Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week #2 MTC

Hej Familie og Alle!!!!!

Okay when i heard that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days, I thought people were just crazy!!! But it is so true!!! Haha wow it felt like just yesterday I was writing to you guys so get prepared for some pretty crazy stories!!!

So Last P-Day
So p-day literally feels like Christmas! Maybe it is because I get to hear from you guys or maybe it is because i get to play soccer for two ours... haha just kidding!!!!!!!!! So since the word in the MTC is that doing laundry is crazy we do our laundry at six in the morning which sucks... haha!! But their is like know one their so it is nice! So anyways, My goal last p day was to get a nap but that didnt happen so I was kind of wrecked for the next couple days and oh man i was tired! But anyways, then I played soccer and tore it up, i mean its not like we keep score or anything but we do count the number of times the ball hits the back of the net... so that isnt breaking the rules right??? Haha!!! So today we are playing the Dutch district in a game and i am so excited!! So it is supposed to be a "friendly" but you know me and sports and there has been the friendly missionary styled crap talk so I cant wait to play it is going to be sooo dope!!! haha!! Shout out to Coach Bill for teaching me everything I know so i can tear it up.................. lol for everyone back at home who knows what I mean! So we go to the temple on p day also and that is #spiritual! It is awesome and my mind was blown when i saw that their was a cafeteria in the temple. Shout out to Columbia RIver for being small but awesome haha! Then we have a three our classs session on p day night so that will be sweet! If i get my nap today!! That is the main goal, besides inviting others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel.... You get the point haha!!

Moses Lake Fam
Okay so it was sad to see Josh go to Russia but I cant wait to hear back from him and what kind of crazy scary things are happening! SHout out to Denmark for being one of the safest countries in the world!! Knocking on wood right now.... So then i had to say by to Ralph which was kind of sad, we had a great time hear in the MTC!! I know he will do work in Sweden. I saw Kenny more often and it was great to catch up with my boy!! Ha ha I guess his language sounds crazier than mine if that is possible!! Wow!! Then i talked to my boy since literally day one Jonathan for like an hour on Sunday because we both didn't go to choir which was the best decision of my life.... I kind of feel asleep during the first choir practice session so yea, choir is not the life for me... anyways back to my boy JB!! I missed him so much!! It was so great to catch up, see how life is, and talk to each other in our mission languages!!!! It has only been a couple weeks and i had stories and stories to tell him so image what it will  be like in two years!! Mind blown right!!! Oh and i saw Garin!! When I went to play soccer last p day he was in charge so we played on the same team and balled up!! We connected on a lot of goals so that was sweet!! Shout out to Moses Lake soccer and bill for making an impact on the MTC... Oh man Haha!! Then I was walking back and I saw my boy Lewis!!! Haha!! He is a clown and I loved talking to him!! I think i need to give him my basketball shows before i say Farvel, goodbye in dansk, to the USA!! haha! Craazy that i saw two of my good friends older brothers in the MTC in the span of 10 minutes! #itsasmallworld

So besides P day, Sundays are my favorite days of the week!!! So we get no classes which is fantastic!! Well just say that it is a great break!!! So i had to prepare a talk in Danish, shout-out to google translate...., haha, and prep a lesson on repentance for Priesthood!!! So me and my comp killed the lesson, which is a good thing for all the people over thirty... ha ha, we talked about how important it is that we are worthy so we have the Spirit with us because if we do not have the Spirit with us then, well you know, not good! It was great and I felt the Spirit so strong!! Me and my comp are great teachers together! Okay, so a scary thing happened on Sunday. After we got chewed out by the Branch Prez for us, which i will get into later, me and my comp had to teach him a lesson, in English thank the lord, on the spot in like thirty seconds of preparation because we have had are past of arguing over what to teach and I guess some little bird told him so yea... So i just starting preaching the good word, i mean, you know me, haha, and it just flowed. The main point the Branch leader as trying to make was that you and your comp are teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and nothing should be in the way of that. After that we had sacrament, i didn't give my talk, shout-out to whatever for me not being picked, and then we went to a temple walk. Then I went on splits with my boy Elder Weese because we did not want to do choir, and he was having some back probs so we kind of didn't go to the devotional so he could rest. Then, these Dutch Elders who are like our new best friends who were actually skipping the devo, came into our room, and distracted us with a muscle contractor thingy and it was crazy haha!! But dont be mad, we went to the last part of the devo and it was on Joseph Smith and it was super Spiritual and they played praise to the man, the music video, and let me tell you, Joseph Smith is true and everything on that!!! It was great!!

So Danish is coming so much like what!!! I know so much!! Like praying an actually pray, not like a primary pray, and can bear my testimony. I can say a lot of things, oh and so for our lessons we could use notes, but my last lesson yesterday, I only had to look on my notes like twice!! #giftoftongues I love it!!!! Oh so kindof sad story. So we just started with three fake investigators who are our teachers, and one was so hard. I tried to explain in my broken Danish the restoration of Josheph Smith and the difference between the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and I thought i did a good job, but my teacher or fake investigator or whatever, was being so hard. I felt kind-of dumb after the lesson but shout out to sports for teaching me that when you suck or fail, you just got to try it again and my lesson yesterday was soooo much better, and shout out to the spirit for making me feel the spirit if that makes any sense... haha!! Oh!! Shoot!!! So for all of you who are not aware, my folseday, or b day, is coming up so i told my teacher that, and so she taught us how to sing happy birthday in Danish and it is the dopest thing I have ever heard. It is now my new favorite song, sorry to all the rappers out their but happy birthday in dansk is so much better, it is my jam here!!! Oh and if you wanted to know, sokker bold in danish is a ball of socks!! I think it is important to write down, or typoe down, because i brought it up in class and everyone died of laughter but I mean I'm just a little jokster haha!!!

So the food is ight on its good days but oine day they had ribs!!!!!!!!!! I was in heaven, well higher heaven because the MTC is like heaven so whatever. Oh and if you are wondering i have actually lost like a couple pounds, so i still fit in my pants if you are wondering!!! HAHA

So like I said I have a huge district. There is 14 of us with two sisters. The elders not in my room are Elder Jensen, who played soccer back at home and he is pretty chill! Then there is Ericksen who has all these crazy impersonations!! When he reads quotes he talks like the prophet which is crazy!!! Then there are two other quiet kids but I guess they get down at chess!!! Oh and there is this kid from who lived in Germany for a couple years and his name is Elder Allred, shout out to the Bishop Allred! I always think of bishop when i see his name tag its funny! But all in all, we are all pretty great friends and we get off tract a whole lot.... Haha maybe we are too good of friends but it is awesome!!! 

P Day Today
Ight, so so far I did my laundry, oh took my suit to the dry cleaners because ummmm i might have got food on my blue suit.... whoops haha!! Then I played soccer against the Dutchies!!!!!! So they were all talking up how good they were so i was pretty pumped. But the grass was so wet here that I would always slip whenever i tried to cut in... it made me mad. But we ended up tying two two, i mean we didnt keep "score" but the ball hit the back of the net on each goal twice. The Dutchies had this kid from Portugal, shout out to Ronaldo, and he was pretty good, and one of the Dutch Elders I made good friends with was really good too. But who "put the ball so it touched the net"... Thats right, me!!! Haha no pride Jesus wasn't prideful, oh and Garin played on my team because we were short players and he scored too! So shout out to Moses Lake right there!!!!!!! Haha so im just going to finish up a couple emails and then go try to fit in a nap before the temple!!

So I got three crazy stories that happened this week! First, haha, me and my boy Weese had this great idea. First of all, my comp has this horrible alarm clock that rings like i don't even know but it is sooo annoying. So we had this evil plan to set it for two in the morning and like yell at the alarm and break it.... And it sounded like a great idea at the time, but when it went off i just fell right back to sleep, so stupid idea. Then we like pretended to be all mad at his alarm in the morning but i think we got caught so woops.... Haha! Okay get ready for this story!! It is the craziest thing you will hear, well for the MTC. So remember the buddies I made playing basketball. Well, first, on Tuesday they were about to go to the best mission in the whole world... Pocetello Idaho!! haha okay! So one of there comps stuck so laxatives, 6 to be exact, in his soup and took it. Then the other guy who tried to hit on the sister, ate a soup with 20 plus laxatives!!!! They where puking like the whole night and went to the hospital so it was craazy, and it was the night right before they left!!1 Man!!! Oh so on the subject of drugs... so you know what melatonin or however you spell it right. Well it helps you fall asleep so we had the bright idea of all taking some at 8 at our last class, which went to 930. So like 7 people took the sleeping pill, and they were wrecked!! Don't worry I didn't take any so be proud!! Say no to peer pressure!!!! Anyways, the word got out and our District prez like chewed us all out so it was scary!! 

Gym Time
So gym time is pretty much my bae... but its not a good word in Danish... kind of poop but not the good word for it... but anyways! Me and boy Fairbanks ball out!!! These kids are not that good so we ball out everyday!! I love it!! I played this kid from a five a school in Utah and did work on him!! Shoutout to Hohman!!! Haha!! Gym time is clutch oh and shoutout to balling with the old guys in the morning because im always tired in the morning but I still do work!!

So I love it here! I love being a missionary!! It is awesome, I'm just missing my naps but hopefully I will get some soon so that will be clutch!! Don't miss me too hard because I am doing great but I miss you guys!!! Jeg kved at Jesu Kristi Kirken af sidste dages hellige er sandt!! Jeg elsker folesle hellig anden!! Tunglesmalgaven er sandt!! Jeg elsker missionaer arbejder!!! Jeg er treat sa jeg behoved en morfar!! Haha Vi ses!!!!!!!!!! Jeg elsker jer alt!!!!!!!!!!!

Aldste Reed

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