Thursday, September 17, 2015

Week #1-MTC

Hej familie!! Jeg elsker dig!! So for all the haters out there... I made it to week one!! HAHA I love it here! So since I am about to write you guys a novel, I will split it up into sections!!

  First Day
So day one. Man it seems like it was just yesterday! So I got onto the plane with kenny and I met another guy from pasco and he is going to Cali on his mission and I actually saw him again in the MTC, but i will get into that later! SO we landed and kenny's uncle picked it up and we went to temple square and we took pics because i mean you know me right! Haha! Then we went to Provo and ate for a place called Bon Bon's and that was great! They serve missionaries for free when they report so I got free ribs!! Those were so clutch! Then we went to byu and saw allison and quincy for the last time! We posed for a bunch of picks and of course took my famous video! It was great to here that it made it on BYU's story! That was funny! Then we went to the MTC! A host got me and kenny and all of our leggage and took us through getting my name tag and books and all that good stuff! Then when i walked out of the book store, Jonathan came up to me! I guess he was waiting for me and i freaked out and yelled JONATHAN! And gave him a huge hug and i almost tackled him! Everyone looked at me weird which was great! HAHA! Then i dropped off my luggage in my room and went to my first class. One thing crazy about Wednesday is that everyone knew gets a dot and people always say... Welcome to the MTC! So it felt good to take it off that night! So anyways i went to my first class and it was in Danish!! I was like alright lets bring it on!!! Haha they taught me how to introduce myself and stuff but shoutout to the app on my phone for helping me already know that! But i will get into Danish in a bit!

So the food is all right i guess! But it makes me feel so fat!! Haha i need more gym time for sure!!!! So my favorite has been spaghetti because i mean you know me right! And of course i did not get anything on me so that was sweet! Haha! So usually for breakfast we wake up early and get a sack breakfast which usually is chocolate milk, a doughnut and of course cereal, you know me! We do that so we can get more study time and we are too lazy to dress up to go into the eating place then undress because we have gym right after! So I have stayed away from the orange juice which has just gotten negative reviews for the stomach so yea! Oh and also I stay away from the chocolate milk because that can get addicting! Haha Oh and yes, i do still fit into my pants!! But all in all the food is good but my fruit snacks are clutch at night to eat because I always eat snacks all the time and we dont get snacks which makes me sad! So send fruit snacks! That would be fantastik!

So the first night I could not sleep that well so I was so tired on that day!! So i have been kind of bad and going to sleep like at 11 30, like thats when i get into my bed so i mean you know me and staying up late! But there was a good reason for that so dont worry! I slowly but surely and getting used to this sleep schedule but no naps is not clutch at all! I need naps! But i am good!

So the first two days of Danish were rough! I was like, man i suck and I am not going to learn anything! But the gift of tongues is so real it hurts! Haha Tunglegaven i dansk!! I can pray, bear my testimony, sort of say a few phrases like ball is life! I had to learn that one! But I have already taught four lessons to a fake investigator and I can do it wiothout less and less of a script everytime! It is fantastik! But I love teaching! Teaching lessons is the best! And i love learning danish! I have made so many notecards it hurts my brain! Haha but i cant wait to learn more!! Danish has some crazy words and it is so hard to read like d's and g's in the middle of a sentence make like an l sound... i dont know but I Love Danish! Jeg elsker Dansk!

 I love gym time!! It is my favorite! I love playing basketball! I have made so many great friends balling and i see them all the time in the MTC and we are cool!! I play with Elder Fairbanks in my district and he is good and we have a great time balling!! It is great and I love it but I think we are playiong soccer as a district in a bit so that would be dope!!! I miss playing sports all the time and I feel fat but Im good with the schedule!

So like i said my Comp is Elder Jensen from Idaho and we do work when we are teaching lessons! Haha In my room their is Elder Adams, who know Danish pretty well and he is a really nice kid and kind of gets us all on track when we mess around... lol! Elder Howe is sarcastic and I love it! Elder Fairbanks reminds me so much of Andrew Cameron! Haha they talk exactly the same which is great!!!! We ball together and have a blast! Elder Weese and I are also great friends! We talk all the time and just have a great time!! Me and Wesse and Fairbanks stay up late some times and talk which always isn't a good reason to stay up but it is nice!!

  Moses Lake Squad
I love seeing all my friends from Moses Lake. Like Jonathan i freak out and i haven't seen Kenny that often which is sad! I talked to sister Lybert which was fun and Josh! So the reason i have been staying up late is that Josh is on the bottom floor of my building where i sleep (rez) and we talked for like three nights before he left to Russia so that was really nice! It made me sad saying bye to him again! So Ralph like broke his foot and everything and so all the Sweedes left him behind so he hung around me yesterday, and we were comps with my comp! So me and Ralph were comps which was awesome!!!! We talked all the time and it was sooooo nice! We are going to be together for the next week so that will be clutch!! We went on a run last night, me and Ralph, and I felt so fat, but it was nice to work out again!!! Oh and the guy from the airport i saw going to cali, we talk a lot now and I guess we might have played each other in basketball. He went to Chiawana so that was sweet!!!!!

  Spiritual Goodness
SO the MTC is great! I have never felt the spirit so strong! Especially during my priesthood lesson about the Atonement! Then I listened to a life changing talk by David A Bednar called the character of Christ! It pretty much said to turn out to others and not yourself so i am definitely going to be doing that more!!!! That is my main focus now each day is to help others!!

So Elder Fairbanks brought a basketball nerf hoop and we played Dansk, or you could say horse one day and it was super fun!!!! We kind of sort of bet, which i don't think missionaries can do but shhhh, don't tell on me!!! Also, I love talking too my new basketball buddies and one of them gave a sister a note that said, can i have your email during a devotional! Ha ha it was great and made me laugh!! So I miss you guys so much but i am totally 100 percent in on this mission! I love it here and it is the place that i need to be! Oh and nick has a girl already! Its been like two weeks!! His game is too raw!! That is definitely my bro!!! Jeg elser jer! Vi sis naeste ude!!!! Aldste Reed

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