the first vision in Danish! Jeg sa en lyssojle lige over mit hoved, som var staerkere end solens glans, og som dalede gradvis ned, indtel den faldt pa mig. Da lyset hvilede pa mig, sa jeg to personer, hvis glans og herlighed trodser enhver beskrivelser, staende over mig i luften. Den ene af dem talte til mig, kaldte mig ved navn og sadge, mens han pegede pa den anden,"Den er min elskede Son, Hor Ham!" Good stuff!! Oh, so we learned new phrases to from the Danish sister missionary. SO when something is like literarry the worst, you would say, dodens polser! The sausage of death!! So we have been saaying that a lot now!! Haha! Oh and on Saturday night, we drilled out teacher with questions about Danmark, and after that discussion,  I am even more pumped to go! She said that they are theme parks, like lego land, that we can go to, or we can go to soccer games there ( that made me extremly happy)!! But that depends all on our new mission president! So im hoping to do all that fun stuff! Oh and I guess they go hard during Christmas!! Like they celebrate the day before Chirstmas eve, christmas eve, christmas, the day after christmas, and maybe the third little christmas so that will be awesome!! Also, I guess they party hard for new years and all missionaries have to be in at five! Crazy stuff! We got some work to do down there with all the Danes haha but I am soo pumped!

So this was the week that the Danes would be giving the talks in sacrament meeting. I was convinced they would call my name, but they didn't!! That is sweaty stuff! haha!! We had some great lessons too! Elder Weese and Adams gave a great lesson about enduring to the end and how we need to make our light shine to people when we serve them!! We also had a great devo that night, on how we shouldn't be worried what we sound like or look like, just open our mouths!! I am so excited to talk with everyone I see. Hopefully they will understand me, and I don't sound too white, or i guess American!

So this was really fun! Not one did we get to miss class, but we got to talk to the Senior Missionaries which was sick! So on Monday, our district got to host the new senior missionaries coming to the MTC! It was so fun to talk with them. Me and my comp had the best job of greeting them and opening the door at the MTC! The senior missionaries were so nice too!! 

So i pack today, so hopefully I can get everything in under fifty pounds or i will have to leave some stuff behind... And i need to find out what to do with my basketball shoes! I will look for Lewis at the front desk to see if he is there, but i have only seen him once at the MTC, so i might have to send them home. It makes me pretty sad that I won't really be playing basketball for 23 months, but I can live!! And we have checked the weather and its like 40s to 30s so that will be fun! Shout out to my leggings haha!! And for sure seeing Kenny is like seeing family! I love when we see each other it is soo nice!! I saw him on Sunday before we watched meet the Mormons, so we got to talk again, but its sad that I wont see any of my friends for a while now, but I got work to do in Denmark haha! I really like your ponderizing scripture, that reminds me of Ether 12: 27 that we are given trials to become stronger and that is so true! So my scripture this week is Alma 32:21 about faith! Faith is so important! I need to have faith as I go to Danmark that when i open my mouth I can have the spirit with me and my words will be filled! Good stuff! Oh shout out to Julie for the doughnuts!! They were soo clutch!! And thanks for the food and the shoes!!! I vaerkley(really) love the theme to all of your packages!!! I love you mom and dad and I want to thank you for all you have done for me! I have learned so much here at the MTC that I will definately apply for the rest of my life. I learned that this mission is not me, I am just an instrument in God's hands! Also, I learned that charity is so so important. Love your comp, love the Danish people, and just love everyone! I learned that I need to turn out and help others all the time, and ALDRIG (never) think of yourself!! Good stuff!! Also, I learned that the gift of tounges is so true but I have a long way to go. Jeg er for spaendt at tjene i Danmark! Dansk kan vaere svaert, men anden kan hjaelp alle menesker vis jeg bare oben min mund!! Jeg kan ikke vent at aendre andre meneskenne leve. Denne kirken er for sandt. Jeg kan godt lide denne evangaliet og jeg er klare at tale med alle!!! Jeg elsker jer famalie!!! Last of the good words of Elder Reed in America!!! I am soo pumped!! Next stop, Denmark!!!

Aldste Reed 

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